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I just came from class...and I had to clean up the 1x2 fort mess after my dear sister fired her 2x1 fic...FROM INSIDE THE FORT!!!!

the duel: 1X2 prepares to take revenge on one of its own

The Beginning
by Chibi Shi-Chan

Snow sighed as she walked down the long corriders of the 2x1 fort....where she was hiding. After her baby sister overheard her and Akuma talk about the fired fic...it scared her to know that CSC took it....


She continued her trek, not really sure as to where she was going but let her feet do the talking. Maybe she could make it up to the fox girl with another chapter to Songbird...or something like that.

"Hope she isn't TOO mad at me." The girl did say she LIKED the fic, but CSC was sort of...well...

....a few fries short of a Happy Meal.

Suddenly she saw Star running towards her looking absolutely exhausted.


"Snow...come quick...you gotta see this..." And the author dragged Snow towards one of the large windows in the fort.

What she saw made her skin turn cold.

There was a storm outside. But not just any storm. It was a storm caused by something out of this world. Something wild and something that couldn't be controlled.

The wind blew harder and faster, causing the trees to sway in protest. The wind howled like a pack of hungry wolves, the flags on top of the forts nearly coming off of their post.

The rain was hard and heavy, the lightening flashing across the darkened sky. The thunder roared, causing both girls to jump at the sound.

And in the middle of it all she stood...unfazed.


CSC had her hair down as she stood in the middle of the rain, an unholy smile on her lips. Her clothes were wet...but she just soaked it all up without a care in the world. More thunder boomed as she began to cackle, her eyes flashing an evil red color.

She was pissed to say the least.

"I'll show her...no one betrays MY fort!" She cried, causing the wind to howl.

"I wouldn't even been mad...the fic was good...but she HAD to fire it from the INSIDE!!!" More thunder crashed.

"I understand that she promised...I understand that. Hell I promised Akuma one too....so she could feel better....but I would NEVER fire from the inside of my own fort! She...she betrayed me..." The rain fell along with her tears.

"This...is bad..." Star said.

"I know I know! What do I do?"

"I don't think she'll take it out on you too much Snow...but it's the fort I'm worried about..." The two watched as members of the all the forts came out, trying to calm the fox girl down.

"It's O.K." Mina said.

"Yeah it was one little fic she promised to Akuma." Caroline added.

"That's right. Now we can go back to the duel O.K?" Shannon added, trying to hold her sister. But CSC snarled at them all, causing a white light to flash to back them away.

"NO!!! She BETRAYED me!!! She...she FIRED from inside the fort...like it was a secret attack. Then she ran off to hide in THAT fort...she won't even FACE ME!!!" More thunder, and a lightening bolt flashed across the sky...

...almost hitting the 2x1 fort.

"Come on CSC it's O.K. She can't hide forever. And when she comes out we'll get her." Jana said. The storm calmed down.

"Yes...I'm sure you can think up an appropriate revenge." Shannon added. CSC stared at her other sister and smiled.

"You're right list mommy and Shannon...I'm sorry for doing that. I just got upset. I mean...was she being nice to me just to get close to the fort and attack?" CSC asked sadly.

"NO! I would NEVER do that!" All looked to see Snow walking out of the fort.

"Sis." CSC said, a little too viciously. Snow flinched, but marched on.

"I would never hurt you like that. You're my baby sister and I love you. I didn't KNOW the fic would explode inside the fort. I was gonna go out and send it but it exploded. I think Akuma gave me an exploding pen so it could blow up in the inside."

"Is that true Akuma?" Kistune asked. All looked at the girl who blushed.

"Maybe...HEY!!! They did it to us before...firing from the inside. It's a great stragety." Snow glared at Akuma.

"See! SHE did it." Snow said. CSC sighed and smiled at her, giving her a big hug. Shannon joined in the group hug...smuthering the girls to death. CSC then glared at Akuma.

"You are too much trouble...go back to your own fort!" Akuma smiled and ran towards her group.

"You're letting her go?" Jana asked. CSC sent her a smile that clearly said she had something up her sleeve.

After everything was calm again everyone went back to their own fort.

"So I'm forgiven?" Snow asked. CSC smiled at her.

"Of COURSE NOT!" Snow gasped.


"But what?"

"The pen was..."

"The FIC was yours sis. I still love you...but you need to be punished." CSC began to walk away.

"Where are you going?"

"Outside to work on my punishment...this one may be too powerful to write inside the fort. You and the 2x1 fort will get what's coming to you..." With that, CSC gave her sister a kiss on the cheek and walked away...and strangely enough the music that plays for Sephiroth in Final Fantasy VII played in the backround....but instead the orchestra sang "CSC" instead of "Sephiroth."

All the 1x2 members watched the fox girl leave...feeling a bit frightened about what the so called "innocent" Chibi was up too.

"So that's why she set Akuma free....so she could feel the damage in her own fort." Jana whispered.

"She didn't want us to get hit." Caroline added.

Snow watched in amazement as her sister's hair flowed, a bright light surrounding her body as she left the fort....

....to begin her revenge.

owari... for now

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