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Pairings: 1x2 (main) and 6x2 (but still 1x2 all the way) and 3x4 (not too much)
Spoilers: *giggles madly* The only thing that I spoil is my milk ^_^;;
Warnings: Bad attempt at humor, lemony throughout a good portion of the fic (there will be a lemon at the end too), bad case of Mario Brothersí syndrome on my part.

Note: Flashback on old video games the other day ^_^;;; I kind of miss the Super Mario 64 game I had for my Nintendo 64, but alas, I was nice and gave my system away to my mom when I got my PS2 ^_^

Inspiration: Super Heroes by 0083. Made me want to spoof up something of my own ^_^

the duel: 1X2 fires a shot

Super Yuy Brothers 64
Prologue: Marioís Cousinís Daughterís Mailmanís Friend?!?!
by Chibi Shi-Chan

Once upon a time, as most of these things go, there lived a plumber named Mario who had a little brother named Luigi. Mario became very popular by saving a princess named Toadstool from a horrible dragon named Koopa. And Luigi forever remained the crazy sidekick, and although the real life movie sucked Luigi was kind of cute in it ^_^.

And for some odd reason the Gamecube came out with a game starring him and not Mario!

Thatís another lawsuit as to why that happened. Apparently Luigi got sick of Marioís crap and...oh...Iím getting off track. Letís get to the real story shall we?

Mario became so popular that he got several games, commercials, and even a cartoon series that I use to watch a lot cause it had Yoshi in it ^_^.

Mario became the official spokesperson of Nintendo, like Sonic was for Sega, and from him spawned many other characters like Wario...and even that extremely cute green dinosaur whoís relatives are other colors of the rainbow...Yoshi ^_^.

One of the spawns of Mario is one that not many people talk about. Mainly because if this game ever came out to the states it would be butchered like how Cartoon Network butchers great animes.

Like Wario is Marioís evil twin, there is another character that looks a LOT better than Mario does and who saves a princess worth saving 50 million times over. For this spawn of Mario has more attitude, strength, great looks, great looking ass...oh...didnít mean to say that ^_^;;;

Anyhow, this person is Marioís cousinís daughterís mailmanís friend: Heero Yuy! He is a 15 year old Japanese hottie who saves a gorgeous princess named Duo, (Duo: Hey Iím a boy!) from the evil clutches of the sexual predator dragon known only as Zechs, cause it rhymes with sex!

Heero doesnít use the same methods as Mario. Instead of using a flower to get firepowers, he uses a gun. Instead of having a cute dinosaur named Yoshi ^_^ to ride on...he letís Duo ride him ^_^

He does have a brother out there somewhere, but since he is perfect and doesnít need a crazy sidekick like Luigi he lets his brother relax while he goes to save the gorgeous princess Duo. (Duo: Hey Iím a boy!)

The evil sexual predator dragon Zechs has good reason to come after the fair princess Duo. (Duo: Hey Iím a boy!) I have no clue as to why Koopa keeps kidnapping that damn princess anyway! But Zechs goes after Duo for his precious nookie, which is why Heero keeps saving him cause no one gets Duo nookie but Heero!

So since Iím such a nice person, I will let you see this game, the un-butchered version. The version that did make it to the states turned Duo into this girl named Relena and the evil dragon was some random person. Fortunately, since the game was rated E for everyone, no nookie was received for saving the day.

So enjoy the epic adventures of Heero Yuy as he goes against the evil sexual predator dragon Zechs to save the fair, beautiful, and sexy princess Duo! (Duo: Hey Iím a boy!)

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