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Warnings: 1x2 lemon!!! Also 6x2, 13x6 mentioned and a tiny bit of 6x5...x2?!?! And Wufei, I didn't know you could paint! What a lovely picture of Duo...in a bed of flowers...naked! Don't tell me you want to be part of the flirting too!!! And where did Endless Waltz and the series come from?

Inspiration: Super Heroes by 0083. Made me want to spoof up something of my own ^_^

the duel: 1X2 fires a shot

Super Yuy Brothers 64
Chapter Five: The First Battle
by Chibi Shi-Chan

Heero held the tube of lube up to the door, closing his eyes when a bright light shown. Suddenly, the door swung open and Heero stood and looked at it, expecting something to happen.

"No music?" Heero seemed surprised by this and entered the room. But as soon as he stepped in...

..bling bling BLING!

"Ah...there it is. Let me guess, that's the stepping into the new world music?" Heero asked.

"Actually that is my CD." Heero looked ahead to see a Chinese boy standing by the painting, a stereo by his side and a paintbrush in his hand.

"Who are you?"

"Chang Wufei. You must be Heero. We will fight in a minute, but I must finish this painting." He said, dabbing his brush in some red paint as he continued to paint the huge painting. Heero watched, the boy standing on top of a ladder and painting what appeared to be a flower.

"You mean you aren't finished yet?"

"No. I will be done shortly." Heero sighed.

"Well can't we just go in the painting and get this over with? I'm in a hurry..." Wufei glared down at Heero.

"If you want. I guess I can finish this naked Duo picture later."

"Yes you can finish it lat...er...wait...naked Duo?" It was then that Heero got a good look at the painting. Duo was lying in a bed of flowers, his hair flowing, and completely naked, his naughty parts covered by a ribbon.

"I call it, 'Princess Duo, (Duo: Hey, I'm a boy!) in a garden.'" Heero then glared at Wufei.

"Don't tell me you got a thing for Duo too. Damnit! First Zechs then Quatre and Trowa and now you!!!"

"Calm down. I know Maxwell is yours. There are already enough fics with us fighting over Duo. Besides, if it were a real contest I'd win anyway." Wufei said with a smirk.

"Oh really...you wanna bet!" Wufei climbed down the ladder, put his art supplies down, and glared at Heero.

"Maybe I do. I mean, Maxwell is attractive. And besides, Chibi has only done one 5x2...maybe it's time she did another one."

The fic auther hid in a corner, wisely not getting in the fight.

"It was a birthday fic. She did it for someone. She does 1x2 on her own will. She doesn't need to be asked to do a 1x2." Heero said with a smirk.

"Alright that's it. Let's go, you and me! Winner take all, all being Duo! I will not allow you to go Earth!"

"Is this your idea of justice?" Heero asked. The two boys stared at each other, both looking totally confused.

"Did...did you feel a sense of deja vu?" Wufei asked.

"Yeah. I did..."

"I think the fic author had an Endless Waltz moment..."


"You know. Endless Waltz, the Gundam Wing movie?" Wufei asked. Heero looked confused and Wufei sweatdropped.

"Let me try something. Uh...hm...oh I know," Wufei cleared his throat, "I've always wanted to fight you like this."

"What's going on Wufei?"

"Are you guys doing the right thing?"

"What?" Heero screamed angrily.

"I'm asking you if you're doing the right THING!" Wufei screamed back.

"Did you feel it again?" Wufei asked.

"Yeah. But I don't seem to remember this Endless Waltz."

"Oh it was good. Especially on DVD. A lot of parts with you and Duo."

"Hm...I should be able to remember that."

"Too bad you don't." Said a voice. Heero sighed, rubbing his head in slight pain.

"It's the evil Zechs." Wufei said. The video image popped up, Zechs frowning.

"You...you didn't say it." Zechs said pouting.

"I know. I didn't want to hear that music. I've been hearing it all day while I was in here painting." Wufei said. Zechs pouted some more.

"I could laugh evilly."

"Have you gotten over your cough?" Heero asked.

"Yeah I think so. Let's see. Mwuhahahaha....Mwuhahahaha...MWUHAHAHAHA!!! YES! YES I DID IT!!!"

*cheers and applauds with happy music*

"Thank you...thank you all." Zech said, taking a bow. Wufei and Heero clapped as well, tears in their eyes.

"I knew he could do it, all you have to do is believe in yourself." Heero said, wiping away a tear.

"Yes, if you follow your heart you will always find the way to happiness." Wufei added.

"O.K. that's enough!" Said a voice angrily. All looked and was surprised to see that it was Duo who interrupted the happy sappy moment.

"That rhymed!" Zechs pointed out. The other two boys nodded, but stopped when Duo glared at them. The happy music stopped when Duo glared even harder.

Dum Dum Dummmmm!!!

"That MY music!"

"I know, I'm borrowing it."

"Well O.K. as long as you give it back." Duo nodded, his glare turned at...Heero?

"What did I do?" Heero asked, trying not to drool at the oversized jersey Duo wore that had the words, "Bishie," printed on the front.

It was hard not to drool because the jersey was open, and he wore a pair of tight black cut-off shorts with no shirt.

"You...you PUNCHED me!!!" Duo screamed.

"Huh? When?" Heero asked. Duo glared.

"Don't act like you don't remember. You knocked me out and let Trowa grope my poor little ass!"

"When was this!" Heero really wanted to know when this was. If Trowa really did grope his Duo's ass he would...

"Endless Waltz Heero." Wufei said.

"What? I punched him?"

"Yes. Pretty hard. You told him it was one for one cause he punched you." Zechs said.

"Oh..so you started it Duo?" Heero asked.

"You TOLD me to hit you and I did. You...you fucking knocked me out and left me in the enemies hands. Then Trowa...he...he touched my ass! I felt it!" Duo screamed. Zechs wrapped his arms around Duo's waist, burying his face in his neck.

"Poor little Duo. I would never hurt you like that." Zechs purred.

"Really?" Duo said.

"What. Duo...Duo I'm sure there was a good reason for me to do that..." Heero tried to defend himself.

"Sure Yuy. You probably got tired of him and wanted him out of the way! You probably thought he was incapable of helping out." Zechs said, his twisted lies making Duo angrier at Heero.

"Is...is that true?" Duo asked.

"NO! I would NEVER think that Duo. I would..."

"Hmph...let's go Duo. I don't think we should stick around to hear this." Zechs said. Duo nodded, glaring at Heero one more time and letting himself be taken away by Zechs. Before the screen disappeared, Zechs came back on, a smile on his face.

"I win this time Yuy. That nookie is as good as mine." The image vanished.

"DAMNIT! That...that BASTARD!" Heero screamed. Wufei sighed, watching Heero rant and rave.

"You have to get to him and tell him the truth."

"I know...but..."

"Come on, let's get this fight over with so you can try and get the tubes. I can finish the painting later." Heero looked up at the painting and sighed.

"No...finish it. I wanna see it."

"You sure...time really isn't on your side..."

"Yes it is. Zechs won't try for the nookie until I get there. It's 6x2 with no actual penetration."

"Oh O.K."

~Where Zechs and Duo are~

"I can't believe him!" Duo said, sitting down at the table and sipping on a cup of hot cocoa. Zechs nodded, sipping on his own cocoa.

"I know. Those Yuy brothers are something else."

"Amen. I heard that!" Duo said.

"I mean sometimes Treize is so...I don't know. He...he wanted so much from me. He wanted me to sacrifice my life for Oz that one time...and I told him that when my mask broke that we were no longer friends and I meant it! And what does he do? He comes over with a dozen roses and rams his cock up my ass!"

"That bastard! What did you do?"

"I mostly begged for more. Couldn't help it, it was so good." Zechs took another sip.

"I know. I mean...when Heero stole those parts from my Gundam...I was pissed...PISSED! I mean, the night before that he had fucking gave me the best damn blowjob I had ever had. Then he stole my parts. Then we were gonna have a showdown...but he ended up saving me...and I told him I was gonna get him back. And I meant it! I fucking meant that...and what does he do? He comes over with a teddy bear and a box of chocolate, and I'm a sucker for chocolate."

"What an asshole! What did you do?"

"Well he basically threw me on the bed and had his way with me...I sort of just laid there and tore the sheets and screamed my lungs out." Duo took another sip of his cocoa.

"Though I have to admit, it feels pretty good when we do it in the bathtub."

"Or the Gundam cockpit."

"Or the rose garden."

"Or in the dorm room."

"Oz base."

"Oz prison."

"Prison?" Zechs asked.

"Yep...poor Wufei. I don't know how the hell Heero did it cause we were BOTH handcuffed, but I didn't argue, I just took it." Zechs chuckled.

"Well Duo this was nice just talking and not trying to get you sexual high for Heero."

"Yeah I know. I mean there is only so much you can do to me ne? They don't expect us to go at it ALL the time do they?"

"I don't know. 6x2 seems to be in high demand these days. But, no penetration in this fic."

"It must be the hair. So, what do we have planned tonight?" Duo asked, setting his drink down.

"Well I have this new vibrator I could use while I give you a blowjob. I was thinking the lion tamer and the lion scenario would be good." Duo purred, getting out of his seat and sitting in Zech's lap.

"Duo been bad kitty. You punish?" Duo asked. Zechs smirked, his hand coming around to massage Duo through his shorts, causing the long haired boy to throw his neck back, Zechs kissing the tender flesh as his hand slipped inside. Duo spread his legs apart more, giving Zechs better access to the hard arousal, his hand stroking it lovingly.

"Yes...I punish again." Zechs purred. It appeared the evil powers of sensuality were at work again.

~Back at the painting~

"Finished." Wufei said. Heero smiled up and the painting as Wufei climbed down the ladder.

"Wonderful." Heero said, looking at the painting. Wufei nodded, happy at his work.

"Glad you like."

"Yeah I do. It reminds me of that time Duo and I did it in the rose garden." Heero said. Wufei smiled.

"Yeah that's where my inspiration came from."

"You mean...you WATCHED us!"

"It's not like I hadn't seen it before. The Oz prison."

"Who?" Wufei sighed.

"Why can't you remember any of the series?"

"Series?" Wufei sighed again.

"O.K. Heero sit down, before we fight I think I should explain something to you."

~Hours later~

"So you mean to tell me that we are all part of this series called Gundam Wing and this fic stuff is just using us from the series?"


"And in the series it wasn't really said that Duo and I were together, but people believed we were and fanfiction was born?"


"So people don't know about all the times in the series where Duo and I went at it like rabbits?"


"Hn...I wonder why I couldn't remember any of it."

"Lame attempt at humor on the author's part."

The author remained in her corner.

"O.K. I get it. But...why did I punch Duo?"

"I don't know...I wasn't in that scene. From what I can gather, probably to protect him. Especially since in the Japanese version you said, 'Don't think ill of me,' not, 'That's one for one.'"

"There are two versions?" Wufei sighed again.

~A few minutes later~

"So you mean that Cartoon Network made us say, 'Destroy,' instead of, 'Kill?'" Heero asked.


"And that the original Japanese version has more 1x2 evidence cause the Dubbed version changed some stuff?"


"And in Sailor Moon Uranus and Neptune aren't cousins, but lovers?" Heero asked.


"And there is an extra episode in Outlaw Star that Cartoon Network took out?"

"Uh Heero?"


"You remember Duo?"


"He needs to be rescued."

"Oh...right..." The two boys stood and entered the painting.

"O.K. So do we fight until the death?" Heero asked.


"Do we exchange blows until only one of us is left standing?"


"What? Do I just blow up the place with you in it, steal the tubes, and go?"

"Not exactly."

"Well then what do we do?"

"See that mountain?" Heero nodded.

"We race to it."

"Oh...with our Gundams?"

"No. With our feet." Heero sweatdropped.


"Because the author likes me and doesn't want a fight to the death. Plus, she doesn't really like doing fight scenes. And all your questions killed precious time."

"I see."

"So we shall race. The winner claiming the tubes of lube." Wufei said. Heero nodded, not really minding a foot race since he didn't want to fight to the death right now anyway, not until the battle with Zechs. And that wouldn't be to the death cause without Zechs as the villain the whole sequel thing would be shot.



"Get set..." The two got in their running positions, ready to take off.


Wufei took off, running as fast as he could. Heero watched, amazed at his speed. He shrugged and walked over to one of the rocks, punching it to reveal...an elevator?

"That's...kind of unfair isn't it?" The narrator asked.

"Not really. In Mario 64 there was a warp you could use to get to the mountain faster and that wasn't cheating. Cheating was using the cannon."

"Oh yeah...my mistake. You know I'm surprised you guys kept something Mario related."

"Yeah well...fighting to the death gets so messy." And with that, Heero stepped into the elevator.

Heero stood in the elevator, waiting for it to arrive at the mountain when it suddenly stopped. Curious, he watched as the doors opened and a figure stepped him. Heero gasped as he looked into violet eyes.


"Huh? Heero?"

"What are you doing here?"

"Oh...picking up some stuff for Zechs. He's making dinner tonight."

"Oh I see." There was a silence between them for a moment, until Heero broke it.

"Listen Duo, about that whole punch thing..."

"...I know. I...watched the Japanese version while Zechs was napping. I understand now. I just couldn't believe that you couldn't remember it."

"Yeah...Wufei said it was the author's lame attempt at humor."

Fic author packs her bags to move to Switzerland.

"Where is Wufei?"

"Running to the mountain. He doens't know about this elevator."

"Baka." The two giggled, looking into each other's eyes again.

"I love you Duo." Heero said, taking Duo in his arms. Duo sighed, melting into the other boy.

"I love you too Heero." Duo pressed himself into Heero, moaning when their erections met.

"Heero...I want you."

"What? Now?"

"Please Heero." Duo rubbed himself against Heero, mewling like a cat desperate for some milk.

"Nnn Duo...I want you too..."

"Then do it. Take me hard." Duo turned around, his bottom rubbing against Heero's erection, causing the short haired boy to gasp, his hands gripping Duo's hips and thrusting into him, their clothes still on.

"Gods Heero...please...inside me..."

"Duo...nnn...we are suppose to wait until the end of all of this..."

"WHO GAVE YOU THAT IDEA!" A voice screamed. The boys turned to see the fic author before them.

"Uh...Zechs said it in chapter two when I had my tongue inside Duo's tight entrance." Heero pointed out.

"Oh yeah...well...forget that. He was just saying that to get Duo. Heero, take the boy O.K. He's sexually high." With that, Chibi disappeared.

"Are you really sexually high?" Heero asked, his hand unzipping Duo's pants while the other massaged his chest.

"Gods yes Heero...he...he used the vibrator on me...gods...I wanted it to be you so bad..." Duo purred, feeling Heero lower his pants down to his ankles. Heero took the hard erection in his hand, pumping it slowly while he rubbed against Duo again.

"How bad did you want it Duo?" Heero whispered in his ear, taking the lobe in his mouth. Duo gasped, his hands coming around to try and take off Heero's pants, but Heero released him and pushed him against the wall, his back towards him. Duo gasped, his eyes looking at the silver wall while he thrust his ass out for Heero.

Heero licked his lips, his hand coming out to massage the creamy globes, his voice harsh and sexy.

"Answer my question!" Duo shut his eyes tight, feeling Heero's palm come down on his ass, the sting turning him on.

"I...I wanted it...so very bad. I was screaming for it...begging..."

"Mmm....you sound so fucking hot when you beg. I want you to beg now." Heero said. Duo let out a loud moan when he heard Heero undo his pants.

"Beg me Duo!" Another slap, this one harder then the first. Duo gasped again, feeling a third slap, the tingly feeling making his erection jump.

"Please Heero...I need you...to...to..."

"To what Duo?"

"Mmmm...." Duo felt Heero press himself against Duo, his hard erection digging into his backside. He felt Heero wrap his arms around his waist, his head laying against his back, his hands roaming everywhere.

"Do you want me to fuck this pretty little ass of yours?" Heero asked, his one hand massaging Duo's neck while the other went inside his thighs to spread his legs open.

"Yes...oh gods yes...please do!" Heero chuckled, letting his manhood edge into Duo. Duo bit his lip, his body thrusting into Heero, causing him to gasp in surprise when Duo thrust into him to engulf him in one thrust.

Did Zechs tease him that much to cause him to act this way?

"Gods Heero....you feel so good...." Duo purred. Heero growled, giving into the temptation to just pound into Duo. Afterall, that's what he wanted. Duo met Heero thrust for thrust, grunting in pleasure, feeling the world cave in around him.

"Mine...got it! Only I can make you do this!" Heero said, pounding more and more.

"Only you Heero...mmmm...." Heero held onto Duo tighter, his hands holding onto Duo's waist and making his body go faster to hit at the right angle and rhythm. Duo shut his eyes, his cries echoing throughout the elevator when Heero hit his prostate over and over and over.

Heero didn't know what got into him, but he didn't question it. Instead, he pulled out of Duo, only to lie on the floor and bring the boy down on top of him. Duo straddled the powerful thighs, letting Heero enter him again from this new position.

"Yesss..." Heero hissed, feeling Duo's warmness envelope him. It may have been the thought of what Zechs was doing, or everyone else looking at Duo, or even the fact that he was suppose to get nookie when he got their and didn't get to because of Zechs, but that moment in the elevator turned Heero into some kind of possessive animal.

Duo could notice, because Heero began to massage his thighs, his hands resting on his hips and lifting him up and down to ride him. Duo threw his head back, screaming louder with each thrust Heero gave him, the Japanese boy hitting his sweet spot hard and fast.

"Hee...Heero...." Duo rode him, one hand coming down to massage Heero's chest while the other went to stroke himself in time with Heero's thrust. Heero moaned as he watched his sexy lover pleasure himself, his one hand resting on his hip and still lifting him up and down. Duo gasped when he felt the other hand on his ass, a finger slipping inside of him at the same time as Heero pounded into him.

"Gods Heero....oh FUCK!" Duo moved his hand faster and faster, feeling both Heero's cock and one finger thrust into him with such incredible speed and power.

"Duo...shit DUO!"

"HEERO!!!" The two boys exploded at the same time, Duo just sitting, frozen from the passion. Heero laid there, his chest rising and falling from his harsh breaths.

It was then that the elevator stopped, the doors opening.

Wufei still hadn't made it yet.

Heero pulled Duo off of him, getting up and craddling him into his chest. He had the emergancy stop on so the doors wouldn't close and he could watch out for Wufei. Duo rubbed against him, a soft smile on his face.

"Thank you Heero." He said. Heero smiled, kissing his forehead.

"No problem. I must admit, you in those outfits gave me problems of my own, and no one to solve them for me."

"I know what you mean. Zechs did stuff and all...but it wasn't you so it didn't feel the same."

"I know koi. I know I could've had Trowa or Quatre or Wufei, but I wanted it to be you. Besides, I knew Chibi couldn't last that long without doing a lemon."

Chibi sighed, pointing a finger at her lemon muses, who were currently running amok inside her head.

Just then, they heard someone approaching the elevator. They looked to see Wufei glaring at them.

"Why didn't you tell me there was an elevator!" He screamed.

"Cause then we would've been even baka." Heero answered.

"I mean I couldn't been in there with you and we could've made a 1x2x5 or somethin!" Wufei said. Duo smiled.

"Sorry Wu."

"And besides...this fic is NOT a threesome...yet..."

"Will it be one?"

"Who knows, I heard the muses were having a drinking party."

The muses ran past, chugging beer like there was no tomorrow.

"Anyhow, I won. Give me the tubes." Wufei sighed and handed Heero the seven tubes.

"But...if Duo is here now, can't you save him now?"

"No. We have to have the final battle." Heero said. Wufei nodded, Duo getting up and walking out of the elevator. Heero was next, the two boys putting their clothes back on.

"So until later koi?" Duo asked. Heero nodded, planting a long kiss on his lips. Duo moaned into the sweet kiss, their bodies pressing into each other again. They gasped, feeling aroused all over again. Heero let his hands grab Duo's ass, pressing Duo into him almost painfully, the long haired boy holding onto Heero's shoulders as he felt himself being pulled closer.

"Heero...." Duo said breathlessly after the kiss.


"Heero....please..." Heero growled, about the rip Duo's pants off again when...

"....uh....once is enough for now." Zechs said, standing next to Wufei. The two boys sighed, breaking apart.

"No worries Yuy, you get to face me for the first time soon now that you have all the tubes." Zechs said, pulling Duo into him. Duo's eyes became a dull violet, Zechs using his powers again. Zechs chuckled at Heero, his hands squeezing Duo's ass while his lips descended on the other boys.

"Oi...why can't I ever get any action?" Wufei asked. Zechs smirked at Wufei, pulling him toward him and stealing a rather long kiss from him, the other boy moaning into the kiss while his hand snuck and groped Duo's erection. Duo gasped, feeling himself being sandwiched in between Zechs and Wufei.

"Uh...excuse me..." Heero said. Zechs and Wufei broke apart, Wufei's hand still on Duo's erection, Zechs grinding his in Duo's ass.


"Uh...could you guys not do that? I mean...we really don't have time for a threesome."

"And why not?" Zechs asked, his hand coming around to grope Wufei's ass, Wufei letting go of Duo's erection to let his own press against it while Zechs grinded into Duo's bottom.

"Because...uh...we don't."

"Damnit he's right. Besides, I have to meet Treize later." Wufei said.

"Wait...you go with Treize too?"

"Of course I do. What did you think we did after the sword fight? Did you think I floated in the water forever? I came back so Treize could claim his victory."

"Interesting. Treize didn't tell me. I think I should punish him."

"I'll help." Wufei said. Zechs nodded, the two boys planning on that event later. Wufei and Heero watched Zechs and Duo disappear, Heero looking into Duo's eyes, which told Heero everything he needed to know.

Duo was still his no matter what happened.

On that note, Heero took the tubes and headed onward.

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