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Inspiration: Super Heroes by 0083. Made me want to spoof up something of my own ^_^

the duel: 1X2 fires a shot

Super Yuy Brothers 64
Chapter Four: And Who Are These Guys with Mushroom Heads?!?!
by Chibi Shi-Chan

Heero approached one of the doors that was in the main hall of the castle.What would be inside? He was about to open the door when he heard a giggling noise coming from behind one of the black curtains in the castle. Curious, he approached the curtain.

"You look so cute with that mushroom on you head little one." One voice said.

"You really think so?" Another voice asked.

"Yes I do. But you know what would make you look better?" Asked the first voice.

"What is that?"

"If you lost these clothes." There was a giggle again, followed by a low moan.

Heero drew the curtains back, the two people hiding in them gasping. There was a tall boy with green eyes and a wild bang hovering over a shorter blond haired boy with blue eyes. The taller one glared at Heero as he pulled his hand out of the blond's shorts.

"Who are you?" The blond asked.

"I know who he is. He is Heero Yuy, the one who saves Princess Duo, (Duo:Hey, I'm a boy!) all the time." Said the tall boy.

"Do I...know you?" Heero asked.

"No...but you know of us. I am Trowa Barton, and this is Quatre RaberbaWinner."


"Uh hi. What do you mean I know of you?"

"You know the toad people that help Mario? Well, we are sort of like them."Quatre said.

"So that's why you have mushrooms on your head." Heero said. The two boys nodded. Indeed they did have mushrooms on their head, not big ones, and just the top of the mushroom. It was white with big red circles and...

"Uh...no...Mr. Narrator." Trowa said.

"Yeah. It's gray with black circles." Quatre added. The narrator sighed.

"Oh...and before you try. We are wearing black T-shirts with black leather pants, in Quatre's case black leather shorts."

"What made you think I would try to change your outfits?"

"Ah...we've read the previous chapters. We have done our homework." Quatre giggled. The narrator sighed again, damning smart little blonds.

"So why have you interrupted us?" Trowa asked, wanting to get in Quatre's shorts again. Quatre thwapped his horny lover.

"He needs help Trowa. This is our chance to finally do our job like those other toads that Mario has. This is our chance to help the good guy and help save the day. This is our...mmmm...." Heero silently thanked Trowa for shutting the blond up, but seeing the kiss made him miss his Duo.


Heero sighed, sitting on the steps and allowing the two to have their make out session. He missed his Duo, already, and he hadn't even been captured for too long. But the thought of the evil...

"No music this time please."

O.K. The thought of what Zechs could possibly be doing to Duo that second. He was the only one who could make Duo scream and moan and all those other noises associated with sex.

Seeing Duo scream for someone else...had been a turn on he admitted but it was the principle of the matter that it wasn't him. Heero sighed again when he heard Quatre moan. He turned his head to see the little blond up against the wall, Trowa rubbing a hand over his bottom and about to spank him. Heero smiled a little, it reminded him of Duo.

Everything reminded him of Duo.


La la la la.....la la la la la la.....

"What the hell was that?" Trowa asked.

"Oh...Heero's having a flashback."

"Is that why everything is so swirly?"


~Flashback, a little while after the second time Heero saved Duo and got his nookie as a prize for the second time~

Heero snuck into Duo's bedroom, not sure why he didn't just go through the door but shrugged it off. He looked around the room, recognizing the darkness of it because everything was black. He looked at the huge bed and smiled, he had taken Duo on that bed twice so far.

Thus was the reward for him when he saved the fair princess Duo. (Duo: Hey,I'm a boy!)

He heard the sound of water coming from somewhere in the room and turned his head in the direction of the bathroom. Curious, as usual, he poked his head in and had to hold in a gasp.

He could see Duo's form through the glass doors of the shower, the long haired boy arching his back into the water, his hands rubbing across his body as he washed up. Heero let out a low moan when he saw those hands run through the curtain of hair, gasping when he saw those hands massage the lean body again.

He watched the act for what seemed like hours...cause it had been.

Heero sweatdropped.



"Uh...you comin out pretty soon?"

"Sure I'll come out now." The water was shut off and Duo grabbed two towels, one for his hair and the other for his body. He stepped out of the shower, completely soaked, looking like some kind of erotic fairy.

Heero let out another low moan, Duo seeming to glow with beauty.

Wait...he was glowing.



"How are you glowing?"

"Oh." Duo smiled, reaching to the side of him and turning off the flashlight that emitted the glowing light. Heero sweatdropped again.

"And why were you in the shower for so long?"

"Oh...cause I was teasing you silly. It's your basic, 'Watching someone in the shower and getting aroused,' scenario." Duo said with a giggle, taking his short black robe and slipping it on as he entered his bedroom. Heero sweatdropped again.

"So, what do I owe the pleasure of your visit?" Duo asked, drying his longhair.


"You have already received your reward for saving me from the evil sexual predator dragon Zechs."

Dum Dum Dummmmm!"

"Oi...why does that music always come around when we say that?" Duo asked.Heero shrugged.

"Well Duo...it's about the uh...nookie..."

"Oh no...was it not good?" Duo asked, his voice quivering.

"Oh no! That's not the case at all. It was great."


"Yes. Spectacular. You are amazing."

"Really?" Duo stood, edging closer to Heero.

"Yes. Your body is so...so smooth. So...so delicious, so wonderful..."

"Really?" Duo wrapped his arms around Heero's neck.

"And when I take you, you are so tight. So responsive...gods Duo, what you do to me..."

"Really?" Duo planted a kiss on Heero's neck, rubbing his body against Heero' s own. Heero wrapped his arms around Duo's waist, his hands rubbing all overDuo's backside.

"Well I wanted to discuss this arrangement of the nookie." Heero said, his hand raising Duo's robe up, feeling the creamy globes underneath.

"Yes Heero-sama..." Duo moaned.

"Well it seems that we only do it when I save you from the evil sexual..."

"Heero please...the music will kill the moment."


"Well that's how it goes. You save me and get the nookie instead of Zechs."

"Duo I've been thinking. I wanted to know...if uh...we can do it more often then that." Heero said, his fingers tickling Duo's back.

"You mean...you want to? Really?"

"Well yeah. Why wouldn't I?"

"Oh Heero...me too! I want to do it more than that. I want to do it like everyday!" Duo said happily, hugging Heero tighter.

"Duo. I think...I think I love you. I think I fell in love with you after the first time I saved you."

"You did? You mean you don't keep saving me just for my nookie?" Duo asked, his eyes quivering with happiness.

"Well at first it was for the nookie cause it was so damn good. But then I wondered, if you even liked giving me your nookie."

"Of course I did! When I first saw you when you saved me I knew you were the one I wanted to give my nookie to."

"Is that why when you saw me you took all of your clothes off and began to finger yourself so I could just fuck you senseless?"

"Yes Heero! That is the reason! Oh gods I wanted you so much...and then the second time...oh gods it was even better. But...but I wanted it more. I didn't want to keep having to get kidnapped to give it to you. I mean it's great when we do it after Zechs gets me sexually high, but I want to do it more than that."

"Oh Duo...me too!"

"Heero. I think I love you too. I mean, I started thinking about you more and more, and not just about you fucking my brains out and making me beg for more. I started to think about you in a sappy way."

"Me too. I started thinking about going out on dates with you, and...and...watching the sunset and the stars. Waterfalls, and picnics, and... and even... candlelight dinners."

La la....la la la la la la....

"Wow Heero..."

"And....rose petals...and...and...and even...music playing in the background..." Duo gasped.

"Heero. Oh Heero...I love you so much...so very much. Let's do it like everyday or every other day or something like that. Let's go on dates..."

"...and do it after every date?" Heero asked, nipping at Duo's neck.

"After every one. So that means picnics..."

"...and nookie..." Heero whispered, his fingers going to prepare Duo.

"Dinner and a movie..." Duo moaned, feeling Heero's fingers enter him.

"...and nookie..."

"Oh Heero....mmm....breakfast nookie, brunch nookie, lunch nookie, dinner nookie, dessert nookie, and midnight snack nookie..." Duo gasped, feeling two, then three fingers enter him.

"I like that a lot love...let's do it..."


"HOLD IT!!!" The two boys broke apart and sighed.

"What is it now Mr. Narrator?"

"Yeah, Heero was about to declare his love to me by fucking my brains out!"Duo said.

"What type of objection do you have this time?"

"None at all."


"Nope, I'm glad you two are declaring your love...you are just doing it all wrong..."

"Huh?" Now the boys were confused.

"When you declare your love, you don't screw each other like rabbits.You...you do the slow, romantic, sappy..."

"Slow and....sappy?" Duo asked in amazement, as if the thing never existed.

"Yeah. You know, the sappy stuff. The stuff that rots your teeth. The stuff that can make sappy girls cry."

"Sap?" Heero asked, looking very much confused.

"Yeah sap. You know, slow and passionate, words of love, romance novels, poetry..."

"So you're saying that is the way we have to do it this time?" Duo asked.

"Yes! Because you are making declarations of love." The narrator swooned.

"O. K."

~Minutes later~

Two bodies embraced in the heat of passion. Violet orbs met cobalt blue, a soft smile hitting their faces. It was a work of art, the short haired savior claiming his one and only love. The two boys met in a dance of passion, soft sounds emitting from their throats. Hands linked together, words of love leaving the short haired boys lips to soothe the other.

It was magic.

It was a masterpiece.

"It's fucking BORING!" Duo screamed from under Heero.

"What?" The narrator gasped.

"Yeah, all these romantic words are making me sick." Heero said.

"But...but...sap is great! It shows us how much you two love each other. You two declare your love..."

"Listen, we can declare our love doing it our way. I'm sure sap is great but for now we just want to fuck each other until we can't remember our names."Duo said, rubbing against Heero. Heero nodded happily, thrusting into Duo a little harder, making the other boy's back arch.

"No no NO! SAP! SLOW!!! Wait...what are you guys doing?" The narrator asked. The two boys glared at him from their new position. Duo was now on all fours, Heero behind him about to ram into him.

"What does it look like...I am about to fuck Duo senseless...making him forget this own name." Duo sighed at the narrator's sad look.

"...while declaring our love for one another." The narrator smiled a little.

"Tell you what...this time...we won't use any toys."


"Yes." The narrator nodded, knowing that was as sappy as the boys would probably get.

~Hours later~

Duo gasped from up against the wall. It seemed that every time they orgasmed they would go in a new position, declaring their love as loudly as they could.Now Heero had Duo up against the wall, his back sliding against it as Heero rammed into him for the...uh...

"How many times has it been?" The narrator asked.

"I...I lost...lo...st co..co...count after...the seventh tiiIMMMEEE!!!" Duo screamed, his nails raking across Heero's back, his voice becoming hoarse.

"And each time you guys have done a new position you know. I mean, does hanging from the edge of the bed even exist?"

"Don't....know....but if...it didn't....it does now....OH GODS DUO!!!"


"Uh...don't forget..."

"But...but we've declared our love already....each time...." Heero panted.

"This is what you get for not doing it slow and sappy. Now declare damnit!"

"I...I love YOU HEERO!!!!"

"I...I love you toooooo Du...DUO!!!"

"That's good." The narrator said happily.

The boys climaxed once again, both panting hard and sliding to the floor.Neither could move, and they silently agreed that this would be the last time they would go at it today. Heero drew Duo in his arms, running his fingers through loose strands of hair and planting a kiss on his forehead.

"I really do love you Duo." Heero said, placing Duo in his lap. Duo smiled, burying his face in the crock of Heero's neck, his eyes drifting close.

"And I love you too Heero." The two boys fell asleep just like that, in each others arms.

"Kawaii." The narrator said, wrapping a blanket around the two very sated boys.

"They were sappy without even realizing it."

~End flashback~

Bling bling bling bling...

"ACK! We're swirling again!!!"

"I know, this is the end of the flashback." Trowa and Quatre turned their heads towards Heero, who was still sitting on the steps with a dreamy expression on his face.

"Oh Trowa, I really want to help him now."

"Me too. Him and Duo deserve to be together."

"I know."

"But little one...didn't watching them turn you on?"

"Yes it did. It did a lot. Why do you...ask..." Quatre felt himself being cornered by Trowa, feeling a hand come out to touch the bulge in his shorts.

"I see it did little one. We should do something about that."

"Oh Duo. I need to save you." Heero said. He turned and was about to askQuatre and Trowa for help when he saw Quatre against the wall, his eyes shut, and Trowa on his knees taking care of his little problem.

"Uh...excuse me?"

"Ye...yes?" Quatre stammered, his hands massaging Trowa's head.

"Aren't you guys suppose to be helping me?"

"Oh yes...Trowa...Trowa stop...we need...need to help Heero..." Trowa sighed and stopped, standing up to glare at Heero.

"What is it now?"

"Uh...where do I go to get those tubes of lube?"

"Oh yeah. Well, you see this door, the door you were about to open before you interrupted us the first time?" Trowa asked while Quatre got himself situated.


"Well you need a tube to open the door."

"I do? Damn...where can I get one from?"

"Well there is a store somewhere I'm sure..." Quatre sighed at Trowa and tossed Heero their tube of lube.

"Here, use that to get you started."

"Little one! We need that!!!"

"Well Heero needs it more. Now, once you use it you will enter the room and there should be a painting on the wall. Jump in and go in the first world."Heero nodded.

"Be warned, there are tough creatures in the world, and a boss in all three of them."

"Wait...three? I thought there were fifteen?"

"Well yeah, but it was decided that there is no time for that so there are three, each world containing the prize of the tubes of lube needed to open the picture doors, like the one with Duo-kitty." Quatre said. Both boys turned when they heard Trowa purr at the mention of Duo-kitty.

"What a naughty animal...I should tame him."


"Uh...nothing. So, uh, it goes like this. You go in the first world, get the7 tubes since we just gave you one, and go and open the picture door and fightZechs. Get the key, go to the basement, and do the same until you finally get to the final battle."

"So after I use this tube, I still get to keep it? It doesn't like, disappear?"

"Nope, you still get to keep the amounts you collect, even after using them to open doors. Pretty neat huh?" Quatre giggled. Heero nodded.

"Well I should go, who knows what that filthy creature is doing to my Duo."

"You are quite right. Imagine the evil dragon there, with his big, strong hands and long gorgeous hair and body. Imagine him with poor little Duo, touching and teasing, licking and sucking, biting and nipping, just making him beg for more and more, overpowering him, making him..."

"Uh Quatre? That's...that's enough." Heero said. Quatre blushed and nodded.

"Oh but I want to know what he has to say about me." A voice rang out.

"What do you want you evil sexual predator dragon!" Quatre said.

"Zechs." Trowa finished.

Dum Dum Dummmmm!"

"Mwuhahahaha! Mwuhahahaha!!! Mwuha...ack...yuck...hold on..." The boys shook their heads as Zechs went to clear his throat again.

"Oi...did you take that cough medicine I told you to take?" Quatre asked.


"Now you should be taking your medicine Zechs! Bad evil villain!"

"Sorry Quatre. I will. Or perhaps nurse Duo would help me."

"Nurse Duo?" Heero croaked out. The video image appeared again, Duo now dressed in a short white nurse's outfit that kept riding up his legs. He had the white nurse's hat on his head and gave everyone a sexual look.

"Oh yeah...I think I need to go see the doctor." Said...uh...everyone ^_^;;;.Heero glared at everyone.

"He's MINE damnit! This fic is 1x2 O.K. It says nothing about 4x2,3x2...uh...and it says slight 6x2 but there will be no actual penetration!"Heero screamed. The boys pouted.

"Yeah, but we can still flirt." Quatre said.

"Fine, but that's it!" Heero said. Duo smiled at the camera.

"Hee-chan! How are you?" He asked.

"Fine and you?"

"O.K. I guess. I miss you."

*que sappy music*

Quatre nodded and pulled out his violin.

"I miss you too."

"Oh Heero, I need you."

"I need you too honey."


"Pooh bear."



"Oh Heero, I love you." Duo wiped a tear from his eye.

"I love you too."

"Alright alright that's enough! Come Duo, let me play doctor." Zechs said.

Quatre stopped playing the sappy music, putting his violin away.

"No...you don't have any type of degrees." Duo said. Zechs sighed.

"It does not matter child. I shall use my powers on you."

"Not again...no...no I....oh Zechs..."


"Come here you big stud..." Zechs smiled, wrapping his arms around Duo's waist. He looked at the camera and smirked.

"You better hurry Heero." The video image disappeared.

"Fuck. I shall hurry...for my one true love!"

*que inspirational fight type music*

Quatre pulled out a boombox, pushing play, and the theme from "Rocky" began to play.

Heero ran up to the top of the stairs, bouncing around like he was about to box.

"ADRIAN.....I mean....DUO!!!!!" The other two boys sweatdropped. Well at least he was pumped up for the upcoming fight.

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