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Pairings: 1x2 (main) and 6x2 (but still 1x2 all the way) and 3x4 (not too much)
Spoilers: *giggles madly* The only thing that I spoil is my milk ^_^;;
Warnings: More 6x2, but a touch of 1x2. Gotta have a balanced equation ya know ^_^ And...what kind of picture is THAT to put on a door?!?! Note: Flashback on old video games the other day ^_^;;; I kind of miss the Super Mario 64 game I had for my Nintendo 64, but alas, I was nice and gave my system away to my mom when I got my PS2 ^_^

Inspiration: Super Heroes by 0083. Made me want to spoof up something of my own ^_^

the duel: 1X2 fires a shot

Super Yuy Brothers 64
Chapter Three: And The Rules of the Game Are...
by Chibi Shi-Chan

Heero looked all around the castle for any sign of where Duo could be. He noticed that there was a door on top of the stairs, a big sign glowing that read, "Duo is up here!" Heero ran up the stairs and tried to open the door...

...only to discover that it was locked.

Dum Dum Dum Dum....BONG!

"Oh no..."

"That's right Heero it's me, Zechs."

"I didn't say evil sexual predator dragon Zechs so what's the deal with the music?"

"You just did say it Heero."

Dum Dum Dummmmm!

"Anyway. That is the music for when you try to open a door that you need a key for. You actually thought I would let you get here that easy?" Zechs asked.

"Well it's been easy all those other times. Like the first game...I mean...walk around, stomp on some stuff..."

"Yeah I know. The first game had that one board with that cool music...the underground board." Heero smiled.

"Yeah I remember that. Aw...those were the days. Anyhow, why are you making this difficult Zechs? I thought we already established our plan, me beating you, you losing..."

"Yeah I know, but, you have to go through boards somehow. I mean, I've never attacked the castle before, so uh, I had to make it so there would be boards inside the castle."

"I see."

"Yeah. In Mario 64 the boards were in the castle, inside paintings. Uh...there were 15 worlds, and uh, you used stars to break open doors. For example, see that door over to the left of you?" Heero turned his head and gasped at the...star?

"Nice try narrator. You know we aren't gonna put some big yellow star on our door." Zechs said.

"I know...but I had to try."

Heero turned his head and gasped at the picture of his Duo, naked with a long cat tail and cat ears on his head. He was on all fours with his back arched, his tongue licking at his hand.

"Where did that picture come from?" Heero asked, suddenly wanting to adopt the sexual kitty.

"Oh...Duo and I are having a photo shoot. Gotta pass the time somehow, but he looks damn tempting in the outfit he has on now Yuy." Zechs purred.

"Which is?"

"He's dressed as a schoolgirl."


"Plaid...barely covering his ass."


"White blouse, first couple of buttons undone."

"Schoolgirl shoes and socks?"

"Complete with cotten white panties." Heero wiped away his drool.

"I'm almost tempted to get the nookie now you know, instead of at the last minute. I have plenty of time you know...and I'm starting to have little patience." Heero growled when a video image came up of Duo laying across Zech's lap, the evil dragon rubbing a hand over his panty clad bottom.

"You have been very bad Ms. Maxwell." Duo whimpered, trying to squirm away from Zech's naughty hand.

"I think you need to be punished." Duo gasped when that hand came down to spank his bottom.

"Stop it you evil..."

"PLEASE don't say it!!!" Heero smirked.

"Evil...sexual...predator dragon Zechs...evil sexual predator dragon Zechs...evil..."

"STOP IT! Oh no..."

Dum Dum Dum Dum Dum Dum Dummmmm!!!

Heero snickered, Zechs glaring at the Japanese boy for all he was worth.

"I suggest you hurry and get to me...Duo's nookie is looking better and better." Zechs said, stroking Duo's ass again.

"Heero...you gotta help me...please..."

"Don't worry koi...I will save you...after Zechs finishes telling me how this whole thing works." Zechs stopped massaging Duo's ass and gave a weak smile.

"Oh yeah...sorry. Anyhow, that door is what you go through to fight me. It works like this. For that door it takes 8 tubes of lube to open."

"Lube?" The narrator asked.

"Oh come on, we didn't put stars on the door so what made you think we were actually gonna use star power to open the door. Tubes of lube works fine."


Zechs continued with his explanation, "When you get eight then you get a key..."

"...to this big door to save Duo?"

"Now you are jumping the gun. It's a key to the basement door. You go there and get 32 tubes of lube and open the other door...fight me again...and get a key..."

"...to open this big door?"

"Yes. But then, there is one more door you have to go through which needs 70 tubes of lube. Once you open that door, it's the final battle."

"Great I get it now. You know, all these tubes sound like a lot. This may take a while."

"Oh I know Heero...I know..." Zechs said with a laugh. Heero glared at the vid screen again, this time showing Zechs pull out a paddle and rub it across Duo's ass. Duo shivered.

"I thought you weren't gonna actually try for the nookie until I got there to stop you." Heero said, gasping when Zechs smacked Duo's bottom with the paddle, causing his koi to shut his eyes tight and let out a scream.

"Oh yeah that's right. Well...uh...hurry before I change my mind. Besides, you did say that I could pass the time doing other stuff, and this counts as other stuff to me." Zechs said with an evil chuckle, the last thing Heero seeing was his hand going to Duo's front, groaping his manhood. The video image then disappeared.

"Damnit! Where the hell do I get 8 tubes of lube from?" Heero sat and pondered this, while looking at the picture door that had bad kitty Duo on it.

"Maybe if I just blow it up and..."

"Nope...thought of that..." Heero groaned when Zechs' voice entered the castle.

"Would you rather me use the video image?"

"Actually...yes...I would like to see my Duo in that outfit one more time."

"And what if I refuse?"

"Then you are truly an evil...sexual..." The video image had returned, showing Duo mewling in pleasure as Zechs worked a dildo in and out of his opening.


"Hee...Heero. Stop him. He's using his powers again... and... I... I... AHHH...."

"Good Duo baby, scream for me." Zechs said, pushing the dildo in deeper, causing Duo to hold on to Zechs'leg and begin to squirm his body across it, his erection rubbing across Zechs'leg.

"Hn. I can make him scream louder." Heero said with a smirk.

"Cannot!" Zechs countered.

"Oh yes I can. Can't I Duo?"

"Oh yes Heero...oh yes you can..."

"Duo...imagine my hands all over you right now. My hands running all over your gorgeous body. Imagine that dildo being my hard cock thrusting in and out while my hands pinch your nipples, my lips graze your neck, my hand slipping onto your hard cock...I'm going faster...and faster...so close...oh Duo...."

"AHHH!!! AH HEERO!!! Yes Heero...oh YES....GODS YES! FUCK ME!!! FUCK ME GOOD AND HARD! Oh yes....give it to me....ohhhAHHHH!!!" Zechs felt Duo's body tremble andfelt a slightly wet feeling in his pants, and was shocked to see that not only did Duo come...

...but so did he.

Zechs blushed, looking down to see Duo try and catch his breath from his orgasm. He glared at the cocky smirk his rival wore on his face.

"Well I'll be damned. I admit you are good Heero...but we'll see who is the best after I get Duo's nookie. You've won this round." Zechs was about to make the video disappear so he could clean himself up when...

"...you never did tell me why I couldn't just blow the door up."

"Oh...uh...because you can't."


"Good. Now I think I will get Duo cleaned up." Zechs said, licking his lips at the schoolgirl dressed boy.

"Zechs, be sure to clean yourself up as well." Heero smirked, making the evil sexual predator dragon Zechs glare at him as the video screen disappeared.

Dum Dum Dummmmm!!!

"Anou...why did you say it?"

"I like the music." The narrator proclaimed. Heero sighed and walked down the stairs, once again wondering how he was going to get the lube to save his Duo.

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