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Warnings: 1x2 and 6x2 action ahead. No lemon yet...uh...sort of ^_^;;; And beware of the evil powers of sensuality!!! Note: Flashback on old video games the other day ^_^;;; I kind of miss the Super Mario 64 game I had for my Nintendo 64, but alas, I was nice and gave my system away to my mom when I got my PS2 ^_^

Inspiration: Super Heroes by 0083. Made me want to spoof up something of my own ^_^

the duel: 1X2 fires a shot

Super Yuy Brothers 64
Chapter Two: Heero Arrives at the Scene
by Chibi Shi-Chan

Minutes after Duo's phone call, which oddly enough could've been done instead of a letter, a green warp pipe came out of the ground and...

"Warp pipe?" Heero asked.

"Oh come on. Can we at least keep SOMETHING Mario Brothers related? PLEASE!" The narrator asked.

"Actually I think this thing is a great idea."

"Really Heero?"

"Yeah. I mean, this would be great to have when we need to sneak into some Oz base. Instead of using space shuttles or having to blast our way in, we could use this pipe." Heero said with a grin.

"I agree with him. I mean, I'm always the one who flies the plane anyway." Duo said.

"Oh really?"

"I mean yeah. Remember when we went to New Edwards and I flew us there and you gave me that really kawaii look when I said that I was going to space."

"You KNEW about that?" Heero cried.

"Of course I did. They talk about it in the channel all the time." Duo said with a smile.

"Who does?"

"Oh...Jana, Caroline, Snow, Chibi, Deb, Naz, Kea, Baby Pen, Dan, Noa, Dev..."

"O.K. I get it." Heero said, his face surprisingly turning red.

"Oh...and I flew us in on Endless Waltz too. When you went to sleep. Yep, they said that I'm the only one you trust enough to let your guard down and go to sleep." Duo said proudly.

"Who did?"

"Oh...Jana, Caroline, Snow..."

"WE GET IT! CAN WE PLEASE CONTINUE!!!" The narrator asked nicely ^_^;;

"Sure. You don't have to yell at me." Duo said, his eyes quivering. The narrator sighed.

"I didn't mean to..." Suddenly Duo turned chibi and big tears leaked out of his eyes. The narrator gasped, not able to take the cuteness that was Chibi...and this little Chibi was crying.

"Hewwo...he yelled at me..." Chibi Duo cried, looking so sad and adorable. Heero glared at the narrator.

"I didn't mean it. Honest...I'm sorry!" Heero picked up Chibi Duo, craddling him in his arms to calm him down. Duo sniffled, burying his face in Heero's chest and drifting to sleep. Heero put the little bundle of energy in the bed, still glaring at the narrator.

"You make him cry again and I use you for target practice!" With that, Heero laid in bed with the Chibi Duo.

~The next day (will we ever get to the point of the fic ^_^;;)~

Duo yawned, waking up in the arms of Heero. He smiled and snuggled into Heero even more. Heero woke up to the full grown Duo and smiled, running his fingers over his face and his lips. He let his fingers roam lower to his chest, then to trace over his manhood, waking that up.

The boys sleep naked all the time...it makes for easier access.

Duo moaned in his sleep, his hips bucking up into the fingers. Heero gave an evil smirk, wrapping his hand around the hardening organ. Duo gasped in his sleep, moaning out Heero's name as Heero sped his hand up more and more.

Feeling really wicked, Heero lowered his head, but bypassed the arousal Duo sported and instead went to his hidden entrance, using his tongue to dab at the tight circle. Duo let out a loud moan this time, Heero's hand and tongue waking him up out of his dream which oddly enough was the same thing that was happening to him now.

"Gods Heero." Heero lifted his head and smiled, lifting Duo's legs and wrapping them around his neck to get better access to his opening.

"Morning koi." He began to kiss and lick at the creamy globes, his tongue going into the small entrance again, only deeper this time. Duo let out a low moan, feeling Heero's hand wrap itself around his erection again, stroking in time with his tongue thrusting. Duo closed his eyes tight, his hands bunching up the sheets from the pleasure overload. Heero continued to pleasure his koi while he pleasured himself, his free hand stroking his own cock in time with him stroking Duo and fucking him with his tongue. Both boys were about to climax, Duo's moans emitting from the entire castle when...

"Excuse me...that isn't suppose to happen until the end of the story." Said a deep and sexy voice. The boys stopped their activities to see the evil sexual predator dragon Zechs!

Dum Dum Dummmmm!

"Zechs!" Heero growled at his enemy since the beginning of his wacky adventures.

"Heero!" Zechs growled at his enemy since the beginning of him trying to get Duo nookie. Duo covered himself with a sheet, shrinking away from the look Zechs was giving him.

"Oh no...it's the evil sexual predator dragon Zechs!"

Dum Dum Dummmmm!

Zechs grinned at the boys, wearing a pair of tight leather pants and a white shirt that read on the front, "Evil Sexual Predator Dragon Zechs!"

The back reading, "Dum Dum Dummmmm!!!"

"Uh guys...this is the part where I kidnap the fair, beautiful, and sexy Princess Duo. (Duo: Hey, I'm a boy!)" The boys looked at their scripts and nodded.

"Hee-koi, you have to go outside then come in to find me missing." Duo said.

"What's the point of that? I'm already here, I might as well defeat him now."

"That's not how it goes. Now go so I can kidnap Duo." Zechs said, sitting on the bed and running a hand across Duo's cheek. Duo leaned into the touch, then glared and backed away from the evil sexual predator dragon Zechs.

Dum Dum Dummmmm!

"He is using his evil powers of sensuality on me Heero. I...I can't fight it for long. You must go back out and come in and save me or else he will get my precious nookie." Duo said, his body edging closer to Zechs'. Zechs purred at Duo, his hand running down his naked back and cupping his ass, pulling him in for a kiss. Heero gasped as he watched the other man kiss his koi, his fingers running over the cleft of Duo's ass, Duo purring into the kiss when Zechs let a finger slip inside him.

"Right, I shall go back out, come back in, and save you from the evil...oi I don't want to hear that music again..."

"But why? It's my trademark." Zechs pouted.

"Fine. I will save you from the evil...sexual....predator...dragon....Zechs..."

Dum Dum Dummmmm!

Zechs giggled in delight at the music.

"Right...I'll save you so he won't get your precious nookie..."

"Mmm....hurry Heero...I don't know...ah...how much longer....oh yeah....I can last against his evil powers of sensuality...." Heero nodded as Zechs bent his head over to take Duo's erection in his mouth, causing the chestnut haired boy to let out a low moan, feeling Zechs thrust his fingers inside of him again.

And now back to where we were suppose to be, when Heero entered via warp pipe. Heero adjusted his red hat that went with his red shirt and blue overalls...

"Oh HELL no! I am NOT dressing like him!!!"

"But...but..." Heero sighed at the narrator.

"Fine, just make some adjustments.

Heero ran a finger through his wild hair, wearing a white dress shirt and a pair of leather pants that were more like suspenders, one of the loops however wasn't over his shoulder, rather, hanging loosely at his side while the other was on his shoulder.

"Anou...all the characters are wearing leather." The narrator noticed.

"Of course they are sweetie...of course they are." Chibi said with an evil grin.

Heero approached the castle, he couldn't wait until he saw his Duo-koi in the leather mini skirt. However, a feeling of dread entered his heart when he got to the door.

Something wasn't right.

Heero pushed the door open to hear a loud moan from somewhere in the castle.

Had Duo started without him? He hoped so, watching his love play with himself was such a turn on.

"No Yuy...he didn't start without you." Said a low voice. Heero froze.

"It's you!!!"

"Yes it is I...Zechs..." Said Zechs from somewhere in the castle.

"I thought you wanted to hear your music?"

"It gets old after a while. Anyway, I have kidnapped your precious Duo, and I shall have his nookie this time. You cannot stop me this time Yuy...Duo is mine! HA HA HA HA....ack....spit clog in my throat!" Heero cringed as he heard Zechs try to clear his throat.

"Anou...could you take your mouth away from the mic when you do that?" Heero asked.

"How did you know I was using a mic?"

"How else would your voice travel like that asshole?" Just then, a new voice hit the mic.

"Hee-koi? Heero please help me! He is torturing me with all of his sexual charms. He keeps touching me in all the right places and hitting all the right spots! He is a sick and twisted man..."

"He's suppose to be a dragon." Heero corrected.

"Right. Please help me Heero. Don't let him get my nookie cause it's yours only!"

"Silence! Heero...see if you can find me. And by the way, Duo looks great in his leather skirt and silky thong."

"Really? What color thong is he wearing?" Heero asked.

"Uh...it's purple like his eyes."

"How short is the skirt?"

"It barely covers his ass."

"The boots?"

"Knee high."

"And the shirt?"

"It shows some of his flat stomach."

"Hmm...all the more reason for me to save him. I'll be there to stop you...you evil sexual..."

"No don't say it anymore! That music!!!"

"Right...sorry. Just waste a lot of time doing other stuff when you know you have plenty of time to get the nookie via penetration because I will probably have to go through stages to get there, and by the time I actually get there you could've gotten the nookie but you didn't cause you kept doing other stuff." Heero said.

"Right. You know that's how we always do it. You will get here and have a sexually high Duo who doesn't want it to be me but it will be me no matter what you do and just as I am about to get the nookie you show up, we fight, I lose, you get your nookie and I don't and I plan for another capture attempt so we can have another Super Yuy Brothers game." Zechs finished.

"You know Zechs, perhaps we should change the name since my brother, who is out there somewere, doesn't actual do anything."

"Oh yes he does. After I don't get Duo nookie I go after your brother."

"And Treize doesn't mind?"

"Not at all, your brother Treize has no objections."

"O.K. Now to start with my adventure!"

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