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Pairings: 1x2 (main) and 6x2 (but still 1x2 all the way) and 3x4 (not too much)
Spoilers: *giggles madly* The only thing that I spoil is my milk ^_^;;
Warnings: Bad attempt at humor, lemony throughout a good portion of the fic (there will be a lemon at the end too), bad case of Mario Brothers’ syndrome on my part. Naughty Duo...I can't believe you did that with the vibrator ^_^

Note: Flashback on old video games the other day ^_^;;; I kind of miss the Super Mario 64 game I had for my Nintendo 64, but alas, I was nice and gave my system away to my mom when I got my PS2 ^_^

Inspiration: Super Heroes by 0083. Made me want to spoof up something of my own ^_^

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the duel: 1X2 fires a shot

Super Yuy Brothers 64
Chapter One: The Fair, Beautiful, and Sexy Princess Duo! (Duo: Hey, I'm a boy!)
by Chibi Shi-Chan

It was a gorgeous day outside the Maxwell kingdom. The birds were happily singing their lovely songs, and the playful creatures of the area were merrily playing their fun filled games. The sparkling white castle glowed a heavenly...

"Uh excuse me...what the HELL is all this?" Asked a voice. In stomped in a very beautiful creature wearing a short black robe to show off his gorgeous legs.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, it was the fair, beautiful, and sexy Princess Duo! (Duo: Hey, I'm a boy!)

"Uh...may I ask...what the hell is up with all this glowing, sparkly, happy crap?" Duo asked, his chestnut locks flowing around his magnificent body.

"It is your kingdom. It is a happy place that..." The narrator tried to argue while the fic author giggled. You did NOT argue with Duo.

"Did you forget whose kingdom this is? MINE! Not that blond twit of a princess who wears all that damn pick and has the sunny happy land of a kingdom!" Duo raged on. The narrator sighed, turning to the author for help.

"I have to agree with Duo here. I promised these people the un-butchered version of Super Yuy Brothers and I am going to deliver it!" The green haired fox said. The narrator sighed.


It was your average day outside the kingdom of Shinigami. The birds were currently just sitting in the trees, the playful creatures of the forest taking a break from all of their "playing." The awesomely cool black castle glowed with the light of Shinigami, a glass window in the center of the castle displaying a black Gundam with bat type wings and green eyes that struck fear in the hearts of its enemies.

"That's better." Duo said. The narrator smiled.

And the leader of the kingdom was the lovely Princess Duo! (Duo: Hey, I'm a boy!)

The narrator looked around, looking for any sign of Duo to come out. He sighed.

"I SAID! The leader of the kingdom..."

"I ain't comin out!" Screamed a voice from inside the castle. The narrator sighed.

"Why not?" Duo stomped out the castle, his hair flowing around him as he wore a...pink...dress....


"I...I can't help it! I...." The author lost her cool and broke down in a fit of laughter.

"What the fuck is this shit. Shinigami does NOT wear pink!!!" Duo said, his eyes looking colder then the Perfect Soldier's own after Oz beats up poor little Duo-chan.

"The princess always wears pink...or white...and I..."

"Let me tell you something Mr. Narrator. It's bad enough that I have to keep being called princess...but Shinigami will NOT wear a pink or a white fluffy dress...or any fluffy dress for that matter!!!"

"Then what will you wear?"

And the leader of the kingdom was the lovely sex goddess/princess Duo! (Duo: Hey, I'm a boy!) Duo stepped out, his long hair flowing around him which had a touch of glitter to it as he wore a pair of black knee-high boots, a tight black mini skirt with a black spaghetti strap T-shirt that was short enough to show a glimpse of his flat stomach. His nails were painted black and his lips had a touch of gloss added to make them shine.

"Now this is more like it!" Duo cheered.

"I agree!" Chibi said happily. The narrator rubbed his aching head, just wanting the story to hurry up and end.

Duo sighed as he leaned over the edge of the balcony. He was bored, and lonely, and horny all at once...which was a dangerous thing.

"I'm bored, and lonely, and horny all at once...which is a dangerous thing." Duo stated. Then, a light bulb flashed in his head.

"Hee-koi! I'll send him a letter so he can come over." Duo rushed over to get his pen and paper, telling Heero that he would bake a delicious cake if he came over.

"I'll do WHAT!" Duo shrieked.

"Bake a cake. That's what the princess does so..."

"Oh no no no no no Mr. Narrator. That is not how you get Heero Yuy over here."

"Yes it is. Just write the letter and you will see."


~Days later~

"He ain't comin."

"Yes he is!!!"



~More days later~

"So Chibi...how's life goin for you?"

"Fine Duo. Just fine. I'm thinking of more fics for you guys. Would you mind if you did it at a radio station?" Chibi asked as she brushed Duo's hair.

"Not at all. When will this fic be done?"

"Not sure actually. I want to finish the pool table one. So far Heero has his hand in your pants."


"EXCUSE ME! What are you two DOING! Get ready for the arrival of Heero!!!" The narrator screamed. The two sighed and went back to their post.

~And even more days later~

"Call him Duo." Chibi said.


"NO! He will show up..he will..." Chibi growled at the man.

"LISTEN HERE! He is NOT going to show up over some CAKE! Now let Duo take care of it or else I will RIP YOUR BODY INTO SHREDS!!!!!" Both the narrator and Duo backed away from the enraged Chibi.


~Heero's place~

Heero was currently on his lap top doing what he always does...reading 1x2 fics. What else would he do on that damn thing? Did you actually think he was going after Oz everytime?

"Hn...that's an interesting position for me and Duo to try." Heero said with a smirk, jotting down the position.

"And the location. Very nice." Heero jotted that down as well. Just then, his phone rang. Too into the fic that had Heero using a vibrator on Duo, making to longhaired boy shiver and moan in delight, he didn't bother to pick up his phone.

"Hi, you have reached Heero's place. If I'm not here I'm either on my computer, screwing Duo, fixing my Gundam, pounding Duo into next week, or actually sleeping...which means I'm making Duo scream at the top of his lungs. Please leave a message after the moan....OH YEAH HEE-CHAN...RIGHT THERE!"

"Well since you aren't ramming your big, wonderful cock up my ass that means you are there Hee-chan so pick up."

"Hn. No way. After that stupid letter about the cake." Heero said to himself with a laugh. Duo sighed over the phone.

"I'm sorry about that letter, it was the narrator's idea not mine. Listen, could you come over. I'm bored, and lonely, and horny all at once...which is a dangerous combination." That seemed to catch Heero's attention.

"Please baby...I really need you. Mmm...my hand is all I have right now...and that new purple vibrator I bought...don't make me use this junk when I have such a big...strong...handsome sex god at my disposal." Duo purred. Heero looked at the phone, debating on whether he should pick it up or not.

"Mmm Heero...you are so incredible lover. I'm wearing that mini skirt you like...with that nice silky thong you gave me last time you saved me from the evil sexual predator dragon Zechs. I can imagine you here with me, your hand over my dripping wet cock...mmm...I'm touching myself just thinking about you Heero..." Duo purred.

Heero stiffled a moan.

"Oh Heero...you are so fucking hot...oh yes...faster...mmm...do you know what my other hand is doing? Oh gods...my hand is reaching for the vibrator..."

Heero's eyes widened.

"I'm circling it at my tight entrance...oh just a little more..AH!!! Oh yeah Heero...it's inside of me...I can imagine that it's you Heero baby....oh....I'm going to turn it on...I wish you could see me..."

Heero stood up and walked over to the phone.

"My finger is by the switch and..."

"Hello Duo." Duo smiled to himself over the phone.

"Hiya Heero. So, would you like to come over for a while?"

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