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the duel: 1X2 fires a shot

Storytime 1X2 Style
A Family List Ficcie
by Chibi Shi-Chan

Things were surprisingly quiet on the ML, which was strange because there was a duel going on. It seemed like the ammo had to be reloaded, so things were...quiet.

"AND IT'S DRIVING ME NUTS!" Screamed CSC (Hell, my name is long and people seem to shorten it to this anyway, so why not use it?) The young fox (yes, I am a fox, and I drew me the other day. I have a big, bushy fox tail with elf shaped ears, and with a regular human body only I'm the same color as a fox too *smiles* oh, and two green pigtails) sat and watched the 2x1 fort from across the field. There was nothing going on over there either. Now that she had her team back things were back to normal.

"Too normal for me, there is NOTHING TO DO!"

"You O.K. CSC?" The girl turned around to see Snow-Bat fly in the room.

"I'm bored that's all." Just then, Stormy rushed upstairs to interrupt the...uh...boredom.

"CSC, there's someone from the 2x1 fort at the door." She said, exhausted because the fort was huge and she ran through the entire thing to get to the top where her friends were.


"Yeah, she says she wants to see you." CSC sighed. This would get interesting.

"Alright, I'll handle it."

So CSC walked through the enormous fortress to get to the door. What would they want? Maybe they were going to deliver a 2x1 bomb or something. She looked up at the various pics that WERE 1x2, but had 2x1 over them. Pictures of Duo kissing, sucking, biting, and pounding into Heero were plastered on the fort from the shots the 2x1 fort had fired.

"I really have to get someone to fix those." She said as she ran a hand through her hair. She saw her picture crew sitting around and drooling at the pictures, holding the 1x2 pictures they were suppose to be putting up.

"HELLO!!! Aren't you suppose to be POSTING those?!?!"

"Uh...right mam, we're sorry." They said, posting pictures of Heero kissing, sucking, biting, teasing, and pounding into a sweaty, naked, and panting Duo (yeah, I was more descriptive on this part ^_^*) She approached the door and opened it, surprised to see this person.


"Hey CSC, how's it goin?" She asked.

"Uh...fine. Do you want...to come in?"

"Thanks, that will be just fine."

So now, CSC, Mina, Stormy, and Snow-Bat were sitting in the living room. Since it had gotten cold, they were all drinking hot cocoa (well it's cold at my school in Iowa so it's cold in the fort too *blows raspberry*)

"So Mina, why are you here?" Asked Stormy, who was huggling Mina. Mina smiled and patted the mouse's head.

"I'm here about a story she promised me." Said Mina, pointing at CSC. The girl blushed.

"Yeah, and something about some milk and cookies." Said Snow-Bat.

"Yeah I know. How about I go and get the story and Stormy get the milk and cookies." Said CSC.

"NO! I wanna stay with Mina." Whined Stormy.

"O.K. Snow you go and get the..."

"But I wanna stay with Mina too!" She huggled Mina along with Stormy. Mina blushed and huggled the girls back. CSC pouted.

"What's wrong?" Asked Mina.

"I...I wanna get huggled too...."

"O.K. fine." So the four glomped on each other. CSC called on one of the other 1x2 soldiers to get the storybook and the milk and cookies.

"O.K. I have a story for you all tonight." The four were snuggled together on the couch in front of the fireplace. Four glasses of milk sat in front of them with a plate full of warm cookies. CSC grabbed a sugar cookie while the others dove in for the chocolate chip, or oatmeal, or lemon cookie (these four are my favorites ^_^) The story book was cracked open and a picture of a lovely girl was shown holding a baby while a little elf like guy looked at her. In the background, the baby's father stood, glaring at the elf for causing his wife so much stress.

"I'm sure we all know the story of Rumplestiltzken. (my spelling sucks O.K. so if someone can actually spell this then by all means...)" The other three nodded.

"Well, this is a different story with the same concept." The picture suddenly changed into Duo holding the baby, his long hair flowing. Heero was replaced as the king, holding Duo closely to his body, and Dr. J was in the place of Rumplestiltzken. The three girls awed at the new picture...how did CSC do that? Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.

"Mam, there is someone from the 2x1 fort at the door." Said the soldier.

"What again?"

"Oh...I know who it is." Said Mina, rushing to the door. The other three looked puzzled, then gasped when the other person walked in.

"AKUMA!!!" The said fic author put down her turtle shell and smiled.

"Hiya, I heard there's a story goin on and some milk and cookies." Said Akuma. CSC glared at Mina.

"You invited HER!"

"Well yeah...I had to cause she runs the fort ya know."

"But...but she's trying to convert me." Said CSC. Akuma smiled and threw an arm around the nervous girl.

"Relax fox-girl I won't do any harm..."

"Really?" Akuma smiled and then whispered:

"No, but Duo will pound Heero into the bed in my next duelfic...that's all. And it's gonna be great too....poor Heero will be tied to the bed, ass raised in the air and Duo will be hard and ready to impale his huge cock in that tight entrance...." CSC whimpered at the mental image she just received. Stormy and Snow-Bat pulled CSC away from the girl.

"Hey stop that...you're making her tremble." A spec of drool escaped from CSC's lips. Akuma smiled in triumph. Snow-Bat glared and held CSC, whispering words of encouragement.

"Duo in a thong, wearing that short skirt, his ass raised high in the air waiting for Heero to come and fuck him senseless. Heero pounding the virginal Duo, Duo panting and sweating and crying Heero's name...."

"I'm better now...thanks Snow." CSC glared at Akuma, but then smiled.

"Hey, if you wanna hear the story then come on, the cookies are getting cool now. And I'll have someone bring you a glass of milk." Akuma smiled and they all entered the living room.

The five of them sat now looking at the story book. After telling Akuma that it COULDN'T be changed into a 2x1, the girl finally was ready to listen...

The story opens up in a bar...

"A bar?" Asked Mina.

"Yeah, that's how it starts." Said Snow-Bat. CSC nodded.

...where a short, chestnut haired man sat drunkingly with another man. The other man wasn't as drunk, but his friend....whoa was HE drunk!

"And then I told him...I said...'Look, my son will NOT go out with ya...k...cause my son is beautiful and you are not...." Slurred the man. The other man smiled.

"Yeah that Duo is gonna be a heartbreaker....he is a beauty. The king has had his eye on him." Said the man, who happened to be one of the king's guards.

"Oh he has....well...my son isn't an ordinary boy ya know......he....he can spin his ass off...." He slurred again.

"Yeah well anyone can spin."

"But my boy can....my boy....my boy can spin...spin straw into....into uh....uh gold....yeah that's it, he can spin straw into gold...."

"Really?" The guard took another sip of his beer.

"That's right my friend....gold...."

And so the dumb ass guard told the greedy yet sexy Japanese king.....


"Hey it's Heero O.K. guys. Now stop interrupting." Said CSC.

....about this. And since Heero loved gold and had his eyes on the chestnut haired beauty anyway, what better excuse was it to get the boy in his bed...uh..castle?

"Bring me that boy....and strip him of all of his clothes."

"His clothes sire?"

"JUST DO IT!" The guard nodded and left. Did I mention that the king was a very hentai and horny guy?

"That didn't happen in the story." Said Snow.

"I know, but you know I'm a big hentai and I already said that only the CONCEPT would be the same." Said CSC.


"Unless we all have something against Duo being naked..." CSC turned the page and there was a picture of Duo being stripped naked, his hair out of its customary braid. The five girls cheered at the picture.

So the naked boy was brought to the castle. They threw him into a small room that had a spinning wheel in it. The king gave a devilish grin.

"You will spin straw into gold boy, or else I'll kill you." Said the king. Duo sighed and nodded. The king then smack the boy in his firm little ass and slammed the door. Duo glared at the door, then sat down and stared at the wheel. He knew damn well he couldn't do this, and had no idea why his father had said he could. He felt tears in his eyes because he knew he would die tomorrow.

"Why is my father so dumb!" He cried. Now he would never be able to get with the sexy king, who he had a feeling liked him too. But since the bastard was greedy too, he had to spin him some gold. Now if the guy was just horny then Duo wouldn't be having this problem.

"What am I gonna do...."

"Stop crying boy, everything will be fine." Said a voice. Duo looked around.

"Who said that?"

"Me." Duo looked up at the barred window to see a short, funny looking elf like man with a claw for a hand and an eerie smile. Duo shivered.

"Yuck!" Chorused the girls.

Duo stood up as the short man looked at his nude form, grinning at him. Duo didn't like the way the guy was looking at him at all.

"Who...who are you?"

"A friend. Look kid, I know you're in a jam and I can help ya."

"How the HELL can ya help me?" Asked Duo, backing away as the man stepped closer. He didn't like the direction his hands were wandering.

"Well it's simple...I can spin that straw into gold." Said the funny looking man. Duo crossed his arms over his chest and glared.

"Yeah right. That is absolutely impossible mister."

"I tell ya I can...unless you want to die tomorrow." Said the man. Duo sighed at that statement. He WAS desperate. I mean, the story must go on right?

"Fine, spin away."

"Wait a minute...I'm not doing this for free." Said the man.

"Well what do you want?" Asked Duo. The man just grinned at him and ran his fingers through the lose hair. Duo turned green when he felt the man run a hand up his leg.

At this point in the story, the girls nearly lost their lunch...er cookies.

Duo took a ring off of his finger which was the same color as his eyes.

"I'm sure this will do." Said Duo.

"Isn't this important?" Asked the man, eyeing Duo's nude form with great interest.

"Oh, I'm sure my mother won't mind...rest her soul." The man sighed and nodded. Duo smiled, he was sure his mom would understand him not wanting to do anything with the guy. Duo could've sworn he heard the wind outside pick up, whispering, "Damn right," as if agreeing with him. Then the man began to spin. Duo watched, awe struck, as each strand of straw was spun into gold. It was breathtaking. It was beautiful. It was his ticket to freedom. He would be out of the hell hole...and hopefully into the king's bed.

"The girl really didn't like the king at first." Said Snow.

"I know...but I have to butcher the tale. Some may say...murder it." Mina smiled at that statement.

Duo stared at all of the gold in the room. The guy actually did it.

"Thank you." Said Duo happily.

"No problem kid." With that, the creature disappeared...but not before giving Duo's ass a nice little smack. Duo sighed as he curled up to go to sleep...he really needed clothes.

The next day the king gasped when he opened the door. The sleeping beauty had his hair down which surrounded his slender form. His lips were parted as short breaths escaped the rose buds, begging to be kissed.......oh.......and the straw was now gold.

"WHAT!" Duo jumped at the exclaimation. He saw the king was in the room and bowed before him.

"Sire, I have spun the straw just like you requested." Said Duo. He knew he never lied, but it was all his father's fault anyway. And although he never lied...he did want to live. The king nodded at the boy and picked up a strand of gold. He then touch the long, chestnut hair and began to weave the gold strand into a braid. Duo smiled at the tender treatment.

"Thank you your highness."

"Oh, call me Heero....everyone else does." Duo nodded at Heero.

"So now what, am I free to go?" Although he didn't want to leave yet.....Heero sighed. He really wanted the boy to stay longer.

"Uh....no. I want you to spin more gold." Said Heero. Duo gasped, but nodded. He couldn't refuse the king. So the two walked through the palace to a bigger room, getting strange looks from everyone because Duo was still naked.

"Uh...may I have some clothes?" Asked Duo. Heero glared, but nodded.

"I guess, as much as I love that outfit you have on now." Duo blushed. So after Duo was fed, bathed, and clothed....night fell once again and the boy was put in a bigger room with another spinning wheel. He had almost forgot the whole ordeal after he had spent the day with Heero. He got him a black tunic with black tights (I think the proper term is tunic, I'm thinking about Link's outfit in Zelda only black) and they came very close to kissing. But, alas, that couldn't happen until the fairy tale rules played out...which meant he had to spin more fucking gold. He sat and stared at the wheel. Too bad he didn't know HOW to spin gold.

"Where's that old guy when you need him." Said Duo.

"HEY! I have a name." Said a voice. Duo turned and saw the same man who had spun the gold before.

"I figured you had a name. I mean...EVERYONE does."

"I have no name." Said Trowa.

"Trowa sounds fine to me, why not keep it Trowa?" Asked Quatre.

"Names are somethin other people give ya...HEY!!! This is NOT part of the story." Said Duo. Trowa and Quatre blushed and disappeared from the scene.

"That was...interesting." Said Akuma.

"Yeah, but that part on Endless Waltz was so cool." Said CSC.

"So, what's your name?" Asked Duo.

"Uh....that's for me to know and for you to find out." Said the little man.

"Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me." Challenged Duo.

"I am rubber and you are glue. What ever you say bounces off of me and sticks to you."

Now that all of the corny, childish sayings are out of the way....

"WAIT. I got another one. This is an A and B conversation so C your way out of it." Said Duo.

"My name is Benedict and I ain't in it." Called Heero.

"Well make like a banana and split." Responded Trowa.

"Or make like a tree and leaf." Said Quatre. All looked at Wufei expectantly.

"I...will have no part of this childish game." Said the Chinese boy.

"He couldn't think of anything." Said Duo. Wufei turned and glared at Duo.

"Yo mama..." Duo glared right back.

"Yo daddy..." They both glared.

"Yo greasy, greasy grandmammy!" They chorused. Relena walked in and shook her head.

"Duo is sooo immature." She said. Heero glared at her.

"Why you hatin?" He asked, complete with that who "role the neck" thing girls can do pretty well.


"Yeah, you be drinkin on that Hater-aid." Said Duo.

"I drink no such beverage." She said, walking away. Everyone laughed as she left the room.

"O.K. you guys had enough fun. Damnit, now I got to shorten the story some so it won't be so long."

O.K. To continue the story...the weird man spun more gold for Duo's cross. Well, Duo gave up the cross to stop the man from taking anything else....like him for instance. The king was full of joy (as much joy as Heero can get in) after seeing this gold. But he wanted him to do it one more time to follow the rule of three. You know, third time's a charm and all that crap. But this time, Duo was placed in Heero's room.

"I will be in the guest room. Spin me some gold this time and then this will be 'our' room." Heero purred. Duo nodded as the king closed the door. Heero's room was awfully big, and it was so nice. It was fit for a king. He sighed as he stared at the wheel. Now what would he do? He knew he could call on the man but....he had nothing else to offer. Well, he had SOMETHING, but that was for Heero and not that creep.

"You look distressed." Said a familiar voice. Duo nodded as the old man sat on the bed next to him.

"I don't know what to do." Said Duo.

"Well, ya gotta get me to spin more gold but...."

"...but I have nothing to offer you."

"I know what you can give me...." Duo looked sick to his stomach. The man smiled.

"Not that...maybe some other time. But I want your first son."

"My first son?"

"Yeah, I want to train him to become the Perfect Soldier."

"That's fine and all but.....I can't have a child."

"Why not?"

"I'm a GUY!!! And Heero is a guy too. Guys can't have children." Said Duo.

"Well you could always adopt....or maybe since this IS a fairytale you CAN have a child naturally."

"Hm....that's interesting." Said Mina.


"Can he have a child naturally since it's a fairytale?"

"I...don't know." Said CSC.

"Well it's your story foxy, so it's your call." Said Akuma.

"Well....I guess so." Said CSC. The other girls cheered.

"Heero and Duo are gonna be daddies!"

"So it's settled, your first born son is mine." Said the man. Duo nodded as he watched the man spin the straw into gold.

Heero entered his room again and caught a glimpse of the gold. He smirked as he saw the fey beauty asleep in his bed. Without warning, Heero crawled on top of Duo. Duo woke up with a real surprise as he stared up into blue eyes.

"Uh....morning Heero."

"Morning. I see that you did it." Said Heero. Duo shyly nodded. Heero smirked and deliever a soul-searchin, heart stoppin, heated, passionate, gentle, tongue swappin kiss. Duo moaned under the kiss as Heero's hands found his clothes....only to discard the garments that protected the beauty's body. He then sat up to get rid of his own clothes.

"Well, I guess this is our room now?" Asked Duo. Heero only smiled, and proceeded to show Duo that the room was theirs indeed.

"Uh CSC....where's the lemon?" Asked Akuma.

"Yeah, all you write is lemon. Where is it?" Asked Mina.

"Uh....there isn't one in this one." Said CSC.

"WHAT!!!!" Squawked the two 2x1 girls.

"Well....I figured that since it was a Storytime fairytale then it couldn't have one." She said with a blush.

"Oh please girl, now hurry up and write in the 2x1 lemon so we can continue the story!" The three 1x2 girls glared at Akuma.

"Relax Akuma. You know she's gonna do a lemon to make up for this one not having one....RIGHT?" Asked Mina. CSC nodded.

"Great, so write me a 2x1 lemon to correct your mistake." Said Akuma. Again, the girls glared at her.

So eventually the two had a beautiful baby boy with his "mother's" eyes and his "father's" hair. The child was so cute that people would stop over just to see the child. And the child was a very happy baby, much like his "mother." But one day, darkness fell over the kingdom.

Duo was sitting in the huge bed, his hair down as his husband brushed the shiny locks. He held his son in his arms, cooing at the baby and making him smile.

"How kawaii!!!" Squeeked the girls.

Suddenly, the door flew open and a guard rushed in.

"Sire, there is a man looking for Duo." Said the man. Heero glared at the man for interrupting his time with his koi.

"It's O.K. Heero, I'll go and see who it is." Duo handed Heero the baby and went to the door. He gasped as he saw a familiar little man.

"It's you."

"Yes it's me. I came for the child."

"No...no you can't have him." Said Duo.

"I don't think you understand. We made a deal and now the baby is mine." Said the man.

"Isn't there anything I can do?" Asked Duo.

"Well there is SOMETHING you can...."

"BESIDES THAT!" Squawked Duo. The man sighed.

"You're no fun. Alright...guess my name in three days and you can keep the brat." He replied. So....the guessing game began.


"No." This continued for the entire night, and then the next night straight. Heero was getting fed up with Duo disappearing for the night to see this strange man. He didn't even know what he wanted from his koi. All he knew was that the man was taking away his quality time with his lover and he was getting pretty sick of it. So on the third night Heero followed Duo outside to see what was going on.

"Is it Danny?"

"No." What the hell was going on? Heero listened on.

"How about Felix?"

"No. One more try and then the baby is mine." Said the man. Heero stepped out of the shadows to confront the man.

"What do you mean....the baby is yours?"

"Heero?" Duo looked at his love with sad eyes.

"I'm sorry Heero, but I made a promise to this man."

"That's right, I spun gold for him so you wouldn't kill him." Said the man.

Heero gasped.

"I'm sorry I lied. But my father must've been drunk and said those things. I didn't want him or me killed over some stupid drunken promise, so I decided to go along with it. Then I met him, and he did it for me. But on the third time he made me promise that we'd give up the baby." Said Duo in tears now. Heero held the boy to calm him down.

"It's alright love." Heero then glared at the man.

"How about I give you money?" Asked Heero.

"No....money is no use to me. I tried to strike another deal with your lover here...." Started the man. Duo sighed and bowed his head.

"I guess that is my only option."

"What is?" Asked Heero.

"To sleep with him..."

"Oh HELL no!" Screamed Heero, holding Duo to him possessively.

"Fine...then the baby is mine so I can create the Perfect Soldier." Said the man.

"Perfect Sold....hey Dr. J is that you?" Heero asked. The little man gasped.

"Uh...I have no clue what you mean." Said the man.

"It IS you. I recognize that hand anywhere. How dare you try to cause my Duo such grief." Said Heero.

"You know this guy?" Asked Duo.

"Yeah...he sort of trained me." Duo was shocked. All of this stress and Heero knew the guy?

"Fine....your name is Dr. J." Said Duo. Dr. J sighed and nodded.

"Oh well....I guess I can't make another soldier. But....the offer still stands Duo..." There was a gun pointed at the old scientist's head.

"Still got it huh Heero." Heero glared.

"And you got about 5 seconds before you need a metel plate in your head." Said Heero. J nodded and walked away, mumbling about how Perfect Soldiers were no fun.

"Thank you Heero." Said Duo, snuggling up to his king. Heero smiled and lifted the boy in his arms.

"Now...to punish you for lying to me." Said Heero, kissing the soft lips. Duo only moaned in response, the two living...uh....sexually ever after.

"You just gotta use something besides the normal thing huh?" Asked Stormy. CSC nodded.

"That was a good story. I'm surprised you held out long enough to NOT do a lemon. You had plenty of openings." Said Mina. CSC sighed and nodded.

"I know....but my lemon muse was gone so.....no lemon for me." Said CSC.

"Hey cheer up....you can write lemons to make up for the ones that weren't in this." Suggested Akuma.

"You're right I can. Well, the story is over....and we ate all the cookies." Said CSC. The two guest stood up.

"Thanks for the story." Said Mina, wakling towards the door.

"Yeah thanks, do a 2x1 sometime." Said Akuma. CSC sighed at the girl.

"I'm serious. Come over to the fort and write a fic for us. Can't you see Duo just fuc...."

"O.K. Akuma, stop trying to convert her. Let's go and get your shell." Said Snow. The two girls went to get the shell as CSC and Stormy escorted Mina out.

"Come by again sometime. This was fun." Said Stormy. The three girls huggled each other and was about to walk Mina outside when.....

"LET GO OF ME!!!" Cried a voice.

"That sounded like Akuma." Said Mina. Before the girl could react, CSC pushed her out of the door and Stormy slammed it.

"Did you have to push her so hard?" Asked Stormy.

"Sorry." The two rushed to the basement to see Akuma tied to a chair in a room full of 1x2 pics.

"Nice going Snow." Said CSC.

"Don't mention it. Now Akuma, I hope you enjoy your stay at the 1x2 fort."

Said Snow. The three girls laughed and glomped each other, cheering:

"WE GOT AKUMA!!!!!!!"

So now Akuma is our prisoner *smiles* Now the real fun begins *dances around showing Akuma 1x2 pics*

Akuma: Little fox...you'll pay

CSC: Awww *kisses cheek* don't be mean. Just enjoy your time here. We'll take good care of you *gives Akuma a comfy bed in the 1x2 room* Now relax *gives Akuma more cookies*

Akuma: Yummy....I mean....RELEASE ME NOW!!!

CSC: Sorry....*locks room door and leaves*


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