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the duel: a promise of things to come

The Beginning
by Skye

High in the lofty towers of the 1x2 fort the sounds of cursing and laughter resounded strangely off the stone walls.

"Yes! Did you see that?"

"Pretty good Skye..."

"Argh! Dammit...Cervantes you bastard!!"

Chuckle..."I take it back"

Skye glared menacingly at Duo then turned her attention back to the small tv screen...and more importantly to the figure of Kilik fighting one nasty looking Cervantes.

"Hn. Don't tell me you invited us up here to watch you play a game?" Heero grunted.

Duo nodded in agreement, "And why did we have to come all the way up here anyway? I thought I was going to get a noseblled from the altitude."

With a sigh the girl paused the game and turned to her guests. "This was the only room in the fort I could get. I'm a 1x2-er but the only lemon I've ever written was 2x1...so I'm kinda fringe member. Most of the folks here don't even know I'm holed up in here!"

Heero eyed the mounds of text books stacked precariously on the nearby desk, "I can see you've been busy."

"So what do you need us for?" Duo asked

Skye smiled "Well, I had theis dream last night[1]...and lets just say I think you guys want to here about it."

A feral smile spread across Duo's face and even Heero's blue eyes sparkled with interest. Wrapping his arm around Duo Heero leaned closer to the smiling girl. "Do tell."

With a laugh she leaned toward the couple "Well, there's a nearly deserted library...exam stress...and can we just say...some stress relief?"

A deep chuckle of appreciation tumbled from Heero's lips. " I like this so far. Duo?"

"Hmm...hold on...I'm trying to see it..." A moan "Oh...."

As if sensing eyes on them the trio huddled close and began to plan. Occasionally a laugh or squeel of delight was heard form one of the conspirators. Some time later Duo and Heero left with a promise to return in due time. Skye waved to them as they descended the staircase and turned back towards her small room. She paused just on the threshold and looked to the door across the hall.

"Is someone there?"

No answer.

She shrugged, "I'm just tired I guess."

That said she closed her door and quickly put herself to bed.

Skye slept peacefully, unaware of the pair of spies in the room across the hall.

CSC looked to her list-mommy Jana and scowled. "What was that about anyway? I didn't even know she was up here."[2]

Jana laughed and patted the kitsune's head affectionately, "Oh she's been here the whole time...she's a shy one.[3] And I don't know what those three were whispering about but I have a feeling I'm really going to like it."

"You think so?"

Jana nodded, "Yep. I think we should keep an eye on this one..."

CSC suddenly frowned, "Can we trust her? She just admitted she has 2x1 tendacies. What if she's an operative of the 2x1 fort??"

"I don't think so. I'd say that judging by the way Heero was looking at Duo when they left there is definately some DuoUke action waiting in the wings."


Assured that the mysterious girl across the hall was indeed deeply asleep the pair tiptoed down the stairs and back to their own rooms. At the base of the tower Jana hugged CSC goodnight, "Say hi to your sister for me."

"I will."

"Goodnight chibi."

"Night Jana!"

[1] Jana told me to have sweet bishie dreams and well...I did! ^_^

[2] CSC said she didn't know I was around...I'm not upset, just thought I'd have some fun with it. Isn't she cute when she is suspiciouss? *giggles*

[3] yes I've been here the whole time...lurking up in my rickety tower...I was in one of the early sidefics...back when this thing began...a small part but I was thrilled to see my name there ^_^

So, what was I whispering about with our fave couple? Do you know?? *giggles* Maybe in a few days you will find out!! *cackles*

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