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O.K. After reading Stormy's sidefic, it appears that I have some traitors among my ranks. Well, this is how we punish traitors at the 1x2 fort *hentai grin*

the duel: 1X2 fires a shot

A Family List Ficcie
by Chibi Shi-Chan

Stormy and Snow sat in the basement of the 1x2 fort. Aside them, Akuma was tied to a chair, still being held prisoner.

"What is the meaning of this!" Stormy cried.

"I told you trying to sneak out was a bad idea." Said Snow.

"Don't tell me you made Chibi mad?" Asked Akuma. Stormy blushed.

"Well....not really. She didn't seem mad." Suddenly, the fox girl bounced down the stairs with Jana behind her.

"Go easy on them O.K." Jana whispered.

"And why should I?" CSC glared at her two new prisoners. "They willingly wanted to go into enemy territory."

"But...she had gingersnaps." Snow cried.

"SILENCE!" The three shrunk back.

"Oh I almost forgot Akuma was here." Jana said as she looked at the girl tied to the chair next to her two comrades. CSC sat on a desk which was in front of all the girls and smiled.

"O.K. Stormy and Snow. You guys tried to sneak away from your home and go to the enemy fort. You could be considered traitors to your cause because of this. State your reason as to why....you would betray me." At the last sentence CSC sniffled.

"Awe." All three girls chorused.

"Well....uh....Mina was telling stories and had gingersnaps and chocolate milk so...."

"Oh I see. So you wanted to hear more stories. Didn't I tell you guys a story not too long ago. With cookies and milk?" CSC asked. The two girls nodded.

"Ginersnaps..." Snow wailed.

"Oh hush." Jana said.

"But that wasn't good enough for you. You wanted to go over to...THAT place over there. The place where Duo-chan pounds Hee-koi into the matresses." With the mental image provided, all three girls drooled.

"That's not exactly a bad thing Chibi." Akuma said.

"Well here at the 1x2 fort we do NOT tolerate that. So the only thing I can do is....retrain you girls." The evil grin plastered on CSC's face frightened them all.

"This punishment was all CSC's doing girls. I didn't know she could be so cruel....I am happy that she is part of my list." Jana patted the fox's head, making her tail wag frantically.

"Caroline and Kitsune, bring out our guest." Suddenly, Caroline entered towing a cloaked figure behind her. Kitsune also dragged a figure behind her. The two girls stood next to CSC and Jana.

"These two girls are to be punished. I want you both to remember why we love 1x2. And Akuma...you just watch O.K." CSC smiled at the girl who was still tied to a chair. CSC walked up to the two cloaked figures. She pulled the cloaked off of the first one and the girls gasped.

"May I present to you one Heero Yuy. The hot Japanese pilot of Wing Zero and the Perfect Soldier. But in your punishment, he is my Horny Hee-chan."

"Where's Duo?" Heero asked, lust in his eyes.

"In a minute Hee-chan. Jana, would you like to do the honors?" Jana nodded and headed over to the second figure.

"May I present to you one Duo Maxwell. The beautiful pilot of Deathscythe Hell and the Angel of Death. But in your punishment, he is known as Fuckable Duo-chan."

"Hi!" Duo said with a smile. He suddenly was pulled into strong arms and savagely kissed. CSC sighed and pulled the two apart.

"Not yet!" Heero glared and Duo giggled.

"So what is our punishment?" Asked Stormy and Snow, a little too happily.

"I'm going to show you why we love 1x2. Playing cards and pictures can only get you so far. Now, I leave the punishment in....Heero's hands." Heero smirked down at Duo.

"Now remember Heero, you have to teach these girls why you taking Duo is the only way to go." Jana added. With that note, CSC, Jana, Caroline, and Kistune sat down next to their two traitors.

"I made some cookies, and I have some chocolate milk too. I also brought some strawberry milk." Kistune said, munching on a cookie. Caroline reached for one.

"NO! Not until chapter 10 of Afterimage is posted." CSC said.

"But...just one...."

"Don't think I forgot about that." Said CSC as she munched on a cookie. Caroline pouted, until CSC handed her a cookie.

"But Cherished was really good, and I trust that you are working on Afterimage right?"

"Hai." The girls, including the prisoners, ate happily as they watched the show. They had to feed Akuma since she was tied to the chair, and CSC remembered the gingersnaps.

"O.K. class. My name is Heero Yuy, and I'm going to show you all the right way....to fuck a Duo."

The girls giggled at the pun. (Reesses...yummy)

Duo laid on the desk, hair taken out of its braid and legs spread open for Heero. He was completely naked and hard. Heero smiled and divested himself of all his clothes.

"We could've taken each others clothes off, but we felt that this was better..." Said Duo.

"...and quicker. O.K. The best way to start is with a kiss." Heero laid ontop of Duo and delivered a passionate kiss to his lover, making him moan. He stopped and looked at the girls.

"As you kiss your Duo, you can tease him in a number of ways. You can run your hand down his chest." Heero demonstrated this, making Duo shiver.

"Pinch, tickle, flick, or tug at his nipples." He did this, making Duo throw his head back in pleasure. Heero smirked and bit down on Duo's neck, getting a loud moan out of him.

"That was an opening. Now, you can continue to tease him by running your hand lower," his hand did this, "and lower," it continued, making Duo's erection harder, "but not giving him what he wants yet." His hand bypassed Duo's arousal and caressed the insides of his thighs. His nails gently scratched the flesh, tickling and teasing.

"Heero!" Moaned Duo, his hips bucking up.

"That usually happens when you do that. Now, you can get to his erection....with your lips.... by going south," Heero kissed a trail from Duo's neck and went down....

"Make sure you stop at his nipples and tease them a little," Heero demonstrated this, gently suckling on the hard nubs making Duo gasp, "and then continue going lower until...." his lips were right above the hard shaft, his warm breath blowing on it, making it jump.

"Then there is the northern route." Heero pulled his head away.

"DAMNIT HEERO!!!" Heero only chuckled as he lifted one of Duo's legs.

"You start from his cute little toes," Heero began to lick Duo's toes, making Duo's body shake at the feeling. The long hair pilot giggled.

"That tickles Hee-chan." Heero then kissed his way up Duo's leg, gently biting it at times, until he reached Duo's arousal. He then stopped, and did the same thing to Duo's other leg.

"So here we are, at Duo's most desired treasure. Now, we can either just jag him off like so," Heero gently wrapped his hand around Duo's arousal, slowly pumping it as he watched his lover. His lips were parted and his eyes closed as Heero sped up his hand. He watched the boy softly moan his name and smiled.

"This method works great, but that isn't my favorite one. There's another one that works even better." He said, releasing his grip on Duo. This caused his lover to glare at him, until he saw Heero lick his lips. That caused his eyes to glaze over as he opened his legs even more. Heero smirked.

"Good koi, open yourself to me."

"I'm all yours Heero." Heero moaned at that response as he picked the "southern" route to get to Duo's erection.

"Now usually we can just....ah....lay here and don't do anything...." Duo said as Heero continued to kiss his way up, now licking the insides of his thighs. "But that wouldn't be any fun. So of course, we say, or do something, to encourage our love." Duo ran his fingers through Heero's soft hair, edging Heero's head closer to what he wanted.

"Mmm Heero, just like that. Yes...oh gods you're so good." Duo moaned as he felt Heero's tongue wrapped around just the tip of his arousal. These words went straight to Heero's erection, causing the Japanese youth to take Duo in with one gulp. Duo hissed and threw his head back, his long hair flowing around him.

"Yessss.....ahhhhh....." Heero continued his ministations as Duo just rode the waves of pleasure.

"Mmmm....now this is when....mmm ahhhhh.....Heero would usually sne......eak a finger inside of me...EEEEEE!" Heero did just as Duo had predicted, slipping his finger inside of Duo's entrance. Suddenly, he stopped, causing Duo to wail at the lost.

"Or...." Heero whispered. Duo gasped. He had forgotten the other way because Heero didn't do it as much. But it seemed like he was going to do so today. He bent Duo's legs up, causing his knees touch his chest. Suddenly, Heero's tongue was inside Duo's entrace, stabbing the inside like a sword.

"Shit...ah shit Heerroooo!" Duo saw stars as his lover continued to fuck him with his tongue, his one finger massaging the crack of Duo's ass and the other gently stroking Duo's erection. Duo felt as if he would explode because of the pleasure overload. He grabbed at Heero's hair again, threating to tear it all out. But Heero's wouldn't have cared anyway, he liked the strength his lover had, which seemed to increase when his body was sexually assaulted. Heero suddenly stopped, licked the inside of Duo's crack, and engulfed him all over again. Duo screamed, feeling his orgasm in the pit of his stomach. Heero then thrust three fingers in the slick opening, thrusting back into Duo's prostate. That was the last straw for our little Duo.

"SHIT!!! HEEEEERRROOOOO!" Heero happily swallowed Duo's essence, smiling as he licked off the rest from his lips. Duo's legs crashed on the table as he tried to remember how to breath. Heero watched, transfixed at his beautiful lover. His body shook from his orgasm, his eyes wide as if it was the first time it ever happened to him in his life.

"Now you'd think from an orgasm that powerful it would be hard to arouse Duo again." Heero said as he eyed Duo's softening member. He smirked as he laid on top of Duo's body, looking into Duo's eyes but not doing anything. Their lips were close enough to kiss, but Heero didn't. Their cocks were close enough to rub together, but they didn't. Heero just....laid there, his breath mixing in with Duo's.

"But it doesn't take much at all." Heero said, watching Duo. And just like magic, Duo slowly became aroused again. He wanted Heero to do....something. He was just sitting there, watching him. It was a challenge and Duo knew it. It was a challenge to see who could go the longest without starting anything, and it was driving the American crazy.


"Hm?" He didn't touch him. He just...watched. Duo thrust his hips up, causing his hardening member to rub into Heero's. They both moaned at the sensation.

"Stop teasing me." It looked like Duo had lost their little game.

"But it's fun to tease you koi." He rubbed against him this time, causing the sweet sensation again. Duo wrapped his legs around Heero's back, his feet rubbing against the muscular body.

"Take me lover. I know you want to." Yes, Duo just proved that teasing can be fun indeed. Duo reached forward and wrapped his hand around the thing he wanted inside of him. If his koi was going to be a tease, then Duo would play along. He began a steady rhythm, making the Perfect Soldier quiver.

"So stop playing games."

"Mmm Duo, I can't wait to be inside of you." Heero pried Duo's hand off of him and positioned himself in front of Duo's entrance.

"Now there are two ways to go about this situation. We can go slow," Heero entered the tight passageway that was Duo as slowly as he could. For a horny Heero, he had a lot of control. Duo, however, was not that controlled.

"FASTER HEERO! JUST FUCK ME ALREADY!" Heero smirked, lifting Duo's legs over his shoulders, giving him better access to Duo.

"Or, we can do things Duo's way." Suddenly, without any type of warning, Heero rammed into Duo, causing the longhaired boy to let out a loud moan. He arched his hips up so high, his shoulders were the only thing touching the table. Heero sat inside of the tight heat. Although he wanted to just pound Duo into the table, he would not hurt him. So he waited until Duo got adjusted to him.

Duo swallowed a breath he didn't realize he had been holding. His body slowly laid back on the table, his eyes blinking away tears. No matter how many times they had made love, the sheer force that was Heero Yuy would always take his breath away. He looked up at his love and smiled when he felt Heero's hand wiping away a stray tear.

"Gods Heero I love you." He moaned.

"Hm. Ai shiteru baka."

"I'm ready love. Please....make love to me." Duo whispered. Heero smiled as he pulled out of Duo.....completely, then slammed right back into him. Duo hissed and Heero held his hands, reasurring his love.

"You said fast lover." Heero said with a smirk, slamming into him again. Duo gasped again, feeling Heero thrust into him again and again. He eventually met Heero's thrust, now begging Heero to go faster and do him harder. Heero was happy to comply, changing his angle so he could hit Duo's sweet spot.

Their bodies were soaked with sweat and the room gained the strong smell of sex. It was poetry in motion, Heero and Duo. The two worked together to bring each other to climax, Heero kissing and eating up Duo's moans and cries. Determined to make Duo come first, he wrapped his hand around his erection.

"This sometimes isn't necessary to make Duo cum, but it's very effective." Heero gave the hard organ a good squeeze, stroking it in time with his thrusting. Duo shut his eyes and let out a loud scream, his release shooting all over the two lovers. Seeing the exotic boy hit orgasm was Heero's own undoing, his essense going inside of Duo's worn out body.

Neither of them had the strength to get up, so Heero laid on top of Duo, the both of them going to sleep in each others arms.

CSC, after wiping all of the drool from her lips, and stuffing an entire box of Kleenex in her nose, stood up and wrapped a blanket around the two sated lovers.

"And.....your uh....retraining is complete....." She passed out, Snow jumping up to catch her, which looked a lot like that part from Endless Waltz when Heero passed out.

"Poor hentai girl. I think she needs some rest." Snow said, cradding the fox.

"O.K. I guess your punishment is done. I think we ALL need some cold showers after that." Jana said, eyeing all the bloody Kleenex scattered on the floor.

"Guards, someone put these two boys in a bed." Caroline said.

"And take Akuma to her room." Kitsune added. The guards nodded and did as instructed. They carried the two lovers up to the guest rooms, and carried the now passed out Akuma to her own room.

After taking long cold showers, everyone went to their own separate quarters to sleep. However, before Stormy and Snow went to sleep, they went inside of CSC's room, which was decorated with nice little 1x2 pics. They watched the now sleeping fox-girl snuggle a teddy bear in her sleep.

"She looks so innocent in her sleep." Snow said.

"I agree. Who knew she had such a dark side." Stormy added, remembering their....punishment. Snow nodded.

"I think we should try and not make her mad." Stormy said with a shiver. Snow gave an evil smirk to the fox in the bed.

"I don't know. With punishments like that, I say we should piss her off everyday!"

The moral of the story, hentai-ness is a very powerful thing, which CSC will gladly point out anytime *smiles* Also, never betray the Chibi unless you are ready for some cruel and unusual punishment *hentai grin*


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