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the duel: 1X2 fires a shot

Phone Sex
by Chibi Shi-Chan

It was a beautiful…. no…I always use that. Just an ordinary day for...no ...I don't like the way that sounds. SOMEONE HELP ME THINK OF AN INTRODUCTION!

Quatre: How about, "Once upon a time."
CSC: Hey, that might work. Thanks Quatre.

Once upon a time…yeah…I like that. Once upon a time there was a really kawaii yaoi couple who went on missions to save the world and the colonies. Some call them 01 and 02, or some say 1x2. I say Heero and Duo.Well, others say that too, but I also say it so that's why it's important. Anyhow, this story focuses on a very special time in the pilot of Wing Zero's life. It is a time every young man goes through, and the Perfect Soldier was no exception. It was a time of frustration, a time of need, a time where he needed his koi the most.

"Where is that braided baka!" The usually stoic pilot wasn't acting his usual self. He was very upset that his American lover wasn't there. No, it wasn't a mission to destroy a base, or steal something, or even fly out into the pits of hell to defeat the enemy. This mission was waaayyyy more important to the teen.

"When I find him, I'm going to make him regret it." Said Heero. Well, perhaps I should start from the very beginning. Wait, I don't want to do that. I'll just summarize. O.K., as we all know, Heero and Duo, they are a couple. They love each other very much. However, they hadn't done the nasty nasty in a while. Why? Well, because of all the missions they had no free time. But now, the two were in a safe house all alone, no one else but them. So Duo told Heero that the two should take advantage of the moment *wink*. Now, Heero was planning to take the American up on his proposal. But, he couldn't find him. So what the pilot is going through is simply....


Yes, horny-ness. Hell if I care that it's a word or not. He'd been preparing to make this a night the longhaired beauty would never forget. But, the baka was gone. He would screw the baka silly until...well...he'd figure that out later. However, he was short one sexy ass boyfriend.

"How long does it take to go to the store?" Wondered Heero, pacing in his room. He then heard the sound of laughter. Laughter? Wasn't he the only one there? He left the room and followed the sound. He immediately recognized it as being the guy he was, well, the guy he was horny for. The guy he longed for, the guy he wanted to touch, kiss, un-dress, tickle. The guy he wanted to make scream, moan, shout, pant, and beg.

Heero: We get the point.
Duo: Goodness, are you going to do all that to little old me?
Heero: Is this a lemon or not?
All: Of course it is!
1x2 side: This is CSC we're talking about.
CSC: *blush*
Heero: Then I guess I do get to make you scream, moan, shout, pant, and beg.
Duo: I wouldn't have it any other way.

To finish my thought, wait, that's all the words I can think of for now. Let's continue. The pilot entered the kitchen to see Duo wrapped around a phone cord, chattering away.

"It sucks that the video phone doesn't work Q. I have to use this old fashioned phone to talk to you." Said Duo. Heero couldn't believe it, all that time he used screaming about the boy and he was, he was…

"So, how's Trowa?" He was gossiping with Quatre! Heero would've fainted, but Perfect Soldiers don't faint. They get pissed! Heero approached Duo, who had his back turned to the other boy. He quickly spun him around to face him, causing him to lose some of the cord wrappings.

"What's up Heero? Quatre's on the phone, wanna talk to him?"

"No, get off the phone."

"But this is a very important conversation koi, wait a minute." And with that, Duo turned back around to finish talking. Heero was very upset now. Duo wanted to talk on the phone. Duo wanted to talk to Quatre instead of…you know…

"Letting me fuck him into next year." Heero finished silently. That's the word I was looking for *smiles*

"Really, you guys went out after the mission. That's nice, where did you go?" Asked Duo.

"We went to the movies, but we didn't get to see a lot of it, if you know what I mean." Said Quatre.

"How romantic for you two, little hentai." Duo smiled. Heero only heard from one side of the conversation, but he could tell the boy was talking about his other comrade's relationship. He was going to get the annoying beauty off of the phone one-way or the other. He allowed a wicked smirk to cross his lips.

Sneaking behind the unsuspecting boy with deadly silence, the Perfect Soldier confirmed his target. One Duo Maxwell. Gundam pilot and lover of Heero Yuy. One irresistable American who Heero figured was sent specifically to arouse him. I mean, anyone who looked THAT good and made it his mission to tease the Perfect Soldier was screaming for his tight little ass to get screwed into next week right?

And Duo was teasing him now. He had on a pair of cut-off black shorts that showed a glimpse of his perfect ass. And his T-shirt kept lifting up to show his flat stomach. And that lithe body was intangled by phone cords....and not Heero's arms. Well, that was going to change in just a minute.

He stood behind the boy, picking up on the conversation. Duo still didn't know he was behind him, well, that is until…

"You're already in a relationship, stay out of there's." Whispered Heero. This startled the boy as he spun to face the Wing Zero pilot.

"Jeez Heero, give a guy a heart attack."

"What happened?" Asked Quatre. Duo spun so his back could face Heero's.

"Heero is being a baka, that's all." Said Duo, going back to the conversation. He was caught off as he felt a pair of strong arms wrap around his slender waist.

"So I'll be a baka." Whispered Heero, his warm breath tickling the Deathscythe pilot's ear. There was something in his voice, it sounded huskier than usual.

"Heero, can you wait, I'm on the phone." Whispered Duo. His body was then pulled into Heero's. He could feel evidence that Heero could NOT wait. Heero voiced that thought out.

"Not really, well actually, no I can't wait." He slipped his tongue out to trace Duo's ear. Duo held back a moan.

"Duo, you still there?" Asked Quatre.

"Yeah, finish telling me about your date with unibang." Said Duo, attempting to ignore the soldier.

"His name is Trowa, don't tease him." Quatre pouted.

"How cute, you're defending him. Did you ever find out what kind of gel he uses?" Quatre giggled at that, but then frowned, although Duo couldn't see it.

"Don't talk about him, I don't talk about Heero." Said Quatre, trying to defend his koi. Duo sighed after he said that, he shouldn't be thinking about him. Especially since the boy was attacking his neck with butterfly kisses.

"You don't have to, we all know he's a…a…" He couldn't get his words out.

"A what Duo?" Asked Quatre. Duo felt ghostly fingers creep under the cord and into his shirt. He felt them dance on his stomach as lips continued their attack on Duo's neck area. And when the teeth decided that they wanted in on the action.....

"Baka." Whispered Duo, almost a little too passionately as a moan escaped his parted lips.

"So how are you two doing?" Damn him, why couldn't they avoid Heero for a minute?

"Fine I guess…ah…mmm" He tried to hold back the moan, but it was hard to do when your boyfriend decides he wants to seduce you. And Heero was doing just that, pinching poor little Duo's nipples until they got hard.

"Are you feeling O.K. Duo?" Asked Quatre.

"Me? Sure, I'm just peachy Q-man, why wouldn't I be?" His voice sounded a little too shaky. Heero smirked as he spun the boy around, and around, and around until he was free of the cords. Now, Duo faced Heero; his seducer, his boyfriend, his preditor. And the smirk Heero wore made it even worse for Duo.

Heero glanced down at Duo's shorts. The arousal there was NOT un-noticed. Heero only licked his lips, tracing the buldge with a finger. Duo trembled.

"I don't know, you sounded kind-of weird for a second. Are you coming down with something?" That was Quatre for you...always concerned.

"N…no, I'm feeling just… ah…fine." Said Duo. Heero had lifted up his shirt and began to make it his mission to make Duo's nipples hard....with his teeth. His hands were busy too, running over the tight little ass that would soon be invaded by something hot and hard. Duo moaned again when a finger began to run up and down his crack, telling him that it would be time soon.

"So Duo, why do you think Heero's a baka?" Asked Quatre.

"Because he is." Responded Duo, a gasp leaving his throat when Heero squeezed and kneeded his ass at the same time biting a nipple.

"You sound childish Duo. He must be doing something to make you feel that way." Said Quatre. He was doing SOMETHING alright. Duo gasped when he felt Heero try to un-zip his shorts.

"Heero, stop it. I'm on the phone." Whispered Duo.

"So what. Get off the phone." Heero whispered, nibbling Duo's ear.

"That's rude, I'll be off in a minute." Whispered Duo.

"No, you'll be off now, or I'll just take you while you're on the phone." Said Heero.

"You wouldn't?" Questioned Duo. That's when his zipper was zipped down. Heero smirk when his hand went in to play with Duo's erection, thanking the gods that Duo wore no underwear underneath. Duo moaned again, throwing his head back and exposing his neck to Heero's lips.

"Try me." Said Heero, licking his koi's neck as he gave a rough squeeze to Duo's cock. Yet in his sex-craved mind, Duo still felt playful.

"I call your bluff." Duo then turned his back on Heero. That sparked Heero's interest. The boy was good, oh he was real good. But Heero was better. He gave him one final spin and gave him a seductive smile which almost made Duo regret that he challenged his lover.

"Fine then, we'll play it your way." And that's when the attack began. Duo was stunned when he felt his shorts sink to the floor, leaving him bare from the waist down. He wouldn't, would he? That questioned was answered when Heero got down on his knees, his eyes shining with mischief and passion. He kissed a trail to the inside of the boy's thigh, licking and gently biting into the creamy flesh. Duo allowed a moan to escape his parted lips.

"Duo?" Questioned Quatre. Damnit, he was still on the phone. Part of him wanted to hang up and submit to Heero, but he was too proud for that.

"I'm still here, just daydreaming I guess. So, when are we going to see you guys again?" Asked Duo.

"Well, we still have one more mission to do, it just got sent today. And blah blah blah……" Quatre was tuned out when Heero began to kiss his manhood, over and over again, worshipping it. And then his hands began to spread his legs even more, leaving him open to the lustfilled creature below him. But Duo could handle this. He was a Gundam pilot, trained to kill, he could take on a horny boyfriend anytime.

"I want you Duo. I want you to cum so hard and so fast that it'll blow your mind away. And then, I'm going to taste that lovely fluid inside you, making you scream louder than you have before."

O.K. Maybe he couldn't take a horny Heero. Especially one that talked like that. He held onto the counter, trying to brace himself. He would prove the boy wrong. He could do it. He wouldn't submit, he wouldn't submit, he wouldn't sub……

"Ahhh!" ……mit.

"What's up Duo?" Asked Quatre. Go away, go away, GO AWAY, GO AWAY!

"A spider, it scared…me a little." Duo looked down at Heero, who was busy attending to him in-between his thighs.

"I will be strong and I will prove him wrong." Chanted Duo. Heero smirked around the velvet flesh inside of his mouth. It wouldn't be long now. He decided to increase his speed as his teeth gently scraped across the hard flesh, and he would make little humming noises that would make Duo even harder. But the boy was still trying to keep quiet. Heero smiled; he would fix that. His fingers went around to his back, tracing patterns on it. They slowly moved down to that creamy ass of his, rubbing it and pushing him closer to his greedy mouth. Using his neck and shoulder to hold the phone, Duo hands began to play in Heero's hair.

"Getting into it koi? I just started." Then he swooped down and engulfed him once again. Duo's body was trembling from pleasure, and the fact that he was trying not to make any noise. He then felt something poke him from behind.

"Shit." He whispered, feeling that one finger go inside his entrance. Heero knew his weaknesses, and what Heero dubbed as, "Sucking and Prepping," was a major one. His breath became heavier and faster as that long finger went inside and out, going deeper and deeper until…

"Ahh shit Heero."

"Are you two doing something. Perhaps I can call back." Said Quatre. YES! YES CALL BACK PLEASE! In about, a day or two or three. But, pride is a real bitch sometimes.

"No, we're n…ot..doing any….thing import…ant. Like I said….he's a ba…KAA!" That didn't come out right, but another finger joined the game and his mouth was moving so fast it was amazing. And his tongue would lick at just the tip and his fingers would jab him in his pleasure point over and over again.

Soon, Heero used three fingers, using his nails to gently scrap the spot inside of him. Duo was so close to his release that he could taste it. He was moaning and panting and calling Heero names now and he knew it. Pride had left the battle a long time ago.

"You...you are a bas...tard Heero Yuy!"

"And you love me for it." Another jab in his spot.

"You fucking BASTARD!!! Ah SHIT I HATE YOU!!! I just...wanted to talk on the ....phone...AH SHIT!" Duo had tears in his eyes from the things Heero was doing to him. It was too much for him.

On the other end of the phone line, Quatre smiled. It didn't take Heero long at all. He remembered when Duo called him while Trowa was….entertaining him. Quatre didn't last as long as Duo, but payback is a bitch and revenge is sweet. And he'd be a liar if he said the noise Duo made over the phone wasn't turning him on. He'd have to find Trowa...but he wanted to torment Duo a little more....

"Duo, you don't sound to hot? Maybe you should call a doctor. I could connect you to my doctor if you want. He'll come out there and everything." Said Quatre with a smile.

No, Duo didn't need a doctor. He needed a soft place to land because he was going to fall out. Heero stopped for a second to examine his work. Duo's shirt was damp from sweat and his customary braid was ragged. He was panting and his eyes were shut tight. He was the most beautiful, sexiest creature Heero ever had laid eyes on. And he was all his.

He was perfect, everything was perfect. All that was left to do now was to add the icing to the cake.

"I want you to cum for me. NOW Duo." Heero then swallowed him whole. His fingers rammed into that wonderful heat and his other hand reached up to pinch his left nipple through the T-shirt.

The command, mouth, fingers, and hand did the trick as Duo dropped the phone and screamed Heero's name, not caring if anyone heard him. His release was long a glorious and he swore that he saw little white sparkles when it happened.

Quatre snickered, because he heard the scream loud and clear. He REALLY needed to find Trowa now.

Heero happily and greedily swallowed Duo's essence. Duo knees were weak and his legs were shaking. He dropped, Heero ready to catch his fallen angel. He was panting and found that it was hard to breathe now. Heero gave into the temptation to kiss his love's lips, Duo tasting himself on Heero's tongue. His shirt was taken off, leaving his entire body naked to Heero's hungry eyes.

Heero ran hand down Duo's chest, feeling the wild heartbeat under his palm. His lips moved to his ear and whispered…

"I'm not finished yet." He nibbled on his earlobe and effortlessly lifted him up and sat him on the cold kitchen table, looking at him with hungry cobalt blue eyes. Smirking at his sated love, he handed him the phone.

"You sure you don't wanna hang up?" Heero asked.

"I….I….." Duo couldn't make a straight sentence.

"Fine, it's your call koi." He then laid the boy on the table, Duo's back feeling the cold surface. But the cold didn't bother him as he watched his lover pull off his now too tight clothes. Another wicked thought occurred to the Perfect Soldier.

"Heero, what are you…" But Duo was cut off as he felt the cord wrap around his wrist. The phone somehow served as a tie to the cord, keeping Duo's hands behind his head. To Duo's horror, the phone reached his ear so he could still talk on it. He couldn't control his breathing, and he knew Quatre could hear everything. Duo's eyes widened when he saw a familiar looking tube in Heero's hand.

"Tell me you want this." Said Heero, slowly stroking his hard length with the lube. Duo's felt his cock immediately stiffen as he heard his lover moan his name as he prepared himself.

"I….I want…."

"You want what?" Asked Quatre. No! The phone. The damn phone was getting in the way.

"I'll….I'll call you back Quatre." Said Duo. And before the Arabian pilot could responded, Heero pushed the hang-up button on the phone.

"I always win koi." Whispered Heero, as he positioned himself above Duo.

"That, was cruel, and evil, and the most kinkiest thing we've done." Panted Duo.

"And, like I said, it's not over yet." Said Heero, preparing to penetrate his lover.

"Then take me koi, don't tell me you're tired already." Taunted Duo. Heero responded by penetrating the boy, causing Duo to tense up at the feeling.

"I never get tired of you." Heero pushed deeper inside of Duo causing him to moan in delight as he felt that spot inside of him encounter Heero's length.

"Mmm so good." Moaned Duo.

"This is what happens when you take so long on the damn phone."

"Well in that case, I think I'll talk on the phone more often." Said Duo, another moan escaping his lips after Heero slammed into him, increasing his pace. Heero captured his love's lips in a heated kiss, Duo's body thrusting back in time with Heero. His long legs wrapped around Heero's waist, his foot running up and down the muscular back. One thing that Heero learned while he was with Duo was that the boy was flexible.

"Oh Duo, you feel incredible."

"Same to you lover." They were both panting, sweat dripping from their beautiful bodies. It could only be compared to a work of art when the two of them made love, when Heero was inside of Duo. Heero loved how submissive his lover was, and his lover loved to be submissive for him. The fact that his hands were bond made it all the better. Duo was helpless, and Heero took advantage of that.

It was killing Duo that he could do nothing in the situation, and he loved and craved every moment of it. His moans increased as their eyes locked. Violet and Blue. Heero and Duo. Shinigami and Wing. That was all that existed at that moment.

"Duo, you're driving me crazy."

"Well you deserve it." Heero then wrapped a hand around Duo, stroking him in sync with his current pace.

"And you deserve that." He pumped faster, squeezing and thrusting and kissing and licking all at once. It was too much for Duo.

"Oh god….Heero. I'm gonna…." He couldn't move. His world had stopped as he entered a new world full of passion, full of love. He was in Heero's world.

"Do it Duo. Don't hold back. I want to hear you scream. And I won't stop until you do." Duo shut his eyes and threw his head back, the damn had broken.

"HEERO!" The name was screamed at the top of his lungs, his release spilling on Heero's hand. His muscles clamped on Heero's member, bringing him into the wonderful world of orgasm. He quickly un-tied the phone cord, the phone stretching off the table and clattering on the phone. A busy signal was all that was heard on the other end. Heero laid untop of Duo, their breaths mingling together.

Duo held him in his arms, rubbing his sweating back. Heero moved the sweat-slicked bangs from his lover's eyes, loving the loving and hazy look they held.

"I love you Heero." Whispered Duo.

"Me too you Duo. Ai shiteru." Said Heero, kissing the rose petals known as Duo's lips.

"All this because I wouldn't get off the phone?" Questioned Duo.

"I was waiting for this time baka. Ever since you went to the store. The phone was a diversion from my mission." Said Heero.

"Well, did you accomplish your mission?" Asked Duo. Heero responded with a kiss.

"I'm not sure. Maybe I should try the mission again to make sure it was done correctly." He sat up and lifted his angel from the table. Duo giggled as he was carried out of the kitchen.

"This mission has a new location. How about a soft bed." Said Heero. Duo smirked.

"I got a better one. A nice hot tub. I bought some of that bubble bath and shower gel you like to use so much. Oh...and that edible stuff you like to use too." Said Duo with a wicked smirk. He couldn't wait, because Heero loved that stuff....on him.

Heero smirked as he grabbed the contents from the closet. His favorite flavor...strawberries and cream. Add a little Duo and you have a yummy treat. He tightened his hold on his love.

"Mission accepted."

"Nice. I could use a bath. I feel so dirty koi. Clean me up." Said Duo, licking the tip of Heero's nose. Heero smirked again and headed to the bathroom to run some water, and waited to clean his Duo up.


CSC: Damn! That was steamy! I am sooo good *smiles*
Duo: mmmm…….I liked that fic.
Heero: hn, it figures you would.
Duo: Hey! I was the innocent party.
Heero: It was your fault. It you weren't so cute it wouldn't have happened.
Duo: Sorry, I'm sorry I'm not ugly.
Heero: That's fine, I'll punish you for your cuteness. Come here.
Duo: Oh no, you got that look
. Heero: Come here otherwise she'll have to add another part to the fic.
1x2 side: YEAH!!! *hentai grin*
Duo: Well Chibi, my lover calls. Ja ne!
CSC: It's understandable. Don't hurt him too much Heero.
Quatre: Hey! What about Trowa and me?
Trowa: It does say 3x4, can we get some action?
CSC: Oh yeah……

"Did you get your revenge?" Asked Trowa. Quatre smiled.

"Yes I did." He replied, kissing his lover. He was glad he found his Latin lover. Another minute on the phone with a moaning Duo was going to drive him nuts.

"Then it's time to celebrate." Trowa pulled his lover towards the bedroom. Just then, the phone rang.

"Meet me in there, I'll be right there." Trowa nodded and left. Quatre then answered his cordless phone while walking towards his bedroom.

"HEY Q-MAN!" Screamed a voice.


"Yeah, I told you I was calling you back."

"Yeah you did." But at the wrong time Quatre added as an afterthought. He headed to his bedroom to see the lights dimmed down and his koi in the bed, smiling at him. Trowa smiling only meant one thing....he was about to have Quatre for dinner.

"So, how's Trowa doing?" Asked Duo. Quatre watched as Trowa began to take off his clothes slowly, looking at Quatre the entire time. Quatre gulped as his lover's body was revealed to him.

"He's……fine." Said Quatre, his eyes glued to Trowa.

"That's good. I really miss you guys. I can't wait until we get to meet up again. I was thinking of some places we can go and stuff." Rambled Duo. Quatre's breath caught when he saw his lover give him that look.

That, "Bring your cute ass over here so I can ravish you," look.

"What's up Q? You're breathing kind-of differently." Trowa pulled the boy into the bed, straddling his hips.

"Uh….Duo….." Started Quatre, but all thought was cut off when those hands got to work on his shirt buttons.

"And there's this really cool place I heard about. It's like an amusement park with a whole bunch of rides and games." Continued Duo.

"That's nice Duo but……"

"And there's this really cool place to eat next door to it. They have all the really good food like pizza, burgers, fries, ice cream. Their ice cream is the best. Chocolate with whipped cream or strawberries…." Shit! Whipped cream was not what he needed to hear about right now.

"Whipped cream?" Questioned Quatre.

"Sounds good, I got some right here. I could just eat you all up." Said Trowa, biting his ear. Quatre moaned.

"Yo Q, I know ice cream is good, but is it that good?" Questioned Duo.

"Huh…uh…." But his brain shut down when he was stripped of his clothes and the mentioned whipped cream was sprayed on his chest, conveniently covering the naughty parts. It was the last straw when Trowa's tongue began to lick it away.

"Duo….please…ah….call back later." Moaned Quatre as the whipped cream was applied in lower areas.

"Huh? Oh, O.K. I guess we can talk about whipped cream later. But I still can't wait to see you guys. You sure you don't want to talk for a little while longer. I thought of another place we could go."

"For the love of Allah, NO DUO!" Screamed Quatre.

"Fine. Bye-bye. Au revoir. Ja ne. Sayonara. See ya later. ….."

"Yes, yes, good-bye." The two hung up and Duo snickered.

"Revenge truly is sweet." He laughed. He then saw Heero walk into the living room.

"And now it's your turn Mr. Perfect Soldier." Said Duo, as he checked himself in the mirror. His hair was down and he had on a short, french maid uniform. It just so happened that he had on no underwear underneath. He entered the living room and watched as Heero drooled over him cleaning a high bookshelf, his fluffy skirt lifting to reveal his creamy globes.

But Duo had other plans that night.

Revenge is truly sweet indeed.

Owari (for real)

CSC: The end! I finished it! Yes! GO ME!
All: Congrats.
Heero: What's Duo's plan?
CSC and Duo: Tis a secret *smiles* maybe a sequel can answer it.
Heero: There's gonna be a sequel?!?!
CSC: I....don't know *secret smile* But I must go to start English. Ja ne!

Hope you enjoyed. *watches 2x1 fort fall more* YES! And Akuma, Snow-chan betaed this and told me to put it on the list *blows raspberry at Akuma*


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