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Public Displays of Affection: A Walk in the Park
by Snow Tigra

Heero glanced down at the pile of work before him. Finally, he was done. Finally it was all over. Sighing he shut off the desk light and leaned back in his office chair, glancing around him. All around he was surrounded by empty cubicles, not a single soul in sight. He was the only one insane enough to be working this late, especially on paperwork that would have put anyone else to sleep. But at least it wasn't the boring data entry the newbie's had to do, so he could count his blessings there.

Flicking off his computer he loosened his tie and grabbed his jacket, planning on heading home to a lit fireplace, his little gray cat, a warm mug of apple cider and a good book. It was finally the weekend, time to unwind, and he was going to enjoy it.

Walking through the dark cubicles he headed for the stairs, but at the last moment decided against it. He didn't relish the idea of hitting the stairs at the same point as the cleaning crew, which he did more often then not. He couldn't stand the sound of their mop buckets creaking and the brooms they always dropped. No, he'd cut across the other cubicle section and take the back stairs.

The door before him opened to reveal yet another maze of dull cubicles, as gray as a black and white film. In the lack of light and lack of life the entire office just looked dead, row after row of shut down computers and perfectly arranged pencil cups. Heero nearly laughed when he saw a break in the mirror images and had to blink for a second. Was he imagining things?

Nope, this desk was different. The current occupant had left his computer on, lit up with the familiar blue from the data entry screens Heero was just thanking his lucky stars he didn't have to do. Lying over the back of the chair was a beaten up old letter man's jacket boasting a year that was far too worn out to even decipher any more. The desk was a mess of paper work, dominated by the dauntingly huge pile of paper full of prices and customer numbers to add into the system. The entire company had just switched to a new system and the newbies had been saddled with the job of reentering everything. Heero really did pity them.

Behind him he heard footsteps and he turned. To his surprise he found himself facing another young man about his own age, perhaps a year or so younger holding a steaming coffee mug. His white dress shirt was rumpled from sitting down too long and he had long ago lost the tie which was required, the first two buttons having fallen open. His long hair was pulled into a neatly done braid which disappeared down his back, and Heero could only guess at its actual length. But the braid was perfect, not a single strand out of place. Was it possible to keep hair like that all day long?

Heero watched as the man took a sip of the coffee from his mug and noted a phrase printed across the shiny black surface.

'Yeah, I'm lost. What's your excuse?'

Heero smirked.

The man smiled back at him and stepped forward, setting the coffee mug on his desk. "Man, and I thought I was the only nut who stayed here this late." He commented with a grin, leaning against the edge of the cubicle. Heero couldn't help but be amused.

"Surprisingly enough, we long term employees do a good amount of work as well."

The man glanced at his huge pile of papers and just shook his head. "Sometimes I wonder," he murmured lightly. "But it's got to be much more interesting then this junk."

Heero shook his head. "I'd prefer entering silent numbers to speaking on the phone with ticked office assistants all day. Here's a tip, the higher up you go in any company, the more idiots you have to deal with per day."

The youth chuckled. "Guess they gotta make you earn that pay check somehow."

Heero nodded sadly, smiling in his amusement.

"You heading out for the night?" The braided boy asked, turning his head and nodding toward the clock above them. He didn't seem to notice that it was unreadable thanks to the relative darkness around them.


The youth nodded. "Have a safe trip, maybe I'll run into you on Monday."

Heero nodded his farewell and turned, heading for the door. However he hadn't even made it when a thought occurred to him. Turning back he found the youth had settled back down at his computer and was easily typing in numbers, staring at the amazingly bright blue screen. If he kept that up in this lack of light, he'd go home with one heck of a headache.

"You want to take a break?"

The youth stopped typing and turned around in his chair, causing it to squeak slightly. He raised an eyebrow in question.

Heero blinked at himself. Why had he said that? For a moment he thought he was at a loss for words to explain his strange request, but his mouth apparently had other ideas. "I cut through the park on my way home, it's quite peaceful this late at night."

The youth smiled. "You know, that sounds like a great idea. But then anything beats starring at this screen for the next three hours."

"Three hours? Are you that far behind?"

The boy smirked as he shut off his computer. "No, but if I'm gonna slack off tomorrow and flirt with the cute system director tomorrow I want to make sure I don't fall behind and have to find a new job." He took the beat up old jacket off the office chair and swung it over one shoulder. "Lead on, sir."

Heero chuckled lightly and headed for the stairs, the youth following just short of a step behind. "My name's Heero. And I'm certainly not old enough to be called sir by you. We're almost the same age."

The youth chuckled. "I was under the impression that 'sir' was a title of rank, not age." His face gained a thoughtful look then he shrugged it away with a smirk.

"And ranks only apply in the office, so I would appreciate just Heero."

This time the youth laughed. "Fair enough. And I'm Duo Maxwell; current newbie stuck with the horribly boring job of data entry. Do you know how hard it is to not fall asleep while typing in those endless amounts of numbers?"

Heero nodded as he pushed open the door and they cut across the deserted parking lot toward the city park. "Every one hates data entry." He admitted.

"Actually... I don't mind it. I mean it goes a lot faster then you think and I don't have to deal with any idiots, like you said." He stretched his arms toward the sky and popped a few joints in his shoulders as they walked onto the park path. "Ahhh, the wonders of a smaller pay check."

Heero tried to glare at him for that comment but it was only half hearted.

Meanwhile Duo didn't seem to notice. Instead he was too busy looking around them at the scenery. Large trees reached for the sky, stretching their limbs out toward the stars in an eternally slow race. Which would reach the sky first? No one knew. Swinging his jacket slightly he glanced sideways at Heero.

"You realize that anyone else would consider this a great opportunity to flirt."

Heero stopped walking and his eyes widened in surprise. "No... I..." He stuttered through his answer, feeling his face grow red. "I didn't m-mean it like... that!"

Duo stopped walking and laughed, nearly dropping his jacket on the ground. "You should see your face! You actually thought I was serious!!"

If Heero's face wasn't red before it certainly was now. Shaking his head he pushed his embarrassment away. Running a hand through his messy hair he started walking again and Duo fell into step beside him.

"So, just out of curiosity, if I was a girl, would you ask me out?"

Heero nearly choked on air. "Do you always try to fluster complete strangers?"

Duo chuckled. "Naw, only when it's entertaining." He leaned toward Heero as they walked. "And when they are drop dead sexy."

Heero blinked and swallowed hard. Then something occurred to him that made him stop on the path. He numbly made his way over to the large marble fountain before them and sat on the edge, deep in thought. Didn't Duo say something about flirting with the system director? Wasn't the system director male? "You were serious about flirting..." Heero murmured, not even realizing he'd said it out loud.

Duo chuckled and a mischievous light filled his eyes. "Sure. Any objections to that?" He took a seat next to Heero. "I can't help it... you look so sexy in your rumpled shirt and loose tie..." He trailed off, gazing into Heero's eyes.

"I... uhh..." Heero's throat was dry, and he didn't know what to say.

"Mind if I kiss you, Heero?"

Heero's eyes widened and he tried to answer, but his throat was so dry there was no point. So instead he shook his head slightly, not sure how else to respond.

Duo smiled lightly and leaned forward, placing a hand between them so he could keep his balance as he leaned into kiss. They were so close now... but somehow the plan backfired and Duo's hand slipped. With a surprised cry he tumbled backward, off the ledge, into the shallow fountain water.

Heero blinked in shock, then surprised himself by laughing out loud as Duo sat up and shook some of the water from his head, causing his braid to whip around and hit him in the face.

"Ha ha, very funny." Duo grumbled.

Heero tried but he couldn't stop laughing. Duo just looked so funny soaked from head to toe... not to mention his shirt was now nearly see-through and now that Heero thought about it Duo did look quite attractive-

"Hey! You just going to keep staring at poor little wet me or are you going to offer me a hand?"

"Oh! Sorry." Heero turned and reached out his hand toward Duo, and noticed the mischievous smirk a second too late. The minute Duo clasped his hand Heero was yanked forward into the very shallow water, where he landed on top of Duo, their faces kissably close and other body parts far too close for an innocent encounter. Heero gasped in surprise from the cold water and the action, but didn't have time to do anything else, because at that moment Duo pulled him into a deep kiss.

Heero groaned into the kiss, completely taken off guard but not in any position to object. In fact, he was in the perfect position to respond, which is exactly what he did. Kissing Duo back, he moved his tongue greedily along the youth's lips, begging entrance to his sweet tasting mouth, which Duo eagerly granted.

Adjusting how he'd landed, and not so innocently rubbing up against Duo's more sensitive areas, Heero shifted his weight to one hand and wove his other through Duo's braid. He was delightedly to find that the hair tie had fallen out and Duo's hair was slowly unraveling under the water.

Both broke the kiss with gasps for air and Duo let his head fall back slightly, but not enough to rest on the fountain floor. "You know..." he commented breathily. "If we stay in here I might end up swallowing water..."

Heero didn't say anything in response; instead he moved off from on top of Duo and scooped him up into his arms. Stepping out of the fountain, both their bodies dripping wet, Heero gently set Duo down on the soft grass nearby. As he lay Duo down, Duo grabbed onto his loosened tie and pulled Heero down on top of him once more, seizing his mouth in another deep kiss.

This time both groaned into the kiss as Duo's hands moved over Heero's body and began undoing the office shirt, though they left the tie in place. Meanwhile Heero's hands became busy as well, pulling Duo's shirt so it wasn't tucked in any more and searching beneath, running up and down Duo's chest.

Duo sighed into the kiss, arching his back slightly to meet the touch; he gave a small yelp of surprise and pleasure as Heero's light fingers danced over his nipples. Breaking the kiss he gasped for air as Heero's lips searched out other territory. Duo's hands made their way to grasp onto Heero's ass and pull him closer, grinding their still trapped arousals together. While Heero's lips moved down his cheek, nibbled lightly at his ear and then proceeded to attack his neck with kisses, tongue and teeth. Duo moaned at the treatment.

"Oh... don't stop..."

Heero smirked into Duo's neck and moved his hands to the side quickly, popping all the buttons off Duo's shirt so his chest lay exposed. He breathed heavily at the beckoning sight and started moving down, attacking Duo's chest just as he had Duo's neck. And Duo didn't protest one bit... in fact he began begging for more.

Duo's hands fumbled in his sensation and pleasure hazed state, searching for the button on Heero's dress pants. After trying to unbutton them nicely he growled with frustration and simply popped the button, sliding his hand quickly inside.

Heero gasped as he felt Duo's warm hand surround him. Crying out he jerked up in pleasure and wound up grinding himself against Duo's hand and Duo's still trapped arousal. His mind flew into a fury as Duo's hand wrapped around him and began to move slowly up and down. With a motion so fast it could have been called an attack, he undid Duo's pants and pushed them away, then leaned forward and pushed their two arousals together. Both gasped at the contact and their breathing became even fast.

"Take me, Heero," Duo gasped out.

Heero took only a moment to shed his soaked pants and pull away Duo's with a low predatory growl. Then he seized Duo's lips in yet another deep kiss while his fingers sought out Duo's entrance.

Duo yelped in a small amount of pain but was soon thrusting back against Heero's fingers, whimpering softly and begging for more. Heero complied and positioned himself, then slid in.

Duo's cry moved through out the park as the pleasure flowed over his body. Grasping tightly onto Heero's ass with one hand he wove the other into Heero's hair and tried to urge him to move fast, thrust harder.

Heero thrust in and out, panting at the motion and the sensations coursing through his body. Duo felt so good... so wonderful... He moved fast at Duo's beckoning, each time earning a cry from Duo's amazing lips, which only served to heighten his pleasure and desire.

Reaching down he wrapped his hand around Duo's length and began to pump it in time to his thrusts, bringing them both closer and closer...

"HEERO!" Duo cried out hoarsely as he hit his peak, spilling his pleasure out over both of them.

Heero followed seconds after as he felt Duo's body tighten around him and himself explode. Gasping he gave one final thrust and choked out Duo's name, then fell to the ground beside him.


A soft wind blew over the grass and their bare skin, speaking of the coming morning and a small shower hinting in the air. Duo shivered slightly and snuggled closer to Heero.

"Yanno, koi, if we stay like this some old lady is probably going to stumble upon us and have a heart attack."

Heero smirked and pulled Duo closer. "Let them stare."

Duo chuckled and kissed him softly on the cheek.

"Were you really flirting with the systems director?" Heero asked, attempting his trademarked deathglare and failing miserably.

Duo shrugged. "You have to admit, he does look quite sexy in his small little glasses and tight little black pants."

"Remind me to wear glasses the next time we do this," Heero said with a smirk.

Duo grinned hungrily. "Oh yes, please, you look damn sexy in glasses, Hee-chan."

Silence stretched out as the two lay there comfortably in the grass, the sky growing with light above them. After a moment Duo frowned.

"Anou... our closes are all wet and the buttons are gone... what exactly are we supposed to wear home?"

Heero blinked and blushed. "I have no idea."


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