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CSC: *giggles from outside both forts* Well...my revenge is starting today *giggles more and aims for the 2x1 fort* Oh yes...this is going to be GRAND!
Duo: What about Snow?
CSC: *sigh* I got something BETTER for her...*grabs a sword.... which turns into a whip at the same time* This should do nicely *cackles*

Heero: Warnings first....
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the duel: 1X2 takes aim

Public Displays of Affection: Target
by Chibi Shi-Chan

Life basically...sucked. Yes, that was the best way to describe the life of 15 year old Duo Maxwell.

It sucked.

Here he was, a drop dead gorgeous male with long brown hair pulled into a braid, captivating violet eyes that you could get lost in willingly, a nice sleek figure and a smile that could put even the sun to shame....

....but no one to share himself with.

Well is wasn't like he could go out and look for a nice looking male species...yes MALE...because he was stuck with this summer job.

Which was why his life sucked.

All his friends were out partying like no tomorrow and getting drunk...or laid...and having the time of their lives while Duo...

...was trying to explain to a middle aged man that his 4-year-old should NOT play Resident Evil and listen to Eminem.

Life basically...sucked. Yes that was the best way to describe the life of 15 year old Heero Yuy.

It sucked.

Here he was, a Japanese hotty built like a Greek god with the most intense blue eyes with shaggy brown hair and the most hypnotic voice....

...yet he wasn't looking for anyone just yet.

He knew he could have a chance with almost anyone he wanted...but he just didn't want that yet. He was a very quiet...some may say antisocial....boy. He just went to school, came home, did his homework, and played on his laptop.

But he found that way of life was pretty fucking boring.

Yet he couldn't go out and explore his chances...on a beautiful Friday night...oh no he couldn't do that at all...

...he had to go out and hunt for an Amazing Amy that wore a BLUE dress and had BROWN eyes with BROWN hair...and it absolutely HAD to be that one. No exceptions, not a green dress, not blues eyes, not black hair...but it HAD to be that one.

Note: Coming from department store experience, this was absolutely true. People would come in asking for the doll to have certain qualifications to the T. During Christmas, we had to climb up the ladders so we could get to the top shelf and see if we had the doll with a certain dress or hair or eye color. It was HELL!

"Mr. Maxwell?" Duo sighed as he turned to stare at his manager. This guy was total slime in his opinion. Slime that seemed to stick on pretty boys named Duo. I mean, the guy looked like he was there when they made plans for the store with his ugly beard, glasses that kept falling from his face, and a stomach that looked like it would burst out of the red shirt he wore.

Duo felt sorry for that shirt.

I mean...I didn't hurt anybody.

"Yes sir?" Duo asked. The leech smiled and ran a hand down his bare arm.

"Was it that hot today that you had to break policy and wear a T-shirt?" He asked, not really objecting to what Duo had on.

"No offense sir, but I'm still wearing red and khaki." And he was. He just wore a red T-shirt tucked into his khaki pants....a pair of extremely tight khaki pants that had colorful butterflies strategically placed....

...on his ass.

The man smiled again. The butterflies were very captivating. He wrapped a hairy arm around Duo's waist, pulling him closer while his fingers traced the butterflies.

"Still...it's against Target policy. Meet me in my office in ten minutes."

"But sir...someone needs to watch the booth don't they ::Please let me stay here::?" The man smiled his horrible smile at Duo.

"We have cameras for a reason." With that, he walked away. Duo sighed.

Life REALLY sucked.

Heero made his way towards the Electronics Department, deciding that he could just glance at the computer software.

I mean he said the life he had was boring...but that didn't mean he was going to ditch his beloved laptop just like that.

Now we should all know that leaving Heero Yuy in a computer section will take him a while...so let's go back to Duo.

Duo stood in front of his manager's desk as the man lectured him on Target policy. He sighed as he stared at the spit flying from the mouth of the fowl man.

It was like a waterfall.

"Do you understand Mr. Maxwell?"

"Yes sir I understand."

"Good boy." Duo watched his manager stand up and escort him to the door. Before the American could leave, he felt a hand grab the belt buckle ring to his pants and pull him close. He cringed when he felt that bulging stomach pressed against his back.

"By the way...do you have a way home after work? I could take you if you need...."

"Thanks...but no thanks. My...uh...my friend is gonna pick me up ::After I call him::." Duo stuttered. He felt himself being released.

"Fine...maybe some other time." Duo watched the man give him what was probably suppose to be a sexy grin as he closed his office door. Duo sighed and headed back to his work area.

Heero stopped reading the back of the computer CD in his hand when he heard a string of curses. He turned his head and saw a long braid disappear past the aisle. Perhaps the person worked there and could assist him in finding the damn doll. He put the CD down and headed towards the toy section of the store.

Duo sighed as he looked down the aisle of toys. It looked like a tornado went through it, then got tired of destroying it so it called it's buddy the hurricane to do more damage.

Toys were everywhere. The Pokemon cards were all out of their packs and scattered on the floor. The Power Rangers were knocked off of their pegs along with the Digimon and Dragonball Z figures. And the Mobile Suits...

...poor Wing Zero was out of its box and de-winged.

Duo turned his head to see a group of kids playing with the toys...opening them out of the packages like they had already paid for it. He glared at one little boy who had began to run around his legs, a gang of brats following the boy. They screamed and played happily as if the store belonged to them.

"BEAT IT!" Duo screamed. The kids gasped and ran away from the pissed off boy. Duo sighed as he began to pick up the scattered toys.

Life was truly a hellish thing for Duo. If it wasn't old perverts it was 5 year olds.

Note: I use to work at Target and sometimes it DOES get that bad. So this fic is speaking from my own personal hellish experience in the Electronics/ Toy department.

Heero made his way towards the toy department, moving out the way when a group of kids ran passed him screaming for their parents. He walked passed the boy section of toys and stopped when he saw the most interesting thing for his blue eyes to see.

Dancing butterflies.

His eyes were glued to the firm khaki rear end that donned colorful butterflies. His ears picked up a musical voice....that was busy saying every four-letter word known to man. He tried to speak up to get the worker's attention so he could be helped....in more ways than one.

"Excuse me?"

Duo growled when he heard someone calling for his help. He did NOT need this right now. Right now, he prayed for God to send him an angel who had a knack for backrubs...

...Looks like the lord was in a good mood.

"Yes may I....help....you...." Duo stood frozen as he took in the form in front of him. He silently gave God a high five as his eyes traveled up and down the boy before his eyes. He wore a green T-shirt that showed Duo that the boy could probably give a hell of a backrub with a pair of tight blue jeans. He gasped when he saw a slight bulge in the blue jeans.

Heero was lost in those eyes. Yes he was lost without a compass or a map...and didn't give a shit. He would remain lost forever in those eyes. And that hair. Oh GOD that hair was his undoing. How he would love to run his fingers through the long locks. The boy's heart-shaped face screamed adorable, but the tight pants and T-shirt screamed sexy. Heero tried to find his voice again, but he had never spoken to an angel before.

"Is there something you need?" Duo asked, wondering how the hell his voice sounded so calm.

"::Oh YES!:: Uh...can you tell me where your Amazing Amy dolls are?" Heero asked. Duo smiled and nodded his head.

"I'll show you...follow me ::Home::." Duo walked off, Heero's body following but his eyes becoming mesmerized by the colorful butterflies again.

"Here you go sir." Heero picked up a doll and sighed. The dress was pink. The eyes and hair were the right color but the dress had to be blue.

"Any chance you got one with a blue dress?" Heero asked. Duo sighed. He really hated the day this doll came out with her different colored dresses.

"Let's look." So the two dug through all the boxes.

"Anything yet Duo?"

"No not....how the HELL did you know my name?"

"Your name tag." Duo blushed as he looked down at the tag on his T-shirt, proudly showing that he was a Target team member.

"Well since you know my name, how about yours."

"Do you usually ask for the names of customers?" Heero smirked. Duo's eyes widened as his face turn even redder.

"Uh...no not really...that is..."

"It's Heero."

"Now why did you have me go through all that if you were gonna tell me your name anyway?" Duo asked. Heero felt his arm raising up on its own, his hand rubbing the soft flesh of Duo's cheek.

"You are cute when you blush." That only caused him to blush more.

"Uh...well this is the last box out here. It's a blue dress." Heero looked at the box and sighed.

"Yeah but she needs brown hair and brown eyes. Is it possible that you guys have some...in the back of the store?" Duo smiled.

"Possibly. Wait here and I'll check." With that Duo left Heero standing in the toy aisle.

Heero put the box back down and sighed. He would rather take Duo home instead of some damn baby doll.

::Well go back there and get him.:: Could he really do that? He could see it now. He'd just walk back there and say, "You are the hottest thing on two legs, would you like to come back home with me?"

Heero couldn't do that….could he? He'd look stupid.

But Duo did seem attracted to him.

Mind made up, Heero walked away from the toy aisle.

Duo looked through the shelves in the back of the store hoping to get a glimpse of the doll Heero sought out. He needed that doll so Heero would be happy. He usually didn't care what the customers thought, although he was suppose to, but he wanted to see Heero's face light up after he gave him that doll.

If his face lit up at all.

But most customers were very pleased when they got what he wanted.

::Maybe Heero would show you a different type of gratitude.:: Duo smiled at that mental image. He could see it now. He'd present the doll to Heero and the strong boy would give him that look, sweep him in his arms, and proceed to show his gratefulness with his lips. With that thought Duo continued his search.

His search stopped when he felt hands hold his waist.

He'd never seen the back of a store before. There were shelves everywhere full of the different Target products.

But where would the toys be?

Heero walked down the dimly lit back area of the store scanning for something that would lead him in the direction of the toys.

He found his mark with the help of his friends, the colorful butterflies.

He let an evil grin cross his face as he approached his prey.

"If this is my manager could you please remove your hands." Duo said. Heero smirked, his warm breath tickling Duo's ear.

"What if I'm not your manager?" He asked. Duo shivered at the husky voice, feeling the warm breath on his ear and neck.

"Then...we don't let customers in the back of the store."

"Well I got impatient so I decided to come back here for..."

"...the doll. Yeah she's right over there in the..."

"Not the doll Duo." Heero said, his lips tantalizing close to Duo's swan like neck.

"Then what did you come back here for?" Duo turned his head to meet Heero's eyes. He felt himself sink into the ocean depths known as Heero Yuy's eyes. Their lips grew closer unconsciously, their breaths mingling together.

Heero adjusted his hold on Duo, his arms wrapping around his slim waist as their lips continued to get closer and closer.

"I came back here..." Lips grew closer.

"...for..." Even closer.

"For?" Almost there....


We have lift-off.

The kiss could only be described as sweet. The tenderness of the act was both pleasurable and mind-blowing at the same time. Duo gasped when he felt Heero lick his lips, asking him silently for entrance.

Lips parted and tongues began to dance.

Duo lifted his arms up and wrapped them around Heero’s head, pulling him closer so the kiss could become deeper. Heero’s hands pulled out the T-shirt Duo wore and traveled up Duo’s body, his fingers causing Duo to make the most intriguing sounds.

The kiss soon ended, both boys panting from its intensity. They stared at each other for what felt like eternity, not wanting to break the spell.

“Do you usually make out with your customers?” Heero asked, breaking the spell. Duo smirked at him, rubbing his bottom against a VERY hard surface. Heero threw his head back as the little minx continued to do this.

“Only the gorgeous ones who follow me to the back of the store.”

“And how many is that?” Heero asked, nibbling on a delicate earlobe. Duo’s brows creased in concentration.

“Uh…I say about…including you…none.”

“Hn…their lost.” Heero’s lips descended down to Duo’s neck, gently sucking and biting on the creamy flesh. Duo gasped when he felt his lips go downward to his shoulder, his bare arm, and even his hand. He giggled when Heero appeared in front of him, on his knees kissing the palm of his hand.

“That tickles.” Heero smiled at that laugh. It was absolutely contagious. He pulled Duo towards him, the store worker running his fingers through the wild hair as Heero began his maddening kisses on Duo’s pants.

Duo could feel his lips just graze against his erection, causing him to close his eyes in bliss.

“You like?” He heard Heero ask.

“Yes…more…you’re wonderful Heero…”

“As you wish.” Duo gasped when he found himself standing before a grinning Heero naked as the day he was born…in under ten seconds. He blushed at the devilish look he received for his nudity.

“Hey…you are at an advantage here…”

“The customer comes first right?”

“Well…” He still felt embarrassed standing before this gorgeous creature with nothing on…while the evil little creature had on all of his clothes.

“And the customer is always right.” Heero added as an afterthought. Suddenly, Duo felt himself being lifted up and his bare back was pressed against the shelf. Some of the toys came crashing down to the ground from the force of his impact. He whimpered in pain, but the pain was soon forgotten when he felt his legs being wrapped around something strong and powerful. His eyes widened when he looked down.

Heero had wrapped his legs around his head!

He was being suspended in the air, and the only thing holding him was the shelves and Heero’s hands on his rear end.

He was strong enough to balance him like this.

“Do you…work out?” Duo asked, not really trusting the position he was in. What if Heero dropped him?

“I try to. Just relax and feel what I am about to do.” And feel he did. Duo couldn’t believe what was happening. Heero was taking him inside his mouth. He had him high in the air, his legs trapping his head, and was giving him the best damn blowjob he ever had!

Duo raised his arms in the air and grabbed onto the shelve above him. His hands knocked over a couple of Barbies in the process but he could care less.

Heero’s mouth was the most amazing thing he had ever felt.

He wanted to copy it and put it on the market. It could sell millions!

“What…what are you DOING to me…” Heero was too occupied to answer that question. He did something wonderfully wicked with his tongue and a few more Barbies fell to their plastic deaths…along with a few Beanie Babies. Heero smiled around the tasty treat he was engulfing when he heard the toys fall to the ground. One of the babies cried in protest, its voice crying raggedly, “Feed me.”

“No I think I’ll eat first.” Heero said, taking a second to lick as much of Duo that he could. Duo’s eyes rolled to the back of his head when he felt the deadly tongue lick his balls, kissing them and going to do the same thing to his cock.

He couldn’t last much longer.

He then felt something enter his tight opening.

“What are you…ah…ah SHIT!” The finger struck his g-spot, at the same time Heero did another tongue trick. Another finger entered him, stretching him wide open for something even better in the future.

With all of this going on poor Duo couldn’t take it, and with a loud shout of Heero’s name he erupted into his warm mouth.

Heero’s name echoed through the back of the store, passing through the aisles of Target products. From lotions to pillows, Heero’s name was known throughout the entire backroom.

Heero happily and greedily swallowed Duo’s essence, licking his lips like a child who just finished an ice-cream cone.

Duo looked below him as saw the lust in his lover’s eyes, his fingers touching the soft cheek and running over the soft lips. Heero licked the tender digits, loving the taste of Duo.

“My god Heero, that was the most…”

“Do you think I’m finished with you yet?” Duo gasped when he felt himself being slid down the shelves.


“We’ve only just begun my pet. I still want to play with you.” Duo gasped when Heero suddenly let him fall…only a little, but then caught him and wrapped his legs around his waist…

…his bare waist…

Where’d his pants go?

He had no time to ask him when he felt something nudge at his entrance. He braced himself, wrapping his arms around Heero’s neck as he was impaled inch by delicious inch.

“Mmm…” It felt so good, too good to be true. He wondered if he could create a life-size Heero doll like those life-size Barbies. It would could fully equipped and be just the right size. He gasped when he felt Heero thrust his hips a little, causing himself to be impaled even more.

“You are so tight Duo…you feel wonderful.”

“The same could be said about you.” The two shared another kissed, this one sloppier than the other one they shared. Heero swallowed up all of Duo’s beautiful cries, committing them to his memory.

“Your cries are glorious.” He said, nipping at Duo’s neck this time. Duo shut his eyes tight, his hands running up and down Heero’s back. He immediately tugged at the shirt, pulling it off and tossing it over…smacking one of the Tonka Trucks off the shelf. Duo ran his fingers down Heero’s broad chest, feeling the muscles.

If felt so good to be taken by a strong man.

Suddenly, Duo felt Heero back up a little, his back leaving the shelves. Duo had a feeling that he should be nervous at the strange smile the Japanese boy wore.

“Are you ready for me?”

“You mean…you haven’t even started!” Heero smiled and shook his head. Duo took a deep breath and nodded his head.

What happened next caught him completely off guard.

Heero pounded up into him so hard that he lost balance, his back bending in an unimaginable angle. He grabbed onto one of the lower shelves, his legs holding onto Heero’s waist for dear life.

This position was quite interesting.

Heero grabbed his hips and brought Duo onto him again and again, causing a sort of moan/breathless cry from the boy.


“You almost…are.” Duo looked up and could actually see the ceiling, the dim light blinking at him. The shelf he was holding onto began to shake from the intensity of their lovemaking. More and more toys fell to their deaths, breaking in pieces and bursting out of their boxes.

Marbles fell, dolls fell, cars fell, and action figures…the entire shelf was beginning to look like it needed to be restocked.

Some of the toys landed on the two boys, but they couldn’t even feel it.

They were too drunk on each other.

Through it all Heero continued to pound into that tight heat. Duo’s voice was nearly gone from all of his screaming. Sweat poured down their beautiful bodies, and their act could only be compared to a work of art.

Heero taking Duo. A masterpiece.

Without any type of warning, Heero grabbed Duo’s erection and began to pump it, causing Duo to find his voice again so he could reach a new level of volume. Tears stung in his colorful eyes from the pleasure he was receiving.

It was too much for him to handle.

Heero wasn’t fairing any better either. The sweet cries and sleek body was getting to him. Duo’s tightness was getting to him. Everything was his undoing.

And the two came together.

The backroom smelled of sex. The husky aroma filled the entire area. The screaming had stopped, replaced with panting and exhaustion.

The toys aisle in the back of the store looked worse than the on in the front. Most of the toys were now destroyed. Arms, legs, even heads scattered the floor. Teddy bears stared up at the two breathtaking boys in wonderment.

The army soldiers laid to rest, not nearly capable of going into battle.

That one they just experienced took its toll.

The toys would remember this day in history. The day Heero took Duo in their stockroom…and the day most of them were broken into pieces.

Funny…they thought that only kids who played with them could break them.

Heero and Duo didn’t even touch them.

Heero pulled out of Duo gently and watched the longhaired boy sag to the ground, his long bangs hiding his tearful eyes. Heero slid down beside him, taking him in his arms and kissing his forehead. Suddenly, he pulled out a notepad from his pants pocket along with a pencil. Looking at the notepad he crossed something out and smiled at his lover.

“Mission complete koi.” Duo smiled.

“Good. I don’t think I could take working here another day.”

“But it was fun seeing you deal with people. Besides, those pants looked really good for you.” Duo smiled and kissed Heero’s nose.

“Well that knocks out one location. I never knew you could be so hentai koi.” Heero smirked.

“Only around you. Besides, whose idea was it for a stockroom to be a spot to have sex?” Duo blushed.

“Guilty. But these places are quite interesting you must admit. This is going to be fun, screwing each other in odd places.”

“Hn.” They shared another kiss and stood up. As they got dressed Duo stared up and noticed a camera taping them. He smiled and smacked his ass in front of the camera, blowing a kiss to it.

“Who’s the hentai now?” Heero asked, thought not objection to his sexy lover doing that.

“I just wanted to say good-bye to someone.” Duo said, grabbing a doll that wasn’t damaged from their act. He giggled when he saw it.

“Look Heero, it’s that Amazing Amy. She’s got the right dress and everything.” Heero looked at her and glared at it.

“Come on. She’s kind of cute. We can take her with us to remind us of what we did here. Although I’ll never forget.” Heero sighed and nodded, there was no point to argue with Duo.

“So do you see yourself as a future Target team member?” Heero asked, eyeing the red and khaki his lover wore.

“I don’t think so. Six twenty-five an hour is not enough to get paid for the things I deal with. Horny bosses, bad ass kids…and horny, sexy ass customers. I don’t think I could take it.” Heero chuckled as he wrapped an arm around Duo’s waist, the two leaving the messy stockroom to go home and rest.

And in his office, a certain manager growled low in his throat.

Thanks to those two he’d have to explain a wet spot in his pants.

CSC: Well I hope this was a good opener for my new series for my revenge.

Duo: New series?

CSC: Yes my fuckable Duo….

Duo: SHIT!!! Not now Heero I’m still soar…I…mmph….

CSC: See…I made a list of odd little places to get it on at…or just random places. This was one of the first ones…stockroom. It was just convenient that I used my old job. So with that in mind…you may want to get ready for what I dubbed….

THE LOCATION SERIES!!!! Nice little places where Heero and Duo can screw like rabbits *smiles* And anyone from the 1x2 side can add to this (2x1 has Costume Play, 1x2 has Location Series. Ain’t it neat?)

** chibi and i seem to be thinking along the same lines, as i too have written a similar fic and and she has agreed to call this series 'public displays of affection' *HUGGLE CSC*


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