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Public Displays of Affection: Midnight Love
by Chibi Shi-Chan

"Hello out there everyone. It's that time of night again, the time to settle down with your loved ones and just cuddle and relax." Said the heavenly voice over the airwaves. All around the city, people did as instructed, snuggling up with the ones they loved. The fire places were lite and the wine bottles were opened. The bubble baths and the candles, the dimmed lights and the roses, the chocolates and the strawberries all were set for a night of fun and pleasure.

"It's your favorite host Duo Maxwell here to bring you another night of passion and romance." The girls swooned at the voice, the guys smiling and setting the atmosphere.

"That's right, it's another segment of Midnight Love."

Everyone knew that at midnight it was time to turn to the city's top station and listen to the soothing voice of the newest addition, Duo Maxwell. All knew that when the midnight hour hit he would be there to play the most romantic ballads and answer calls with his soothing voice.

Everyone knew about Duo.

Or at least they thought they did.

"Oh Duo, my hubby just ran a gorgeous bubble bath for me. I feel so lucky." Said the woman over the phone.

"You are one lucky woman, Asia, to have a guy sweep you off of your feet. He sounds like a keeper. Tell you what, here's a nice little slow jam for you two." Duo pushed the button, romantic music filling the station and the air waves. As the music played Duo stood up and stretched, his back bones popping from sitting down for so long. As the song played the young host sighed, letting the notes hit his ears.

"You are very lucky, un-like me." Duo sat back down, running his fingers through his long hair. He had let the braid loose long ago. His violet eyes looked very tired from the heavy burden of bringing romance to everyone, all but himself. Duo chuckled at that. Who would ever believe that the city's most listened to love doctor was alone? Duo unzipped his leather jacket, letting it hang on the back of his chair, his red turtle neck showing along with his black leather pants. He grabbed his bottle of water, taking a swig while the song played out.

He wondered how many people were dancing right now, or sharing a candlelight dinner or just snuggling up. Or maybe even going as far as to kiss and tease one another, or take that other big step and make love. Duo sighed again, it was all very ironic to him. He felt like the only single guy left in the city.

"Duo man your segment is great. I mean, my honey bunny Steve and I listen to it all the time." Said the male voice. Duo smiled, it seemed that even the homosexual community used him to spice up their lives.

"I'm glad to here that."

"Yeah, he loves your voice and everything. He's even wondered what it would sound like when stimulated...you know...in a sexual way." Duo blushed.

"Oh...it's been so long that I don't know what it sounds like myself."

"Really! Get out! No way...you!"

"Yep, little ol me."

"Wow. I mean, you have got to be the most romantic guy out there. I'm sure any guy...or girl...would love you." Duo giggled, the man over the phone obviously not knowing his preferences.

"Yeah I guess, but Mr.," Duo put extra emphases on the Mr. part, "Right hasn't came along to scoop me up."

"Oh Duo. If I wasn't with my love then I would gladly scoop you up. Hell, maybe the three of us could..."

"...thanks but no thanks. I kind of want someone to call my own you know? Anyway, take care of your significant other." Duo clicked off, putting on another slow song, and spun around his chair to go get something else to snack on. There was still about an hour left and he was the only one left in the station. He headed down the dark corridor, happy that the vending machines didn't shut off until much later, the company being mindful of the late session. Duo bought some candy and a pop to end his hunger pain.

He'd have time to have dinner for one later.

Duo entered the station once again and was about to go back on the air when he noticed a single white rose sitting in his chair. Curious, he picked up the rose and smelled it, the scent very pleasing to his nose.

"Where did this come from?" Duo looked around the area, but there was no sign of anyone being there. He turned when he noticed that a red light was flashing, letting him know that a call was coming in.

"You're on with Duo Maxwell, your number one host for your night of passion and romance."

"Hello Duo." Duo's heart jumped at the sound of the voice. It was the most pleasant voice he'd ever heard, and he could tell that it was definitely male.

"He...Hello. How are you this lovely evening?"

"Alone. Much like you." The voice replied. Duo's face turned bright red at that comment. Wondering how the mystery caller knew about how he felt, Duo sat down in his seat so he could be more comfortable.

"Alone? You don't sound like you should be alone." Duo said, falling for that voice.

"You don't either Duo. So why are you alone tonight?" Duo was about to question how he knew that but remembered that in the last conversation he had on the air he revealed that little note.

"I have a show to host."

"What is your point. A beauty like yourself should never be alone." Duo found himself blushing more.

"You've never even seen me and you think I am beautiful?" Duo asked.

"I have seen you, and I know that if I were there I would cure your loneliness." Duo was now very interested. No one had ever seen him, he was just a voice. No one knew who he was in real life.

"You've seen me?"


"Oh really?"

"Yes I have and I liked what I saw Mr. Maxwell. If I were there now I'd wrap you in my arms and kiss those pouty lips of yours...my fingers running through your long chestnut colored hair." Duo couldn't hold in his surprise. He had to have seen him if he knew what color his hair was.

"Oh you would? How do you know that I'd let you do that?" Duo asked, surprised that his voice didn't tremble when he spoke.

"You would let me do whatever I want to you Duo with no objections. I would let my hands run over that red little turtle neck of yours and go inside of it, massaging your magnificent body underneath it." Duo found himself moaning, his mind wondering how the caller knew what he had on.

"Then...then what would you do?" Duo asked, the room suddenly becoming too hot.

"Well that white rose you have? I would use it to glide down your heart-shaped face..."

"How...how did you know about that?"

"Because I'm the one who left it for you."

Duo immediately shut the call off, the whole situation getting way out of hand. He walked out of the door, looking around to see if anyone was there. The thought of it being a stalker didn't scare him, it was the thought of what this guy was doing to him. He felt warm all over, this feeling coming over him. He wanted to know what the guy would do next, whoever he was.

His voice was so deep and it turned him on so much, maybe even too much.

"This is getting out of hand." Duo entered the room again and closed the door, only to find two wine glasses of what appeared to be white wine on the table. He approached the glasses, taking one in his hand and looking at it in awe. Suddenly, the red light lite up again. Duo sighed and sat back down to answer it.

"This is Duo..."

"Do you like it?" The same voice from earlier asked. Duo sighed into the phone.

"Listen, I don't know who you are but..."

"...does it matter? All that should matter is what I'm going to do to you my precious Duo." Duo stiffled a moan at that statement, that warm feeling intensifying.

"Who...who are you?"

"That will come in time. Now, I want you to imagine that I am there."

"But...but you are here. You keep leaving all this..."

"...but you don't know where I am. But I can see you."

"What...what do you want me to do?"

"Close your eyes." Duo did so.

"Imagine me there with you to share that wine with. You have been drinking alone and eating alone for far too long koibito. It's about time you shared with someone." Duo felt his body tremble at that statement. He also noted that the caller said, "koibito." Duo knew a little Japanese but not much, yet he sort of figured out from common sense that the word was some sort of term of endearment.

"I'm....I'm just fine with the way everything is."

"Oh really? You know Duo, you are a bad liar." Duo sighed.

"I know."

"So keep on thinking that I'm there with you to hold you, to touch you. Would you like that Duo? Would you like me to touch you all over? To put my hands all over your gorgeous body?" The voice asked, making Duo moan, his own hands doing what the voice said.

"Would you like me to kiss you all over? You lips, your neck, your shoulders, your chest, your thighs? Would you like that?"

"Gods yes..." It had been so long, so very long.

"I'm kissing you, touching you. Oh Duo, you feel so good. Your body fits perfectly into my hands." Duo gasped, his hand under his turtleneck, pinching his nipples as he imagined it to be the caller.

"I go lower and lower, my hands unzipping your tight leather pants. Those damn pants have been turning me on so much do you know that? Do you know what you do to me?" Duo unzipped the pants, his hand slowly creeping inside while the other kept torturing his nipples.

"What do you want Duo? What would you like me to do? Do you want me to touch you, to touch that beautiful cock of yours? Would you like me to stroke it? Going faster and faster? Or perhaps you would like me to taste it, to taste you. I would love to taste you Duo." By now Duo had his legs spread, his hand inside his pants. Duo couldn't hold back the moans that bubbled out of his throat while his hand went faster and faster.

It never occured to him that this guy could be a loonatic and could be out to get him. It didn't occur to him that there were people out there listening to the whole thing. It never occured to him that he was touching himself and everyone probably knew.

What did occur to him was that it had been way too long since he was taken or touched or kissed. That he had locked himself in this romance show, bringing other people happiness and not thinking about his own. That this caller was turning him on so very much, and was bringing him to completion.

"Oh Duo, I would take that lovely cock in my mouth and spread your legs wide so I can taste you, my head would go up and down to take you all in, my tongue circling the head. And I would let my fingers play with your hidden entrance, one would enter, thrusting in and out. Or maybe I would let my tongue do it, slicking up your tiny opening, stabbing into it over and over while my hands would be all over your lucious thighs. Duo...would you like that?"

"Gods yes! Please...please..." He couldn't believe that he was begging some stranger for that, him sounding like a bitch in heat for someone to fuck the life out of him. But he couldn't help it, his hand bringing him closer to a paradise he'd almost forgotten about.

"Duo...gods...you look so good right now...touching yourself like that." Duo didn't think about that sentence, instead he let out a loud scream that went all over the airwaves, his orgasm hitting him hard. His body slumped in the chair, Duo pulling his hand out and staring at the white substance on his fingers.

He couldn't believe he had just done that.

"You are so amazing Duo. So very amazing. You look so absolutely beautiful when you have an orgasm, like some sort of erotic fairy. Gods, if I were there, I would lick your fingers clean baby. Hn...but if I were there...you wouldn't need your own hand." Duo felt his body shiver once again, the words leaving his lips before he could stop them.

"I wish that you were here." Duo stood on shaky feet and went to go and clean his hand off.

When he returned this time there were candles lite all over the station, roses placed on the table by the wine glasses. He shut the door and noticed that the caller button was flashing again, only several other calls were flashing too. Those were probably listeners with some kind of comments that he really didn't want to hear right now. It could've probably been that one caller with the boyfriend who wanted to hear him in the heat of the moment.

Duo chuckled, well if he was listening he would've heard him.

Duo sat, staring at all the buttons flashing, but there was one caller button that he was interested in.

His mystery caller.

"Duo here."

"Turn around." Duo turned in his chair and gasped at the figure standing in front of him. He was a little taller than him with the wildest brown hair and the prettiest blue eyes. He wore a simple white dress shirt that was open, revealing a strong build that Duo would love to be wrapped around, and a pair of faded blue jeans. The mystery caller pulled Duo up in his arms, Duo melting into the strong embrace.

"My name is Heero Yuy." The boy said, his voice sounding better in person that over the phone. Duo noted that the name definitely sounded Japanese, the boy probably had some ethnic background there. Heero grabbed one of the wine glasses and put it to Duo's lips, the radio host sipping the liquid inside.

"Nice to meet you." Duo pushed a button by the panel, causing a low melody to fill the station and the airwaves. Heero smirked, Duo wrapping his arms around his neck as the two swayed around in each other's arms. Duo let out a soft sigh, his head falling on Heero's strong shoulder, the other dancer letting his hands run over Duo's back.

"So you got your wish Duo." Heero whispered after what seemed like eternity. Hm, Duo let a smile cross his lips.

An enternity in Heero's arms sounded good. He felt so comfortable there that he barely picked up what Heero had said.

"Hm?" Duo asked, his head nuzzling in Heero's neck. Heero smiled down at Duo, kissing the top of his head.

"I said that you got your wish." Duo nodded.

"So I did." Duo's body became stiff when he felt a hand cup his ass, pulling him even closer into Heero, an evident bulge hitting his thigh.

"So would you like me to do all the things I talked about?" Heero asked softly, his voice ringing through Duo's ears.

"Do you even have to ask?" Heero smirked again, which Duo was beginning to learn was a pretty common look for his handsome features. The song continued, the two dancing but more erotically then before. Now their bodies were so close together it seemed like they were one person. Heero began to grind into Duo, Duo rubbing right back into him. The two let out soft sounds of passion, feeling their arousals through the fabric of their pants.

"How long have you been watching me?" Duo asked, a moan slipping past his lips when Heero bent over to nip at his neck.

"All night."

"Why didn't I see you?" The nip turned into a gentle bite that caused a red mark to show.

"It is really dark in here for one. And two, I didn't want you to see me so you couldn't." Duo chuckled.

"A true man of mystery." Heero stopped the neck treatment and chuckled at Duo, suddenly dipping the beauty down, his hair touching the grond below. Duo wrapped his arms around Heero's neck, one of his legs coming up against Heero's waist. Heero's hand rubbed across the long limb until it rested there, keeping it in place.

The last notes of the song played out, the soft melody dying down into the night. As the song became lower and lower, Heero's head did the same, his lips approaching Duo's own. Duo closed his eyes and met Heero half-way, their lips touching very gently at first.

Duo moaned into the sweet kiss, craving more of it. Heero quickly complied to the request, his lips pressing into Duo's in a kiss full of need. Duo opened his mouth without hesistation, their tongues meeting inside of it and sparring together in a fight where both would come out on top.

As the kiss continued, the need for more burned hotter and hotter, threatening to scorch the two boys. Heero's growl was swallowed up by Duo's mouth, the long haired boy taking his leg and rubbing it up and down Heero's side. Decided enough was enough, Heero released his grip on Duo's leg, taking Duo by surprised when he felt a pair of hands squeeze his bottom hard and lift him up in the air. Duo immediately wrapped his legs around Heero's waist out of instinct, feeling the hands dig in his ass again. Duo let out a low moan at the roughness, the two finally breaking the kiss.

"Heero...now...please?" Heero didn't need to be told twice as the two edge back until Duo felt himself being dumped on the control panel. His eyes caught sight of the flashing phone, more red lights flashing than the last time.

"Looks like lots of people want to talk to you." Heero said with a chuckle. Duo shrugged.

"Well you are mine for the moment, so they will have to wait." Heero dove in again, his lips plundering Duo's own. Duo had no objection to letting everyone wait, not when he had such a hot male specimen there with him. He threw his head back when Heero found a rather sensitive area on his neck and attacked it mercilessly with his lips. At the same time, his hands pulled up Duo's turtleneck and went inside, running all over the form underneath.

"I remember that I said I was gonna do this." Heero mumbled against Duo's neck. Duo gave a weak nod, feeling Heero's fingers pinch both of his nipples to make them hard. Heero stopped his neck torture and looked around, finding the white rose he had left for Duo minutes ago. Duo smiled at him and grabbed it, letting the soft petals caress Heero's cheek. Heero shut his eyes, feeling the rose touch his neck and go down his chest through the open shirt.

"And you said something about this too, but I decided to change the plans a little." Duo let the petals circle around Heero's nipple, liking the reaction it was causing. Deciding to see what else he could do to his mystery caller, Duo let the rose travel lower and lower until it began to trace over an evident bulge in Heero's tight jeans. Duo chuckled at the low moan Heero gave.

"So you think it's funny?" Heero asked, Duo still tracing over the bulge and watching the various reactions it caused. Heero let out another moan when Duo dropped the rose and let his fingers trace over it. Duo smirked, letting his hands unbutton the tight jeans and let one slip inside, causing his mystery man to gasp when his hand wrapped around his hardness.

"Mmm...you look so incredible Heero." Duo said in a low voice, his hand continuing to massage the hard flesh. Heero let his own hands pull the turtleneck off of Duo, leaving him naked from the waist up. Deciding that he could be a tease too, Heero bent his over and capture one of the tempting nipples in his mouth, gently biting it with his teeth. Duo gasped, his hand faultering for a second as Heero let his hand tease the other bud. Duo threw his head back, his hand squeezing Heero and making him moan a little louder.

Duo felt Heero release his hold on this nipple, his hand going in between Duo's legs. Duo felt both of the hands massage his inner thighs and spread them apart. Fingers unbuckled his pants, Duo lifting his body up so they could be taken off. Heero licked his lips, noticing that Duo wore nothing underneath the pants.

"Good, makes it much easier." Somehow, Duo couldn't comprehend it, Heero was able to adjust himself so he could take the hard length in his mouth while Duo continued his hand job. Duo nearly screamed, feeling the warmness surround him that was Heero's mouth. His hand faultered again, but he felt Heero take it and move it for him, showing him the appropriate speed he desired.

Duo tried, he really did, bit it was so hard when Heero's mouth kept doing naughty things to him while his hands continued their gentle massage of his inner thighs.

"Gods Heero..." He could feel the vibrations of Heero's soft moan, causing him to get even harder, which Duo didn't think was possible but it apparently was.

Suddenly, Heero pulled away, causing Duo to gasp in surprise at the lost. Duo was about to yell at him when he felt Heero bend his legs so they were touching his chest.

"Keep them there." He said.

"But then I won't be able to touch you anymore." Heero smirked.

"I can take care of that." Duo moaned when he saw Heero begin to stroke himself, when he lost his pants was a mystery to him but the jeans were gone and Heero was gloriously nude. Duo wrapped his arms around his legs to keep them in place and began to wonder what Heero was up to. His thoughts were answered when he felt a warm hand rub his bottom right by his entrance. The hand suddenly turned into a mouth, lips kisses and sucking on the creamy globes. Duo gasped when he felt Heero begin to gently bite him, sure that little red marks would be there later. The bites would be followed by a gentle kiss, as if to apologize for the sting it caused.

Duo heard Heero moan as he felt his fingers spread his butt cheeks apart, revealing his entrance to his hungry eyes.

"Shit!" Duo couldn't stop the word from coming out of his lips when Heero began to lick up and down the crack, just teasing his entrance. A warm feeling engulfed his entire body, his legs feeling weak and his erection getting harder. Without warning, Heero struck his tongue inside of Duo, his fingers opening him up so his tongue could get in easily.

"Jesus...." Duo knew he said that he hadn't done it in a while, but he didn't think that it was suppose to be this good. He heard Heero moan again and turned his head to the side to see that he was stroking himself faster and faster, matching what his tongue was doing. Duo groaned, feeling his own erection ache, begging to be touched, but he couldn't let go of his legs. It was torture, and part of him knew that Heero knew that.

"Heero..." Heero chuckled, replacing his tongue with two fingers so he could look at Duo. The boy looked like he was going to die of pleasure. He let his fingers thrust into the slick entrance, and hit his prostate with one hard jab. Duo jumped, his eyes widening and a scream tore from his throat.

"Beautiful." Heero did it again and again, loving what he was doing to Duo. Duo tried to glare at Heero for his teasing ways, but the glare soon twisted into a look of ecstasy when he felt Heero insert another finger.

"Gods Heero, I'm ready already!" Duo cried, feeling all three fingers thrust into him roughly. Heero smirked, his hand stopping it's stroking, his cock wanting to be inside Duo more and more. He let his fingers slip out and let Duo release his legs, the long limbs glad to get a rest.

"Are you sure Duo?" Heero asked, his hand coming up to cup the soft cheek. Duo nodded, his face sinking into Heero's hand.

"Very sure. Please Heero. Please..." Heero nodded, grabbing Duo's legs and wrapping them around his waist.

Although he was well prepared the first entry caused slight pain. Heero couldn't believe that after all he had done Duo was still tight.

It HAD been a long time.

Heero grunted as he pushed in deeper and deeper, Duo panting harder and harder. Duo used his legs to pull Heero in harder, feeling him go deeper inside until all of him was in.

Duo took a deep breath, the feeling slightly painful but definitely enjoyable. Heero watched and waited, Duo's eyes closed as he took deep breaths, his body trying to adjust to the feeling. Heero gasped when Duo opened his eyes, the violet orbs filled with lust as he wrapped his arms around Heero's neck. Duo moved his hips a little, feeling Heero sink in a little more and telling him that he was ready.

Heero didn't hesitate any longer as he pulled back out then slammed right back in, causing Duo to gasp at the movement. Duo tightened his hold around Heero's neck, feeling his body respond to each thrust. The two met each other half way, Heero pounding harder and Duo's body taking it and craving it. When Heero snapped his hips so he could go in even deeper, he grazed Duo's sweet spot, causing Duo to let out the breath he didn't realize he was holding.

He wanted to feel that again.

Heero seemed to notice that so he slammed harder, this time hitting his target with perfect accuracy.

"Yesss..." Duo hissed, feeling the spot get hit again and again. Heero groaned in response, unwrapping Duo's legs and spreading them even wider, his feet landing on the control panel.

They didn't notice that one of Duo's feet hit the phone button.

"Yeah Duo...man that whole thing with you playing with yourself really got my lover in the mood." Said a voice. Duo froze, Heero stopping when he heard the new voice. Duo cursed under his breath, about to tell Heero to stop to let him answer the call when Heero got a wicked grin on his face. Before Duo could ask why, Heero pounded into Duo even harder, Duo's prostate feeling like it was just punched.

"Oh SHIT! GODS!" Duo moaned out, Heero grabbing his hips and thrusting his body onto his erection harder and faster.

"Uh Duo?" The caller asked. Duo turned to look at the phone, but Heero turned his head and sealed his lips with an almost brutal kiss, Duo moaning at the rough treatment.

"Man, I think he's gettin it on right now." The caller whispered to his lover. Duo broke the kiss with a gasp, his eyes looking into Heero's and getting more turned on by the look they held.

"I told you your ass is mine tonight." Heero made his point more clear when he pulled out of Duo and laid his body over the control panel, Duo's back hitting yet another call button. Heero got on top of Duo and grabbed his legs, kissing and licking at them as he put them over his shoulders.

"Duo...I love your show. But you know, what you did ruined my mood." The woman said.

"Why....why is that?" Duo asked, feeling Heero nudge his entrance.

"Because my damn boyfriend got turned on by you more than he did me!" She screamed. Heero chuckled.

"Well that's his problem." He said, slamming into Duo. Duo moaned again and again, the woman on the phone growling about her boyfriend screaming out Duo's name instead of hers. But her words went unnoticed by Duo as Heero continued to pound into him. Heero reached his hand out and grabbed Duo's wrist, kissing both of them and placing them over his head and holding them there. Duo felt even more turned on by the vulnerability of it all.

Unfortunately, his fingers answered another call.

"Duo my man, are you sure that you aren't interested in that threesome?" Duo recognized that voice, but he didn't get to answer.

"Mmmm....Heero." Heero had began to suck on his neck, Duo feeling his stomach rub across his hardness from the movement. Heero's other hand was on his back, rubbing it gently.

"Heero? Uh no, my name is Rodney. Me and Steve think that you would make an interesting addition to our little games."

"Thanks again...but no tha....nks....GODS HEERO DAMN!!!" Heero smirked down at Duo, hitting his prostate again, only harder. He had hit it like twice in a row, each time harder then the last.

"Whoever is making you do that Duo, give him my number." Rodney said.

"No...he's all mine. I...nnnnNNN!" Heero grabbed his erection hard and began to stroke it in time with his thrusting, Duo shutting his eyes tight. Heero saw the boy's back arch in what appeared to be an impossible angle, his insides clamping down on Heero. They both let out loud screams as they brought each other to their climax.


Duo opened his eyes groaning, looking around to see where he was. His mind felt really fuzzy for some reason, like he had drank too much or something. He was about to sit up, but immediately tensed when he tried.

There was something very warm on top of him.

And inside of him.

Duo smiled when he looked into blue eyes, the owner of the eyes smiling back at him.

"Hello." Duo said, his voice still hoarse from the previous night. Heero smiled down at him, giving him a small kiss on his lips.

"Hello yourself." Heero reached for his pants pocket and pulled out a notepad and a pencil, then he proceeded to scratch something out with the pencil and toss the notepad down.

"Mission complete."

"And how. Mmm..." Duo noticed that Heero was still inside of him, and so did his manhood. Heero chuckled, thrusting his hips a little to cause Duo to let out a little whine.

"What a wake up call." Duo said. He frowned when Heero pulled out, but then forgot why he was mad when Heero pulled his legs forward and took his rising member in his mouth. Duo ran his fingers through Heero's unruly hair, his back arching more when Heero began to lick the tip and engulf him once again.

"Heero....mmm....I don't know what's come over you but I like it..." Heero didn't respond, instead he worked up a rhythm that was sure to bring Duo over the edge. Duo gasped, trapping Heero's head with his legs. Heero moaned around him, feeling Duo reach out to take his erection in his hand. Duo kept up with Heero's pace, his hand stroking while Heero's mouth was working him.

The two didn't last too long.

Heero swallowed Duo's seed while he felt his own cock erupt in Duo's hand, Duo bringing his hand up to taste Heero. Heero watched and smiled, their lips meeting and both of their flavors mixing together. Duo pulled away when he felt Heero's hands all over him again.

"What's gotten into you? Not that I mind." Duo said with a smirk. Heero sighed and sat in the chair, pulling Duo down on his lap and nipping at his neck. Duo purred at the tender treatment, feeling Heero's naughty hand try to encircle him again. Duo relunctantly pulled away.

"Are you gonna tell me or what?" He asked, his hands on his hips as he glared at his lover. Heero sighed as he tried to reach out to Duo again, but Duo jumped away.

"Nu uh. Heero no get Duo if Heero no tell Duo what's the matter." Heero mumbled something that Duo couldn't quite hear, unless if he heard wrong cause what he thought he heard couldn't be right.

"What was that?"

"I said that I'm sorry."

"Sorry for what?" Heero sighed.

"Well what you said on the radio, about being lonely, I know part of the reason is my fault." Duo sighed.

"Heero, I know that we can't go at it everyday baka. I know that there are other things that need to be done."

"But the missions I get from headquaters at times, I mean, they would be so long and you would be alone." Duo shook his head.

"It's O.K. I know that you're gonna come back to me. And I have missions to ya know? Besides, isn't that part of the reason why we play this location game? Besides spicing things up we can meet up and spend time together." Heero nodded as Duo plopped back down in his lap.

"So don't worry about it koi I understand. You make up for it pretty good too. Although this radio thing was fun, maybe I should do this instead of Preventers." Duo said as a thought. Heero chuckled.

"But then I won't be able to see you in the cute little Preventer's uniform. And who am I gonna do it with in the break room?" Duo laughed.

"You got a point. Besides, Preventers pays more." The two laughed together and hugged each other. Duo stood and went back on the air.

"O.K. guys it's about time to say goodnight. So blow out the candles and just relax...with the one you love." Duo smiled at Heero when he said that, Heero smiling right back.

"This is Duo Maxwell saying goodnight." Duo shut off the line and stretched, feeling Heero wrap his arms around his waist. Duo smiled and leaned back into Heero's chest.

"Heero tell Duo what's the matter so Heero get Duo now?" Heero asked. Duo giggled.

"Yep. Duo belong to Heero...always."


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