disclaimer: the boys aren't mine. i just play with them for my own entertainment... big shock, huh!!

rating: NC-17
warnings: yaoi, pwp, lemon in a semi-public place
spoilers: *coughs* ermmm... no
pairings: 1X2

the duel: 1X2 fires a shot

public displays of affection: seven-eleven
by jana

"Come on, baby... just this once?"

The pleading voice was slightly muffled, but clear enough for Heero to make out the words. 'Just his once, huh?' Heero chuckled to himself.

Duo's grip on his waist became tighter; he could feel the lower half of his lovers body pressing more urgently against him. "You know you want to...." Duo rocked his hips up until he was sure that Heero felt his excitement. "Mmmm..... God knows *I* want to..."

Heero shivered at the words his lover groaned, at the implication; at the feeling. Duo had gotten so damn good at this; the art of making Heero lose control. But this time it would be different. This time he was going to deny him.

Duo's grip loosened, one hand moved downward over Heero's lower abdomen and slowly settled itself in between Heero's spread and muscled thighs. He gasped as Duo's fingers sought out his stiffness; stroking the hardening flesh through his jeans. "Duo..."

It could have been a warning; and Duo might even have taken it that way.... if he'd heard him; if the wind had stolen his words. All Duo heard was Heero's body relaying its conflicting message.

Yes; he was going to deny him..... when hell froze over.

He could almost see Duo's grin of victory as he signaled his lane change and sped up, eyes darting ahead in search of the nearest exit ramp.


This part of town was familiar as they were only miles from home. The urgency had nothing to do with the fact that Duo was unable wait another half an hour. Heero had done little to dissuade his lovers kinky urges over the years. Most of them he had actually grown quite fond of and Duo seemed to feel the same about his little quirks. A delicious image of Duo naked, spread eagled, hard and handcuffed to the headboard flashed through his mind.

He slowed the bike down and turned into the parking lot of the neighborhood Seven-Eleven. Duo got off the cycle and laid his helmet down on the seat, fingers fixing the bangs the helmet had displaced as he watched Heero dismount the bike.

The two entered the store and Heero's eyes did a quick search of the area, pleased to find only two other customers there. Duo headed for straight for the men's room in the back corner of the store, with Heero only several feet behind.

Heero closed and locked the bathroom door once inside before looking toward his lover. "Why do I let you do this?"

Duo approached him and without responding, brought his mouth down to Heero's, deepening the kiss as he felt Heero's arms surrounding him. It was an easy thing to get lost in and Heero allowed himself to; Duo's insistence giving him little say in the matter. There was no denying that they were both equally aroused and their hips seemed to gravitate toward one another with a rising desperation. Heero broke the kiss and looked into Duo's violet eyes. "What do you want, koi?"

Duo's hands were in between their bodies now, unfastening Heero's pants before quickly doing the same to his own. "Same thing I always want, Baby...." he whispered in response. "..you.... inside me."

Duo slid his pants all the way down and stepped out of one leg, grinning up at Heero before pushing the both legs of Heero's jeans toward his ankles. Heero reached out with both hands and pulled Duo's body firmly against his, thrusting his hips forward and grinding their two hardened cocks against one another as he ravaged Duo's mouth.

It was Duo who backed away this time. Reaching behind him and taking Heero's hand in his, he brought Heero's fingers up to his lips, kissing each of his fingertips before opening his mouth to take them inside. Feeling they were sufficiently wet, Heero removed them and brought them down to Duo's entrance, sliding two of his fingers up into him. Gasping at the entry, Duo pushed back, taking them fully inside; moaning as Heero began roughly working them in and out. "Oh yeah..... mmm... more, Heero."

The only more Heero was interested in giving Duo at the moment stood wet, hard and throbbing between his legs. He removed his fingers amidst Duo's protest and took hold of Duo's shoulders, turning him so that he faced the sink and whispered his command. "Bend over and spread your legs for me."

Heero could see Duo's body tremble slightly as he spoke and watched as he moved into position to grip the thick rim of the white porcelain sink with both hands. Within seconds he had the twin cheeks of Duo's ass in his hands, spreading them apart and moving forward until the tip of his cock pushed at Duo's puckered entrance. Heero's eyes looked down to where their bodies touched and snapped his hips forward to bury himself fully inside of Duo. "Oh Christ!"

"Shhhh." Heero warned. He really didn't want to suppress Duo's cries, nor did he want the whole store to hear them. He was also aware that Duo's screams of pleasure would make it that much more difficult for him to control himself.

Allowing only seconds for his braided love to adjust to him, Heero began moving, easing all but the head of his cock out of the warm sheath of Duo's body before slamming back into it. His hands gripped hard at the soft flesh of Duo's hips, digging into with enough pressure to cause the pink skin to pale.

"Tell me how much you love to fuck me."

Heero bit his lower lip and closed his eyes. "Tight... hot... perfect...." He continued to thrust into his lover; the friction and heat of Duo's channel caressing the entire length of sensitive flesh. "......I could fuck you forever."

Duo moaned as Heero spoke; pushing back against the increasing pounding of Heero's hips. Heero wished those words were true as he felt himself nearing climax; seven minutes was a far cry from forever. "Duo...."

Heero needn't have said any more, even if he had been capable of it. Duo could feel the muscles of his lovers body tighten behind him and he reached down and began stroking himself. Heero's orgasm hit with a loud growl and he held himself tight against Duo as his cock twitched and shot thick streams of its release inside of him. Duo's completion followed shortly, his hand working frantically up and down his length as he came hard with a series of muffled wails.

Backing up until he slid from inside his lover, Heero groaned and reached for Duo's shoulder, guiding his to stand upright. Their eyes met and they both smiled, Heero shaking his head from side to side slightly in amusement. "Feel better now?"

One violet eye winked. "Mmm.. much." Duo bent and reached for his pants, pulling them back up and zipping them while Heero did the same.

Leaving Duo inside to clean up the mess on the floor, Heero exited the bathroom and grabbed a bottle of water from the refrigerator shelf before heading to the front of the store.

He laid the bottle on the counter and removed his wallet, laying a dollar down on the counter. Duo made his way to stand next to Heero, grabbing the bottle to open it and take a deep sip. "Ready, Heero?" he asked.

Heero nodded and the two headed for the exit. Heero put his helmet on and turned to face Duo. "Now I understand why they call it a convenience store."

Duo snickered at Heero's joke and mounted the bike and wrapped his arms around his now seated lover. "Mmm..... whadda you say we check out the jiffy lube a few blocks down?"


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