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Duo: What the HELL is a Punishment fic?
CSC: Exactly what it sounds like my little fuckable Duo...
Duo: Oh crap *is pounced by horny Hee-chan*
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the duel: 1X2 fires a shot

Punishment Fic: Order in The Court
by Chibi Shi-Chan

Caroline, Snow, and Akuma walked through the huge 1x2 fort. They were walking behind the one who was giving them their, "punishment," CSC. It seemed like the girl was extra bouncy today as she hummed a tune from....god knows where. But they followed nonetheless.

"You just HAD to make her mad didn't you?" Caroline asked, glaring at Snow. The girl only shrugged, not appearing to be afraid at all.

"My baby sister's punishments are so...."

"Hentai?" Akuma finished. Snow nodded.

"We ALL saw the last one." Akuma said, all three remembering the LAST punishment. They drooled at the images that appeared in their heads.

"Damn...who knew that the innocent Chibi wasn't so innocent." Caroline said.

"Innocent?" Snow snorted at that comment.

"Remember when she first join our family..." Akuma started.....

// "Hello, my name is Chibi Shi-Chan and I am new to the list. I heard about it when I was 17 and waited patiently until I turned the appropriate age to join. I'm so happy to be here and I hope you all like my fics. Most of them are lemons *blush*." //

"Yeah, she use to BLUSH when she wrote a damn lemon. She was so cute then." Akuma said.

"She still is....just drop the innocent part." Snow said, looking at her bouncing sister.

"Yeah...I know that now..." Caroline said, drifting back down memory lane herself.

// "Why am I suddenly feeling sleepy?"
"Oh poor baby. You must need rest...at the 1x2 fort." //

"She DRUGGED my cookies!" Caroline shrieked. Suddenly, the bouncy fox girl turned and stared at the three girls. Her eyes looked totally innocent which made the three girls melt.

"Are you guys....talking about me?" She asked.

"No....just remembering." Akuma said. CSC smiled and turned back around, continuing the journey.

"Where are we going anyway?" Caroline asked. CSC turned and smiled at the three girls.

"To watch T.V."

The three sweatdropped at that. To watch....T.V.?

"You feelin O.K.?" Snow asked. CSC smiled as she took out a key for the door ahead of them.

"Just fine." She opened the huge double doors and stepped inside, smiling at the room. The three girls gasped when they stepped into the room.

It was the kinky room.

They swallowed a huge gulp.

CSC only smiled and pulled out a remote, pushing the red button on it. The room suddenly lite up and revealed it in full. Various sex toys sat on shelves and desk. There were pictures of Heero and Duo...naked...sweating....and bonking like there was no tomorrow. EVERYWHERE. Heero was taking Duo in a new position everytime. Some of the positions looked humanly impossible, but it was shown, right there in color.

"That one is....interesting." Caroline said. CSC nodded.

"I thought so too. I mean, hanging upside down from the ceiling....THAT is original." CSC said with a chuckle. She pushed a green button and a huge screen came down from the ceiling, just like in the movies. The girls sat on a couch as the screen went from blue to black.

"What are we watching?" Akuma asked.

"You'll see in a minute."

The picture came on and a courtroom was shown. The judge was none other than the Perfect Soldier, Heero Yuy. He had on the traditional robe all judges wear and sat where all judges sit, a mallot in his hand. The girls got a look at the jury and gasped. It was the entire 1x2 side.

"Why aren't we there?" Snow asked.

"Cause you are here getting your punishment. Just watch you guys and you will see."

"We are here today to hear the case of Duo Maxwell." The doors opened and Mina walked in dragging Duo. He wore his hair in its customary braid and a pair of cut-off shorts that revealed a glimpse of his firm ass. He wore a black backless shirt that tied around his neck and waist, and his hands were handcuffed behind his back.

The girls drooled at the sight.....

....along with the judge and jury.

"Alright Mr. Maxwell..." Heero started, "You are being charged with three different crimes." Heero said as Duo stood in the middle of the court. Mina had stood by the flag, watching the entire thing.

"You are being charged with constantly tempting one Heero Yuy." Heero smirked at that along with Duo.

"Your honor I object." Duo said.

"What for?"

"This Heero Yuy doesn't seem to mind very much." Duo said, winking at Heero. Heero smirked.


"But he's the one who starts everything with those hands, and mouth, and huge...."

"Mr. Maxwell!!! One more outburst like that and I will throw you out of this court...and into my bed." Heero said as an afterthought. Duo smirked, but played nice.

"You are also charged with disturbing the public."

"Nani?" Duo asked.

"Will you read the evidence?" Heero asked. Jana stood and began to read:

"I was going to the bathroom when I heard shouts of, 'Oh Heero fuck me harder,' coming from one of the stalls." Jana said. Duo blushed and Heero smirked. The jurors along with the folks at home giggled.

"I object."

"Now what Mr. Maxwell?"

"If this Heero person wasn't so damn hot and so fuckin good then I wouldn't be so loud." Duo said with a wicked smirk.

"I mean your honor, you gotta see this guy. He wears spandex and has the body of a Greek God. Just thinking about him makes me...mmm....." Duo threw his head back and licked his lips, closing his eyes in pleasure. Heero licked his own lips, thank goodness for long robes.

"Hm....overruled. It's your fault because you are always tempting him no matter where the two of you go. Now, your final charge is being too damn sexy for Heero Yuy to resist, and what you are wearing is a great example." Heero said.

"What this?" Duo twirled around, modeling his outfit. He bent over one of the chairs, turned, and smiled at Heero.

"It was hot out today."

"And it will only get hotter." The girls smiled at that thought.

"Your honor, can I get a say in this?" Duo asked.

"Fine." Duo smiled.

"People of the jury, you great bunch of people. I ask you, is is a crime to walk around, not intentionally tempting people, but not objecting when it happens?"

"Duo, you walk around naked after you get out of the shower." Heero said.

"But is that wrong I ask? I mean, sure I can put on a robe but why bother? It only comes to about mid-thigh anyway."

"It's shorter then that." Heero corrected. Duo sighed.

"Then, is it wrong if I'm a little loud at times? I mean, if the public doesn't want to hear me scream then maybe they should eat at a different restaurant, or buy clothes somewhere else, or ride another bus." Duo blushed at the last statement and Heero wore a smug look.

"And come on now. Little ol me...sexy? I don't know the meaning of the word. I am but an innocent boy who...."

"...has the loveliest eyes, the prettiest hair, the most beautiful smile, the perkiest nipples, a flat stomach, the most gorgeous ass, and the most shapely legs known to man." Heero finished. The jury smiled at the description while Duo blushed even more.


"And the most kissable, lickable, suckable, touchable body in this world." Heero added.

"This is in one man's opinion." Duo said. The jury scoofed at that along with Heero.

"Nevertheless, this one man has you on trial for those crimes." Kitsune said with a smile.

"Are you finished Mr. Maxwell?" Heero asked. Duo nodded and awaited the verdict. Jana stood up and smiled at Duo.

"We the jury find the defendant, absolutely GUILTY of all crimes!"

"WHAT!" Duo shrieked.

"You heard me. Now, your punishment...is however the judge sees fit." Jana said. With that note...all the girls left leaving Heero and Duo alone.

"Please don't tell me you're recording this?" Caroline asked.

"Of course I am! They don't know it though, but I am. Now I am expecting some company in about..." The doors to the kinky room flew open and the entire 1x2 family barged in along with Mina, who was holding a very large bowl of popcorn and a bottle of pop.

"You guys ready?" CSC asked, eating a handful of the buttery substance. They all cheered as they plopped down in various arrangements of the couch. CSC plopped down on her sister's lap as she poured herself a cup of pop.

"Oh hell after this I'll need a drink." Caroline said.

Back in the courtroom, Duo was sitting in the witness stand, his legs spread out as he looked at the judge with a hint of lust in his eyes.

"You're honor, I can't be guilty. That verdict was so unfair." Duo said, watching as Heero eyed his open legs like candy.

"The evidence clearly shows that you are guilty Mr. Maxwell, so I must extract justice on you." Heero said. He got out of his chair and headed over to the witness stand where Duo was sitting. He smiled down at his handcuffed koi and lifted him from the stand, his arms wrapped around the slim waist. Duo smiled.

"So what is my punishment your honor?" Duo asked, his body grinding into Heero's through the long robe. Heero groaned at the treatment, his hands gripping the firm ass and pulling Duo closer to him. He began to thrust back into Duo, causing the "criminal" to purr.

"Good question. What would be a proper sentence for you?" Heero asked, his lips crushing into Duo's delicate ones. The longhaired boy sighed into the kiss, his hands itching to do something but they were still cuffed behind his back, giving the "judge" the advantage. Heero lifted Duo in his arms, never breaking the kiss, and headed over to the flag pole that Mina was standing at just minutes ago. Setting his burden down, he removed the cuffs.

Duo smiled and was about to attack Heero with a vengence when...

...his arms were pinned behind his head, and the cuffs were placed back on.

"Heero...what are you..." Heero silenced him with a kiss, his hands gliding over the sleek, and helpless, form.

"Hm...completely helpless. You are now my prisoner Mr. Maxwell." Heero said with a smirk, his hand finding an evident buldge in the skimpy shorts. Duo threw his head back, his hands trying to come down and do something. He only caused the cuffs to jingle against the pole.

"There you go again, tempting me." The hand gave a good squeeze to the evident arousal, causing Duo to gasp and buck his hips up. Heero soon put a stop to that by gripping Duo's waist hard. Duo moaned at the rough treatment.

"Your honor..." Duo moaned as Heero's hands began to trail down Duo's back, finding the tie to the shirt which was wrapped around his waist. With that part un-done, Heero lifted the shirt up and began to kiss the flat stomach, making a pathway up to the already hard nubs. Duo gasped when Heero bit down on one, almost threatening to tear it off if it were possible.

Heero's hands were busy as well, one kneeding the soft globes of Duo's ass in the hot pants while the other groaped his shaft through the shorts.

Duo was losing his mind.

"Chibi....you are one hentai fan girl." Caroline said, watching the T.V. CSC smiled as she guzzled down more pop.

"Well you two deserve it." She smiled as she turned on the stereo speakers, getting the action in surrounded sound. Snow chuckled at her wicked sister....

....and Caroline looked pale.

Duo moaned at the lost of the attention, but quickly forgot what he was complaining about when Heero undid his long robe.

The Perfect Soldier was perfectly nude, his erection dripping. Duo licked his lips at the site before him....

...it looked absolutely delicious.

"Like what you see?" Heero asked, noticing a wet spot in the tight shorts Duo wore. Duo could only nod.

"Oh Duo, seeing you like that just makes me so..." Duo gasped when Heero began to stroke himself, wishing it was his hand...or mouth...doing that. The Japanese youth moaned as he sped up his treatment, him too wishing it were Duo, but the boy had to be "punished."

Duo watched, feeling himself get even harder if possible. He thought about that large organ being inside of him as Heero moaned his name, saying how he wish it were Duo instead of himself.

"It could be Heero..." Duo moaned. Heero only smirked and sped up, watching his lover's body tremble.

"See what you do to me koi." Heero gasped out, feeling his completion nearer. And it made it all the better having Duo watch. The long haired boy gasped, feeling himself getting closer to his own release...by just watching Heero. Duo threw his head back along with Heero as they came together.

It was amazing. Heero didn't even touch him and he made him cum....inside his shorts! He let out a shaky breath as he looked at his lover licking the sticky substance from his fingers.

He wanted a taste...

...but Heero wouldn't allow that.

He approached Duo, still licking the seed from his fingers. He showed him some mercy when he allowed Duo to lap up the spots he missed. Duo hummed around Heero's fingers, loving the taste of him. Heero smirked and undid Duo's shorts, seeing the milky seed inside his shorts and on his cock. He scooped up the substance that was on the beautiful shaft and fed it to Duo, watching the long haired boy suck on his fingers, tasting himself. Heero stopped and grabbed the shorts.

"Naughty boy, you've soiled your clothes." Heero said, pulling the shorts down.

"You are too damn sexy for your own good Heero Yuy." Duo said. Heero smiled at him, dipping his fingers in Duo's essence from the shorts and began to lick it up, looking like a happy child in a candy store. Duo watched the act and felt himself get aroused all over again.

Heero eyed his prisoner with lustfilled eyes. He only wore the backless shirt now, the tie around his neck the only thing keeping it on. He smiled as he grabbed the ties that were around the waste and began to tickle the growing erection with them. Duo gasped and shut his eyes at Heero's teasing.

"Stop teasing me!" He gasped out. Heero frowned at him.

"You are my prisoner Mr. Maxwell. Do NOT forget that. You....have no say in the punishment." Duo groaned when the ties were replaced by a warm hand, slowly stroking. The hand suddenly gave a rough squeeze, causing Duo to see stars.

"Please Heero..." Heero growled and kicked Duo's feet from under him, causing him to slide down the pole and land on his knees.

"You talk too much. I think we need to occupy that pretty little mouth of yours." Heero said roughly, causing Duo to grin.

"Whatever you say your honor." Duo reached his head over towards the hard organ in front of him, but stopped when Heero grabbed him hair.

"You sound too happy about this." Heero said with a smirk. Duo smiled.

"Isn't it part of what I'm guilty for?" Duo asked, taking a long swip of Heero's erection. Heero gasped as Duo continued to lick....up and down, until he licked around the tip. Heero shuddered when he felt Duo take his entire length in. Heero began to run his fingers through Duo's bangs, his hand trailing down the long braid as Duo continued to suck him off.

But the American stopped when he felt a finger gently poking his opening.

Heero growled at the boy when he stopped.

"I didn't tell you to stop." Heero said. Duo nodded and took him in his mouth again, until he felt another rough finger enter him.

"Shit!" He moaned, thrusing back into the fingers to get them to touch the spot inside him that drove him insane. But Heero pulled them out.


"You stopped so I stopped." Duo glared at his lover.

"How do you expect me to do that when you are fucking me with your fingers at the same time?" Duo asked. Heero thought about it and smiled.

"You're right. No more finger fucking. Continue please." Duo smiled and went down on Heero again, savoring the taste of him. Heero threw his head back and moaned as Duo worked him, his tongue occasionally licking the round morsals as well as the erection. As he watched the delicate head bob back and forth, a wicked gleam filled the soldier's eyes.

"Oh my god...what is he about to do?" Caroline asked.

"I...I don't know." Snow added. "What's that he got in his hand?" Mina asked. The group gasped at what they saw, blood leaving some of their noses.

Duo immediately stopped what he was doing at let of a loud moan. Heero smirked and thrust again and again. The prisoner gasped and threw his head back in pain and pleasure.

"Fuck....oh fuck Heero!" He felt the long object thrust into him again, hitting his spot and making the world swirl in pretty little colors. Heero smiled as he thrust it in again, the round end of it hitting Duo's ass as the stick part continued to drive him nuts.

"Did I tell you to stop?" Heero said with a smirk, not really minding as he saw the look on his koi's eyes.

"How do you expect me to..."

"I said no finger fucking....this isn't my finger love." He thrust again.

"But...oh SHIT! Heero....gods HEERO!" Duo had tears in his eyes as the strange object thrust into him again. Heero smiled...

...he knew the mallot would come in handy eventually.

"I...I.....you told them to do this didn't you? They KNOW they're being taped don't they!" Caroline accused. CSC blinked out of her shock and gazed at Caroline.

"Now WHY would I do that?" CSC asked innocently, turning to look back at the screen when Duo let out another passionate moan as Heero continued to thrust the mallot into his entrance. They watched as Duo came, screaming as his essence shot all over the two of them. They watched Heero smirk as he stood his lover up on his wabbly legs.

Duo was having a hard time standing, his pants coming out as sweat poured from his forehead. He saw his lover smile at him and noticed that Heero still wasn't finished yet as he rubbed his hard cock against Duo's, causing him to get aroused....again.

"This must be...my punishment..." Duo gasped, feeling his cock awaken yet again.


"Multiple orgasms." Heero smiled as he wrapped the long legs around his waist and positioned himself at Duo's entrance.

"Maybe." Heero thrust himself into the now stretched out opening, feeling the pole that Duo was tied to shake as he rammed into Duo. Duo gasped and just braced himself for the sheer force that was Heero Yuy.

"You feel wonderful Duo do you know that?" Heero asked, pounding up into the delicious heat again and again. Duo shut his eyes tight as Heero hit his prostate over and over again.

"Do you know how much I LOVE taking you? How wonderful your ass feels against my cock. And it's all you fault I do this. If you weren't so damn tempting it wouldn't happen." He pounded up again and again, Duo's legs getting weak and sliding down the strong back. He couldn't even give his lover any smart comments or anything, his voice was lost in the pleasure he was feeling. Heero smiled, enjoying the lovely Duo Maxwell as he felt the tightness surround him.

Their love making was rough and fast...and they loved every second of it. Heero wrapped one hand around Duo's cock, the other wrapping around the pole to hold onto his lover. The pole began to protest yet again, the American flag waving over and over from the force the two created. Heero pumped Duo faster and faster, thrusting harder and harder just like Duo asked him too. Their cries mingled inside the court room as they finally reached their orgasm.

And ss Heero pulled out of his love, the pole shook one more time...

...before it fell.

Heero landed on his back onto the cold court room floor, Duo falling ontop of him with the pole sitting ontop of his handcuffed form. The flag drapped over the two sated boys.

The two boys started to laugh tiredly, feeling the flag over their exhausted bodies.

"Well I guess justice has been served your honor." Duo said, kissing the judge underneath him. Heero responded to the kiss, at the same time uncuffing Duo's hands. Duo squirmed ontop of Heero, his hands playing in the wild hair as the kiss continued. He gasped when he felt a hand rub down his back and grasp his ass, causing their bodies to mold together even more.

"I don't know. Let's see if I can get you to 'rise' to the National Anthem." Heero said with a smirk as he fingered the flag that covered them. Duo smiled and began to grind into the blue eyed judge.

"I guess court is in session all over again."

After watching the boys go at it on the witness stand and other various spots in the court room, CSC finally stopped the tape. Besides, all the refreshments were gone.

"Now I hope you two have learned a lesson." CSC said glaring at the two girls she was trying to punish in the first place...and wiping a spec of drool from her lips.

"Um....making baby sister mad can result in a lot of drool and bloody noses?" Snow asked. CSC shook her head...although it was true it wasn't the point she was trying to get at.

"Uh....you can never get enough of court T.V.?" Caroline asked. CSC shook her head again, her green pigtails waving from side to side.

"It's obvious you guys. No talking about 5x2 in 1x2x1 territory." Mina said.

"Actually don't SNEAK and talk about 5x2. I mean, I wasn't even upset until Caroline said, 'Don't let CSC hear.' That just CALLED for me to do something about it."

"You mean to tell me that you didn't even CARE that we talked about 5x2?" Snow squeeked out.

"No...you both write fabulous 1x2x1 so why would I get mad if you did another pairing on the side? You both love 1x2x1 enough to be on the list so a little 5x2 won't anger me. The thing that I was upset about was that you tried to keep it from me....unsuccessfully I might add."

"So this whole thing was because we tried to keep it a secret?" Caroline asked.

"Hm...pretty much." CSC smiled, causing Caroline to faint. Snow just stared at her sister then shook her head.

"I think you just used it as an excuse to 'torture' us with a PWP." CSC glomped her sister.

"You know me too well...but really...you guys NEEDED to be punished."

After everything was cleaned up, and after Mina was escorted out of the castle (Akuma is still in our hands since there have been no rescue attempts) everyone relaxed and went to their own quarters. CSC was about to join her sister in bed but she turned to go outside the castle instead. She headed to the 1x2x1 fort and knocked. She was surprised to see her other sister there.

"Shannon?" Yes, since her return the baka refused to take sides in the duel because she loved it either way. She was neutral.

It didn't matter to CSC, at least she wasn't AGAINST her either...and she still had Snow.

"CHIBI! HI!" CSC was glomped by the list baka immediately. She tried to glomp back, but it was hard when she couldn't breathe.

"WHAT BRINGS YOU HERE!" CSC sighed at her sister...she forget she used all caps.

"Just checking on Heero and Duo. I figured that they'd be here tonight so they could rest." Shannon nodded and escorted her to the back of the fortress. CSC poked her head in one of the rooms to see Duo snuggling up with Heero, fast asleep. Heero saw the green haired fox girl and smiled at her. CSC felt weak in the knees...the Perfect Soldier had a beautiful smile.

No wonder why Duo loved him so much...besides obvious reasons.

"Thank you for helping me." CSC said.

"No problem. I hope they realise why it's best that I take Duo instead of Wufei." Heero said, running his fingers through his koi's loose hair.

"Well they still like 5x2 Heero, but I think they got a new appreciation of 1x2 as well."

"Hn." CSC smiled at him as she watched the soldier tighten his hold on Duo, saying that he was all his and his alone.

CSC loved a possessive Hee-chan.

She left the room and headed back to her own fort...after getting glomped by Shannon again.

"Where'd you go?" Snow asked as CSC climbed into bed.

"Oh...out for some fresh air. I saw Shannon, and she says hi."

"That's nice, I have to go and say hi to her. By the way, that was an interesting punishment sis." Snow said, undoing the pigtails and combing through the green hair with her fingers. CSC smiled under the treatment and huggled her sister.

"Well you guys deserved it. That should teach you not to upset me." CSC said with a yawn. Snow smiled as she watched her sister fall asleep.

"Yeah...with punishments like that I wouldn't EVER dream of upsetting you." Snow said sarcastically.

And in another part of the fort, a certain fic writer who was in the middle of a 5x2 kept writing Heero's name instead of Wufei's in her 5x2 fic.

The moral of the story is...uh...*thinks* OH!!! Some court shows should be aired on the U weekdays instead of others. I mean, will we miss Judge Joe Brown or all those other judges if we get to see two beautiful bishonen bonking each other?

Heero: Your morals get weirder every time.

CSC: *grins*


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