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the duel: 1X2 fires a shot

The One That Almost Got Away
A Family List Ficcie
by Stormy

It wasn't quite dark out but Stormy decided it was good enough. She glanced back around the 1x2 castle with a loving look and then across the way at the crumbling 2x1 structure. She knew she could be branded a traitor to the cause for what she was about to do but she couldn't help it. Beside her, a whimper sounded. Stormy made a sound of exasperation and hauled out a quivering Snow Bat.

" We're not defecting for goodness sakes!" Stormy told Snow. " We're just going to hear another patented Mina bedtime story."

" But if Jana or Chibi Chi-Chan catch us…" Snow said worriedly, casting a nervous glance back at the ominously silent castle.

" True, " Stormy admitted with a shudder. " That's why we have to be quiet!" She planted a hand in the small of Snow's back and gave her a gentle push. " C'mon - I made cookies and Mina said she'd have chocolate milk!"

" Let's go!"

The two snuck across the drawbridge that was guarded by marble Heeros arched over marble Duos in eternal lip locks. Suddenly a spotlight was turned on them, blindingly bright. Shielding their eyes, the two looked up in shock.

A smirking little Shi-Chan was aiming the light dead center. " Caught ya!"

Beside her stood resident list-mommy Jana who tried to look stern but couldn't quite succeed.

" And where were you two going?" she asked.

" Ummm…food run!" Snow said triumphantly.

" Yeah - midnight munchie attack," Storm added hastily.

" Uh-huh." Chibi Shi-Chan pointed at the 2x1 castle. " You wouldn't happen to be doing your food run over there, would you?"

" Uh…"

" You were going to willingly go into an area filled with pictures of Duo ramming Heero into the headboard?"

" Uh…"

" Where Heero creeps around in subservience to his Master Duo?"

Twin glazed looks. Twin thin streams of drool. " Uhhh…"

" Where screams of `Duo! F**K me harder!' are heard nightly?"

Jets of blood spurted out of their noses, and Stormy fainted. Snow started fanning herself.

" When you put it that way, it doesn't sound so bad, even if it is 2x1," Jana whispered.

Chibi grinned. " What can I say - I'm ruthless." She raised her voice. " Not acceptable!" She held up a stack of explicit 1x2 playing cards. " Are you sure you wanna go over there now?"

Snow eyed the cards. " That's our punishment?"

Chibi nodded. " You obviously need retraining, the both of you."

Snow squealed as her eyes lit on a card of Duo lying sprawled on his back beneath a hovering, sweaty Heero. " I'm sorry! I repent! Cookies and story or no cookies and story!!"

The two are dragged slowly back into the 1x2 castle. Stormy gave one last look at the other side.

" But my chocolate milk!" she protested weakly as the drawbridge went up. Shi-Chan waved a card of Duo on all fours with Heero propped right behind him and her eyes widened. The bridge closed but Stormy didn't see as she salivated over the cards.

Snow blinked. " How'd you guys catch us anyway?" she asked.

Jana grinned and pointed at a cloaked figure who stepped out of the darkness.

" Never try to put one past a tricky fox spirit!" Kitsune admonished them playfully., her long tails wagging. " It's part of my job!"


Meanwhile, back at the 2x1 castle:

Mina looked at the plates of gingersnaps and the glasses of chocolate milk.

" Oh well. More for me!"


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