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rating: NC-17
warnings: yaoi, pwp, pov, masturbation, lemon
spoilers: *coughs* ermmm... no
pairings: 1X1, 1X2

notes: inspiration for this little piece of kink was graciously provided by baby_pen *warm fuzzy huggles*

the duel: 1X2 fires a shot

extended play
by jana

I'm lying naked; wrists bound with silken cord and tied securely to the headboard. It's not a very original idea, but that doesn't make it any less exciting for either one of us.

The bedroom games were always Heero's idea. I'm just a willing participant. "So what's on the agenda today?" I ask him softly.

His clothes are already gone and lying in a heap on the floor at his feet next to mine. He climbs up onto the bed and straddles my upper thighs; careful to leave just enough space so that our erections don't come in contact with one another.

I smile up at him, all too easily recalling this scenario. I think it's a favorite of both of ours. He winks at me and looks down at the stiff flesh that stands upright at the juncture of his own legs, grasping it tightly in his right hand before lifting his eyes to meet mine. "I hope you don't mind..."

The fist he formed around himself begins to move up and down his length ever so slowly as he watches me watching him. Mind? How could I possibly mind? I love to see him touch himself; taking nearly as much pleasure in it as he does. He averts his eyes for just a moment to look down at his cock and tease the wet slit with the flat of his thumb. I can see nothing but the whites of his eyes as he continues the motion; rubbing the drop of slickness as it appears over his swollen head and I let out a low moan.

He focuses his attention back on me as the sound escapes my lips; his left hand reaching forward and teasing the tip of my arousal in much the same way he is his own. My back arches up off the bed and he smiles at me knowingly before removing his hand. "I'm afraid you're just going to have to wait."

"I don't mind." I reply in a hoarse whisper. Really, I don't. I find it highly erotic just watching him. I'm suddenly made aware by the pace of his hand that he is not in any rush and that my own words may come back to haunt me before our play is over. But for now, I allow myself to revel in the vision he provides me with.

The hand that was on me just moments ago with has already found a new home and a new purpose; traversing his chest to bring each of his nipples to hardened peaks. His right hand moves faster up and down his length and I verbally encourage him. "You look so fucking hot."

I mean it too. I can't wait to see him come. I ache to see his body shudder and spasm in climax above me; to witness that gorgeous face of his screwing up with ecstasy. I'm sure he's aware that those thoughts are going through my mind by now and moans as he focuses on turning them into reality. The sooner he comes, the sooner I get to have that hard cock of his buried inside me. "Stroke it faster, Baby." I tell him. Praising him for the increased effort he's putting forth at my request. "Ohhhh yeah...."

I can see his chest rise and fall with each breath he takes, every deep inhale and subsequent exhale brings him that much closer to climax. I wriggle beneath the weight of him, wishing he'd move up just a little further up my thighs so that I could feel at least some part of him against my arousal. My body is demanding some sort of contact; and the more he moans, the more my need aches. He looks up at me for one second before closing his eyes as he begins to tremble. He arches back in pleasure as his orgasm hits; deep groans that relay the intensity of the sensation leave his slightly parted lips. "God, you are so beautiful." I tell him. Whether he can hear me or not is irrelevant. I watch as his seed continues to erupt, his chest and hand covered and dripping with the pearly thickness.


I wait rather impatiently for Heero to recover, watching as his breathing returns to normal along with the rest of his senses. As satisfying as watching him was, I'm anxious now for him to touch me. That's a bit of an understatement really.....

He no sooner opens his eyes when he climbs off my thighs to take his place between them. The upcoming part of this scenario is the only one that varies from time to time.... depending on his mood. I try to anticipate his next move; based on the in depth of knowledge I have of him and the fact that he is capable to reading my body like an open book. I smile inwardly at the glint barely visible behind his still half-lidded eyes; and what I know he is about to do.

I can hear myself moan as he spreads my legs apart and lowers himself down onto the bed until he is lying face down in between my open limbs. He looks up at me as his hands reach forward to grasp my hips and his mouth makes contact with the soft flesh of my inner thigh; kissing it with parted lips. I stiffen slightly and wait for him to arrive at his intended destination and he doesn't make me wait very long, trailing his tongue over my balls and heading downward. He pauses at the smooth patch of flesh beneath my testicles, sucking and teasing the sensitive area for what I determine to be far too long. I moan my displeasure, shifting my hips as much as my bound position and the tight grip of Heero's hands allow me to.

"God, Heero.... you're killing me." I admit with a hiss. He moves toward my entrance, not touching it, instead drawing tiny wet circles around it. More teasing. I can feel my cock twitch and I growl in impatience at his intentional omission, arching my back and moaning loudly as he suddenly pushes his tongue forward and into me. I open my legs wider, pushing against the intrusion, asking him without words to delve still deeper; knowing full well that no matter how much of his tongue is inside me, it won't be enough to satisfy me.

I'm nearing the end of my rope. "Heero, please..."

He shifts until he is hovering over me, reaching off to the side to open the nightstand drawer and pulls out the lube; smiling down at me once he's closed the drawer. I let my glance move down to the still soft flesh between his legs and then look back up into his eyes. "Not yet." he needlessly informs me.

"Then fuck me with your fingers." I plead.

He smirks as he leans down and brings his lips to mine; delivering a brutal kiss. "I intend to."

He grabs the pillow from his side of the bed and then he is gone, moving quickly to kneel beside me. "Up."

I lift myself up and he pushes the pillow underneath my ass to raise my hips up off the bed. I swallow hard as he repositions himself between my legs. He opens the lube and squirts some out onto his fingers; not hesitating before sliding one cool digit into me. "It won't be long now." he assures me.

I don't bother to tell him 'God, I hope not.' I'm fairly certain my body is accurately relaying all the necessary data. I writhe at the long awaited touch and moan instead, still louder as he adds a second finger; the two probing even deeper inside of me. His eyes are fixed on where he is touching me; the lust on his face becoming more and more obvious as he begins to finger me roughly. My hands tug at the cord that binds them together. "Jeezus...." A third finger enters me and I look down to find Heero staring up at me with those glazed over impossibly deep blue eyes of his.

None of this is necessary. It merely passes the time while awaiting the main attraction. But the sadistic part of my lover enjoys doing it. He all but revels in his power to reduce me to this creature of pure lust and desire; I can see it all in those eyes. "Fuck you, Heero!" I cry out in my rising frustration. I whimper as his fingers strike my prostate, shut my eyes tightly and bite down hard on my lower lip.

"I'd think that fuck 'me' would be a more appropriate request." He corrects me. My eyes are closed; but I'm sure he's smirking. It's far too many seconds later that I finally feel his fingers slide from inside me and I open my eyes to watch him cover his erection, slowly working the clear liquid over it."It's about damned time." I tell him.

He doesn't respond but he positions himself over me. One hand is laid out flat on the bed at my shoulder, the other holding firmly onto the base of his cock and he pushes forward; nudging the blunt head of it against my entrance. He looks down at me.... almost daring me to come and get it... and I do; jerking my hips up off the bed and instantly taking in all eight inches of his rock hard flesh. "Oh Christ!" I exclaim as he immediately withdraws and begins pounding into me.

In no time at all he is panting; his heavy breath now coming at nearly the same frantic pace as my own. "Harder!" I demand. The muscles of his upper body are tensing as he thrusts forward into me, the mid afternoon sun glinting off the sweat that covers him. "That's it, Baby... now touch me!" I plead and he waits not even a second to comply; reaching to take my erection in his hand. He strokes my full length with a firm grip as he rams into me and rocks his hips upward; almost desperate to bury all of himself deep inside me.

"God, you know what that does for me?" I groan. He does...he must, cause he does it again, this time moving his thumb back and forth over the slick tip of my arousal. That's going to be the end of me and he knows that as well. I can tell by the deadly serious expression on his face that I'm going to take him along for the ride; he's waiting for it. I resist the urge to do a countdown for him, thrusting wildly into the tight hot tunnel of his hand as I start my release. I'm watching him; watching his reaction as my muscles clamp down on him and he loses all his control with a strangled cry. It's my name he is screaming out as his body begins to tremble above me. I cry out aloud in return as I feel the first warm splash of his release inside me; his fist continuing its quest to milk me of the last of my seed.

Before I can fully come to my senses, he removes himself from inside me and unties my wrists from each other and from the headboard. Two strong arms pull me forward to lie against his chest. I concentrate for a minute or two on the rapid sound of his heartbeat before looking up to meet the Prussian blue eyes of my lover. He is especially beautiful in the afterglow of a shared climax; those eyes tell me that the sentiment is returned.


He nods and I ease from his embrace for just a minute to bend down to pull the covers up over us.

"This is good." I tell him as I worm my way back into his arms.

"MmHm." I can tell by his reply that he is just barely awake and I'm not too far behind.

I will gladly follow him into sleep, but there's one thought that keeps nagging at me that I need to settle first.

"Hey, Heero?"


"What are we going to tell Une tomorrow when she asks why we didn't come back to work after lunch today?"


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