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rating: NC-17
pairings: 1X2
warnings: yaoi, PWP, POV, lemon

the duel: 1X2 fires a shot

doing duo
by jana

He is irresistible... even in my thoughts. It's not like I'd want to resist. I gave up on trying years ago.

The urge to get home tonight is forcing my foot to the floor; the ache between my legs pushing me further still. I try to be rational about it; telling myself that its only been a week that he's been gone.

One week...

Just Seven Days...

One Hundred and Sixty Eight Long Hours...

Ten Thousand and Eighty Lonely Minutes....

It's close enough to an eternity.

I can almost catch a whiff of his scent inside the car; feel his body trembling beneath the rough touch of my hands. I look down as both hands tightly grip the steering wheel. They will be on him soon; but its not soon enough.

"God, Duo...."

I finally manage to get myself under control; a still stronger surge of lust rising back up as I exit the parkway and follow the narrow streets that lead me home; to our home.

His car is already in the driveway. I run my hand lightly over the hood to find it still warm. The side door is left ajar and I pocket my key, entering the kitchen to see him standing at the sink. He doesn't seem to hear me, the running of the water perhaps drowning out the only clue to my entry; the soft click as the aluminum door seats itself.

My breath catches at the mere sight before me and as much as I want to touch him, I cannot resist the temptation to just watch; noting every graceful movement of his god-like form. Even the simplest of his motions cause me to shudder and its not only now because I want him so much... it's always like this.

I breathe his name softly and he turns toward the doorway in surprise; the corners of his mouth turning upward in a smile at my presence. I see his lips move and I know he is speaking to me, but I've not the capacity to divine his speech. I instead walk forward in dire need to feel the heat of his body next to mine. He turns back to the sink and I move to stand behind him; wrapping my arms around him, pushing his hair aside to kiss the base of his neck and whispering in his ear how much I've missed him.

He drops whatever it was he was doing and leans back against me. I have his undivided attention now... as surely as he has mine. I press myself to him, grinding my arousal against his bottom. There is no pretense. We both want the same thing.

I let my hand drift downward, taking hold of that rock hard muscle in between my lover legs; moaning as I stroke him with barely concealed desperation. His one hand moves to unfasten the button of his jeans as I work to lower the zipper. I immediately reach inside to handle his stiffness in the flesh; wet, hot and hard... for me.

His name leaves my lips again, this time with a growl as I pull him down to the floor. My hand never pauses its motion, still stroking his cock as I settle back down onto folded knees and pull him up onto my thighs. "I hate it when you're gone so long." I tell him softly. He knows that though; he also knows it's not just because of the sex.

He moans my name as I put more urgency into my touch. I can't explain why I need to hear him scream out my name in ecstasy, but it's not something I can control. He head drops back to rest on my shoulder and I turn to look at him, kissing his temple and leaving my mouth pressed against his skin to feel his pulse. It's rapid, as is his breathing; I pump him faster, sliding my thumb through the wet tip of his cock.

I pull him closer to me with my free arm and he moves back further still, putting still more glorious pressure on my aching need; asking me without words for what it is that he wants... what we want. I abandon my touch and push him forward, sliding his pants down and guiding him onto his knees. He takes them the rest of the way off without hesitation as I lower mine just to my calves. "Do me, Heero...." he moans. "please....."

It's not only the words, but the voice in which he pleads. I bring my hand up to his mouth and he takes my fingers inside, teasing them as he wets them thoroughly. Two fingers enter that tight hot space where my cock aches to be; thrusting up inside him with no hesitation. "Heero!"

Again, my name.

I wet my cock with my own saliva and pull him back until he is resting against my chest. His entire body rises up just enough to leave me pushing against his entrance and I thrust upward; burying every inch of myself inside of him.

I'm thinking that neither one of us will last very long.

He grinds downward as I thrust up into his heat. "Take me deep!"

I'm thinking I could easily lose myself like this.

His breathing becomes labored. "Fuck me!"

I'm thinking that I may already be lost.

I reach forward to wrap my fingers around his cock. "Make me come, lover!"

I'm thinking that this is as close to heaven as I'll ever get.

His body begins to tremble and I shudder in response; two voices crying out loudly in unison.

I'm not thinking.


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