Author's note: This is what happens when CSC wants to do another sidefic....and finds out that there is a kink room in the fort *hentai grin* and after she got an interesting message from Star-dancer.

Also, this takes place at midnight *shrugs* just felt appropriate.

the duel: 1X2 fires a shot

CSC vs.Star to see who is the... Kinkiest!?!??!
A Family List Ficcie
by Chibi Shi-Chan

CSC yawned as she walked through the huge fort, having every intention on going to bed. Her big sister, Snow, was going to read her a story before she went to bed. She smiled at that thought and bounced her way to her room. She ran past the front door and jumped when there was a loud knock on it.

"Who could that be?" She wondered, her tail wagging in curiousity. Knowing that most of the guards were asleep at this hour, she went to the door in her little chibi Heero and Duo pajamas, her two green ponytails gone and her hair hanging. Snow was gonna brush her hair tonight too before she went to bed. She opened the huge door and gasped at the figure in front of her.


The said girl still wore her 2x1 shirt proudly and smiled at the fox girl. Star noticed that CSC looked pretty innocent in her current form, holding a white teddy bear in her arms and was dressed for bed. But she wasn't fooled for a minute. She had heard about the retraining she put her comrades through.

"Hello CSC. We meet face to face." Star said, gazing at the young girl. CSC gazed right back.


"It's surprising that you of all people was able to kidnap our leader, but we will get her back." Star said, her look turning into a glare. CSC began to get worried. She never really dealt with anyone from the 2x1 side on her own....she had to deal with Akuma sure but her sister usually backed her up. But now....

she was alone....

and Star was using that to her advantage.

"I heard that you had to retrain your comrades."

"Uh...yeah. But everything is fine now."

"Hm....your NOT impress me." Star said with a smirk.

"Wh...WHAT! Who are you to judge on what methods I use?" Now CSC was getting angry...although she still felt intimidated by the girl in front of her.

"Well I for one think that this is better." Star said as she snapped her fingers. Suddenly, an image of Duo pounding into Heero was shown. Heero was panting wildly as the two continued to go at it on Star's dining room table. Star smiled as CSC's eyes widen at the scene.

"Now THAT is great." Star said with a dark chuckle. CSC stood in shock, watching the scene in front of her. This girl played dirty, well, it was time for CSC to pull out all the tricks. She smirked at the girl in front of her.

"Some people are just so hard to please," she said glaring at Star, "but THAT doesn't impress me either." With a wave of her hand the scene vanished and changed to something different. Now, Heero was bending over a naked Duo in the middle of her hall in her dorm building. She watched all the drunk people stare at the scene in shock when Heero began to pound into the boy below him.

"That however does impress me." She watched as Star reacted with only a little shock, but as quickly as it appeared the scene faded and was replaced yet again. This time, Duo was chaining a naked Heero to a lightpost next to a church. A can of whipped cream was in his hand and he had on a very wicked smirk.

"That was nothing, but THIS," The two watched as Duo began to spray Heero's chest with the whipped cream. CSC glared at Star.

"What's the matter, can't admit that you actually LIKE what you see? How about you come with me to the 2x1 fort and give some of MY gang some retraining." Star said, circling the now trembling fox..

"NO!" The scene faded and another was popped up, this time of cars swirving around....something. The two girls looked as Heero was shown, thrusting wildly into Duo in the middle of a busy street. Duo's hands were tied behind his back and he was on all fours, his eyes watering from the intense pleasure he is feeling. Star nodded her head.

"Nice one CSC. Now you're getting into it. How about this?" Star snapped her fingers and the two boys were now in the middle of a hockey arena. Duo was dragging Heero to the center of the ice and laid him on it, spreading his legs open.

"I think there was a game that night too." Star said, wrapping her arms around CSC's shoulders.

"Watch little one, watch the wonder that is 2x1." CSC whimpered and shut her eyes, but she could hear everything that Duo was doing to Heero. She shook Star away and glared for all she was worth, then raised her hand in the air to cause the scene to change yet again. This time, it was a football game during her team's Homecoming game. The half-time show begun, but instead of hearing a band a loud moan was heard. On the 50-yard line was Duo, sitting in Heero's lap as the Japanese boy pounded up into him. Suddenly, Heero shifted position and laid on top of Duo, pounding him into the grass. Amazingly, the cheerleaders flipped OVER the boys and did their cheer, but the moans were still heard over them. So they eventually stopped and watched with the crowd.

"Hm....fucking in Cyclone country." CSC said with a smirk.


"Oh...the Iowa State Cyclones, that's my team." Star only glared at the girl.

"What's wrong Star, getting a little warm out here isn't it? Why don't you just admit that there is some 1x2 in you." CSC said teasingly. The other girl just glared as she snapped her fingers yet again.

Snow sat in a chair with a storybook in hand, waiting for her baby sister to come upstairs. She had said that she was going to the bathroom and that was it. She sighed.

"I hope she isn't in that damn kink room again, trying to get ideas." Snow said. Suddenly, the phone rang from outside the room. Snow got up and answered it.

"Snow here."



"Yeah...have you seen your sis?"

" fact I was waiting for her to come to bed. Why do you ask?" Mina sighed.

"Go take a look outside." Snow blinked in confusion and glanced outside the window. What she saw made her face turn red.

Duo was pounding into Heero at the 18th hole at a golf course, saying that he got a "hole in one. But that scene faded into something else. Now, Heero had Duo tied to a pool table, talking about how he was going to sink his "pool stick" in Duo's "corner pocket."

"I'm guessing she's outside right?"

"Yeah, with Star. I think...we should put a stop to this....but then why would we?" Snow looked down again and saw the scenes get more creative....and public. There was a computer lab with Heero sitting on the keyboard while Duo licked at his erection, then there was a water fountain where Heero had Duo bent over the spray of the water, his tongue thrusting into his puckered entrance, it just continued on and on.

"I see what you mean. But...I thought Heero and Duo needed to rest. Remember HDRM?"

"I thought about that, and I guess that the scenes are from their imagination, not involving Duo and Heero for real." Mina said. Snow smiled at that news.

"Well I say we get us some ring side seats."

So now the entire 1x2 family was outside along with the entire 2x1 family watching the heated arguement. Star smiled and changed the scene again, this time it was in the cafeteria, Heero sitting on a table while Duo had a quick snack. Then it changed to Duo being tied up on the blackboard with some duck tape, Heero showing the class several "chemical" reactions.

Then there was the middle of a talent show, a concert, a basketball game, a volleyball game, bowling alley, arcade room, dart board, inside and outside a bar, a book store, a library, a bus, inside a grocery store (clean up, aisle 5)...the hentai-ness continued.

The two warriors were panting and sweating, circling each other with viscious eyes. What would be the next attack for them?

"GO CSC!" The 1x2 side cheered.

"STAR!" The 2x1 side cheered. The two girls looked at each other, their eyes drooping as they fought to come up with a new scene. Suddenly, CSC raised her hand, Star gasping because the girl had thought of something that quickly. But when she saw it she smiled.

It was Heero and Duo, in the 1x2x1 fort. The NEURAL fort. Heero was busy licking at Duo's erection while Duo was doing the same for him. They were laying side by side, each of them engulfing each other. Star, taking the hint, smiled at CSC as she grabbed the weary fox. She easily lifted her in her arms and the two headed over to the 1x2x1 fort.

"What...what happened?" Lady Tora asked.

"HEY! Come back with my baby sister!" Snow rushed over there and bursted through the 1x2x1 door, running down the halls to find CSC. She found a door that was cracked opened and peaked her head in, and smiled at the scene.

Star was brushing CSC's hair as the girl huggled her, slowly falling asleep.

"There are no losers. We all win in this duel. I guess....we sort of forgot that." Star said, huggling the girl back.

"Mmm, but you have to admit. Those were some pretty nice locations and positions." CSC yawned. Star smiled and laid the girl in the bed, watching her sleep before she too got in the bed and fell asleep.

Their duel tired them out, and it was time to rest.

Snow walked in and kissed her sister's forehead, running her fingers through the loose hair. She'd come and get her in the morning.

"You put up a good fight anyway. Star is a formitable opponent." Snow said. She gave her one last kiss and left, completely missing the smirk Star wore on her face.

CSC was formitable too, and she'd have to challenge her again.

Afterall, CSC had some pretty good ideas for lemons. Perhaps she could convince her to do a 2x1.

But tonight, it was time to be neutral and just.....

And the moral of the story is....uh....bonking is O.K. for Heero and Duo to do.





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