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the duel: 1X2 fires a shot

A Family List Ficcie
by Snow Tigra

Snow sat at her computer and hit the enter button, finally smiling as she leaned back in her seat. Yes! Her midterms were finally done! Spinning around in her chair she turned to face Akuma, who was still sitting tied to a chair surrounded by pictures of Heero boinking Duo on top of, under, and around various pieces of furniture.

Suddenly Snow was tackled by a flying bundle of fluff with bright green pigtails.

"Heya Sis!"

Snow sat up and giggled. "Hey Chibi, I'm all done with my homework now so I can start writing my fics again!"

Chibi Shi-chan sat up and cheered. "Yay! You hear that Akuma? Snow's gonna write more 1x2 lemons to torture you with."

Snow and Akuma just sweatdropped.

"So what are you going to work on?" Chibi asked, leaning over Snow's shoulder as she sat back down at her computer.


They were all interrupted by the list-mommy's voice ringing overhead. "Alert! Alert! Code HDRM!"

All three girls looked at each other in confusion. What in the world was a Code HDRM?

"All personnel please report to the main tower, on the double!"

Chibi and Snow shrugged and moved for the door, but as an after thought Snow went back and untied Akuma, dragging her with, just in case.

The entire group of 1x2 duelists met in the main tower area.

"Roll call!" Chibi cried loudly as she jumped up onto the table, her bushy tail swishing. "Snow, Chibi Shi-chan, Jana, Caroline, Kitsune, Clarysage, Stormy, Skye! Is everyone here?"

"Hai!" Cried a chorus of voices.

Chibi then turned to Jana. "So what's up?"

"Yeah," asked Caroline. "What the heck is a Code HDRM?"

Jana looked really worried and ran a hand through her hair. "Well, you see it stands for 'Heero and Duo are Missing'. And I can't find the two pilots anywhere!"

Everyone's eyes widened. Heero and Duo were missing? But, that was impossible! How were they supposed to write fics about Heero and Duo if the main characters of all their fics were missing? This was truly a disaster!

"Did you check the kitchen?" Kitsune piped up from the back.

Jana nodded.

"The closet?"

Another nod.

"The bathtub?" "The karaoke room?" "The highest tower?" "The rose gardens?" "The throne room?" "The kinky room?"

Everyone blinked.

"We have a kinky room?" Chibi asked.

"Sure, every castle does. Where else do you think the muses discuss their plans and come up with really weird positions and things for the two boys to do?" Snow replied.

"Good point."

Jana sighed. "I looked everywhere guys, covered the entire fort (which incidentally looks like a castle). I couldn't find them anywhere! They are just gone!"

Stormy glanced in Snow's direction. "Umm, you didn't do anything with them Snow, did you? I mean you were saying that you might do something evil after Chibi Shi-chan's last retraining sessionů"

Snow gulped and shook her head. "Maybe write a really angsty fic, yeah, but steal the gundam boys? No way, even I'm not that mean."

Chibi frowned and chewed on her bottom lip. "Maybe the 2x1 people know where they are. We should head over to their fort and ask them."

And so they did. The entire group, minus their muses who they left behind to guard the fort, and Akuma exited the 1x2 fort and headed over the moat and down the path. All of them wore white shirts, which proudly proclaimed 1x2, and they walked in a single file line, with Akuma in the lead.

However, just as they crossed the moat and reached the halfway point between the forts they met up with the 2x1 team, who were also wearing white shirts, only theirs proclaimed 2x1 in bright letters.

Akuma blinked. "Mina? What are you guys doing here?"

Mina looked really really worried. "We have a big problem you guys, we can't find Duo and Heero! We thought maybe they were spending the night at your guys' fort."

All the 1x2 members shook their heads. "No, we don't know where they are either. We thought maybe they were at your fort."

All the ml members frowned deeply. This was some serious trouble! How were they supposed to write 1x2x1 fics when the main couple was missing? Heero and duo were missing without a trace and no one knew where to look. The limits of the ml were vast, and reaching the end of them was pretty hard, even with Duo and Heero. But without themů

"We are in so much trouble!" Lady Tora cried out.

"Wait!" Akuma said with a smile. "I know one place we haven't looked yet."

Everyone turned to her with wide eyes, waiting for her to answer.


Akuma just smiled and pointed to a smaller fort standing off in the distance, far out of firing range of both forts. The 1x2x1 fortů the members who had decided not to take sides in the duel. "We should go ask them." She stated proudly.

"Ok, but how do we do that?" Chibi asked.

"Easy, we just send one person from each side to their front gates and ask them if they've seen Heero and Duo, then we won't look like we're firing fics at them." Snow replied.

"Chibi and I should go, since we kinda started this duel." Mina said, and Chibi Shi-chan nodded.

So the members from each fort watched as Chibi and Mina walked side by side toward the neutral tower.

Knocking on the door they looked up to see Spooks perched on the arch over the door. "Hey! What're you guys doing down there?" She called.

"We're looking for Duo and Heero! They've gone missing!" Chibi yelled up in response.

Spooks raised an eyebrow and jumped down out of sight, a second later the door to the neutral fort swung open and the two stepped in.

"Have you seen them?" Mina asked.

Spooks shook her head. "Nope, but we can look around."

And so the three set off, searching and exploring the neutral ml fort.

Finally, after a very long search that made their legs all very tired, they happened upon a back room under a large stone spiral staircase, with a sigh that hung saying 'Do Not Disturb'.

Spooks raised an eyebrow. "I don't remember this room." Shrugging she slowly turned the knob and pushed the door open just enough so their three heads could poke in.

All three girls spotted a small bed covered in silk sheets. But lying on that bed were the two they'd been searching for. Cuddled in one of the most adorable snuggles were Duo and Heero, arms and legs entwined as they slept soundly, small smiles on their sweet faces.

Spooks smiled and pulled the door shut quietly.

"Kawaii!" Chibi whispered.

"I guess they just wanted to cuddle tonight." Mina said in a soft voice, a smile spreading across her face. "We should head back and tell the others, let the boys get their sleep for the night."

Chibi nodded.

And so the list members all returned to their respective forts, letting Duo and Heero sleep all cute an cuddled together. And they all dreamt sweet lemony dreams where the two main g-boys preceded to boink, cuddle, pet or just gaze into each other's eyes.

Oyasumi everyone!!

Sweet dreams!


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