disclaimer: the boys aren't mine. i just play with them for my own entertainment. this shouldn't come as any big surprise.

rating: NC-17
pairings: 1+2/1X2, 3X4 implied
warnings: yaoi, OOC, sap?, romance even?, PWP( an actual honest to goodness PWP!!!), lemon
notes: for zee duel

setup: all five pilots are now young men and living together in peaceful AC 201. due to limited space in the house, heero and duo are sharing a room.... quatre and trowa do as well, but for different reasons *g*

the duel: 1X2 fires a shot

ain't it the truth
by jana

"I hate that place. They make the worst Mexican food I've ever had!!"

Four of the five ex-pilots sat stoned face and unamused by their braided friends comment. Even thought they lived under the same roof, they each maintained separate lives and Saturday nights was their designated night out together. They'd done this for the past few years. And for the past few years, more often than not, Duo seemed to find fault with the choice; regardless of whose suggestion it was.

"Do you always have to be so contrary, Duo?"

Quatre looked over at his lover. "I'd say bratty was more like it." He leaned toward Trowa, but didn't exactly whisper it.

Duo's mouth hung open. "I heard that and I am NOT bratty! That title would most definitely belong to you, Quatre."

"Enough!!" Wufei stood. The outburst was justified. "If we cannot agree on some where to eat, then I suggest we just do away with this notion all together."

"All I did was comment on the restaurant!!" Duo yelled out in his defense." Perhaps my tastes are just a bit more refined than yours."

"Duo..." Trowa warned.

"Fine. That was uncalled for. We can go wherever you want." he looked over at Trowa and Quatre. "Okay? Is that better? Are you happy now?"

"I think I'll pass tonight." Quatre replied.

Duo watched as Trowa and Wufei nodded in agreement and sighed as he exited the room.


Upstairs in their shared room, Heero turned his attention back to his computer [1]. He had heard enough of the short conversation to get the gist of what was going on and was doing a mental countdown of when he anticipated his roommate would burst into the room. He'd gotten to 1 when the door flew open and he smirked at the uncanny knowledge he'd managed to acquire about Duo; some of it without even trying.

"What's up?" He didn't turn toward Duo, but he could hear the loud sigh as he laid down on his bed.

"They think I'm a brat."

Heero's eyes widened; then he smiled. "And you disagree."

Duo remained silent and Heero turned his chair to face him. "Well?"

Duo sat up and stared at him. "Of course I disagree. I'm sure you side with them though."

Heero smiled. "You can be persuasive. Sometimes it comes off as bratty."

"Like when?"

"The peanut butter?"

"I like Jiff!!"

"Hn. Breakfast cereal?"

"I'm not the only one who likes Cocoa Krispies!"

Heero had a hard time keeping a straight face. "And what about those chocolate ones with the marshmallow ghosts?"

"That was like a year ago!!"

"And the yogurt with the gummy bears in it?"

"That only proves I have a sweet tooth, not that I'm a brat."

"You want more examples?" Heero asked. He honestly didn't mean to give Duo such a hard time, but he had asked. "So what happened downstairs?"

"Dinner is off for tonight... Maybe forever."

"Oh. You pissed them off that much?"

"Yeah. Ummm... Maybe just you and I could go out tonight. Your choice of restaurants.. I won't say a word about it. I promise."

Heero looked over at his roommate. He could tell that Duo was genuinely upset. He really hated seeing him like this and found that small pout of his irresistible. "Deal."

He watched as Duo's violet eyes lit up and found himself smiling at the sight. "Thanks, Heero."

"Can you be ready to leave in an hour?"

Duo nodded and crossed the room. "I really don't get everything I want yanno... even if I guess it seems that way sometimes."

Heero could see the sadness in his eyes as he spoke and watched as Duo grabbed a clean set of clothes and made his way into the bathroom. Heero knew just what he meant. Him. Duo wanted him. He'd wanted him for years. And for years Heero had denied him; but all that could change. Perhaps tonight he would garner the courage he needed to tell Duo how he felt.. and show him as well.


Purposely choosing a restaurant that he knew from experience Duo approved of; Heero led the way inside and the two were seated at a small table in the corner. "I love this place."

Heero smiled. "I know."

Duo suggested that he order since he was more familiar with the menu and Heero readily agreed. As dinner progressed, he found himself very much enjoying the evening and discovered that he enjoyed indulging Duo as well. The positive responses he got in return were all the push he needed.

"I think we'll do dessert at home if that's okay with you."

"Fine with me." Duo smiled. "Have something in mind?"

Heero nodded. "It's a surprise though."

Duo looked suspiciously over at Heero. He had been acting strange all night.. not strange-strange, just strange for Heero. Duo found that he liked this Heero.... even more so than he did the regular Heero. He hadn't thought it possible.


They drove home in silence and Duo followed Heero inside the house, taking off his jacket as they entered and hanging it on the coat rack beside the door. "Something I can help you with?" he asked as he walked behind Heero and into the kitchen.

Duo reached for the light switch but found the motion of his hand stopped by Heero's grip. "Heero?"

"Leave the lights off, please."

Duo shivered as Heero spoke; his voice deep and sexy.

"I want to kiss you, Duo."

Heero was glad he couldn't see the expression of shock that he was sure Duo's face revealed.

His hand was still in Heero's grasp and everything had happened so fast that Duo wasn't quite sure that he had heard Heero right. "You... you want to.... kiss me?"

"MmHmm. Very much."

Duo shivered; there was that voice again.

Heero brought Duo's hand up and placed it on the side of his face; leaning forward and pressing his lips against Duo's. "You're going to have to stop me if you don't want me to do this."

The phrase was like a slap in the face and Duo was instantly shaken from his stupor. "Not want you to? I don't think so, Heero."

He accepted Heero's kiss and parted his lips as Heero's tongue moved over them to gain entry. His knees went weak as Heero's tongue entered his mouth and Heero reached forward, pulling Duo closer to him. Duo's arms surrounded Heero in return and the kiss became more urgent, both young men moaning into one anothers mouths. Heero lowered his hands and slid them into the back pockets of Duo's jeans and thrust his hips forward. There were two erections there and neither one of them pulled back; even as they gasped at the discovery.

Duo shoved his hips against Heero's hardness and moaned aloud. "Heero..."

"We should go upstairs. They might be home soon."

Heero took Duo by the hand and lead him upstairs and into their room; closing and locking the door behind him. Heero reached for the switch at the rooms entrance and turned it on to be met with the incredible sight of a highly aroused and slightly flushed Duo Maxwell.

"Come here." he whispered, pulling Duo toward him with both hands on his upper arms. "I don't know how I resisted you for so long."

Duo's eyes closed as Heero spoke. "So what happens now, Heero?"

"Now I do what I should have done years ago." Duo shivered again as Heero wrapped his one arm around his waist and took hold of his cock with the other. "I'm going to make you mine."

Heero's hand moved slowly up and down the Duo's length; pleased as he felt the others reactions. "I want to touch you. I want to make you come. I want to take you into my bed and bury myself inside of you."

Heero wasn't expected any objections and he didn't get any. He tightened his grip on the braided young man and captured his mouth again, walking forward as he guided Duo to his bed. Breaking the kiss, Heero lowered Duo down to sit on the edge of the bed.

Duo looked up at him. "Are you sure they didn't put something in your dinner tonight?"

Heero shook his head, and began unbuttoning his shirt. He untucked the tail, slipping the last few buttons through their holes and let it fall from his shoulders. Duo's hand reached out for the waistband of Heero's jeans, unbuckling his belt and quickly unfastening them. "God, you're so hard, Heero." he groaned as his fingers slid into Heero's loosened pants and wrapped themselves around his erection.

Heero removed Duo's hands with great hesitation. It felt so good as Duo touched him; much like he'd imagined.. only better.

He knelt on the floor in front of Duo and reached up to remove his shirt, his fingers fumbling slightly with the buttons. Pushing it back off his shoulders, he directed his hands to their next destination; stopping as he found Duo's hands already there. "I can't wait for you to touch me." he whispered; slowly separating the fabric to reveal himself. He gasped as Heero bent down to kiss the tip of his erection.

"Oh god... Nnn...."

Heero pulled his head back and looked up at Duo. "Lift your hips."

Duo did as instructed watching as Heero's eyes remained on his as he removed his pants. "Beautiful." he spoke softly, lowering his gaze to focus on Duo's dripping arousal. "Are you sure you want this?" he asked.

Duo nodded and Heero pushed his legs further apart, bending forward and taking his hard length into his mouth; sucking and licking it even as Duo wriggled his hips beneath him. "That's so good, Heero. Oh! Nnn....." Heero was lost in the sounds that Duo produced, each deep moan and growl filling him with more lust and an increasing his urgency to bring Duo to climax.

Duo's hips came up off the bed, pushing even more of his cock into Heero's mouth and Heero raked his teeth up and down its length while his fingers sought out the puckered flesh of Duo's entrance. "Ugh.... that's it for me!" he cried, jerking his hips upward as he surrendered to Heero's unrelenting hunger.

Hearing Duo's strangled cries, Heero sucked harder and pushed the tip of one finger up inside of him. He savored each shot of Duo's thick release as his Duo's muscles clenched at his finger; his cock twitching in anticipation of what he was going to do next.

Barely giving Duo time to recover, Heero stood and removed his jeans, squeezing his cock firmly as he freed it. Duo laid with his legs hanging off the edge of the bed; eyes now open and focused on Heero's engorged member. He looked up at Heero. "Do you have any lube?"

Heero nodded and reached into his nightstand drawer; ignoring the surprised look on Duo's face as he withdrew the small bottle.

"Get up onto the bed and open your legs for me."

Duo scooted himself backward and spread his limbs wide. "Do you have idea of how long I've wanted to be here like this for you?"

Heero knelt on the bed between Duo's milky white thighs and covered his fingers with lube; wasting no time in pushing the first of his fingers up into Duo. Gasping as Heero's finger entered him, Duo pushed back and Heero added another, burying them deep inside his panting lover. "I've pictured you like this." Heero groaned as he easily worked his two digits in and out of Duo.

Fast losing control and seeing that Duo's body had easily accepting his two fingers Heero added a third; driving them into him deeply just once before removing them. "Are you sure, Duo?" he asked one more time.

"God, Heero.... just fuck me!!"

Covering his cock with an inordinate amount lube, Heero positioned himself at Duo's opening and hoisted Duo's legs up onto his shoulders; forcing his hips to raise high up off of the bed. It was a lovely position to be in and Heero looked down at the lusty look that covered Duo's face and pushed the head of his cock against the gateway to pleasure. Biting down hard on his lower lip, he started a slow, but steady forward motion, not stopping until every inch of his length was surrounded by the warmth of Duo's body.


"Oh yeah.. that feels so good, Heero."

Heero nodded and backed himself out a bit, pushing forward with a quick snap of his hips. He reached down with both hands and grabbed Duo's hips as he started thrusting forward; each movement bringing him more sensation than the last. "You're so tight, Duo. God, that feels.. Nnn....."

Duo was moaning as well, their voices loud and synchronized with unsurpassed pleasure. "Faster, Heero!" Duo cried out.

Heero responded by increasing his pace, slamming his body hard against Duo's with each powerful thrust. "Oh yeah..... Harder, Heero." He shifted Duo's hips, plowing into him with definite purpose and striking his prostate. "You are mine, Duo." Heero growled out as Duo gasped and trembled beneath him. "So fucking mine!!!" he groaned as he took Duo's cock into his hand. Squeezing tightly as he rapidly stroked him, Heero watched as Duo threw his head back in absolute surrender and held himself flush against Duo's climaxing body. "Oh..God......... yesssssss!!!!!!!!!"

Duo came harder than before, his entire body shaking uncontrollably as Heero's cock and hand wrought hot jets from his stiffened flesh. Unable to hold his orgasm off any longer, Heero's back arched and his head tilted upward toward the ceiling and he cried out Duo's name. Wave after powerful wave of ecstasy hit him like nothing he'd ever felt as his cock twitched within the warmth and pressure of Duo's spasming channel; filling his violet eyed lover with his passion.


The three former pilots entered the house several hours later to find Heero and Duo seated in the den and watching television.

It was Trowa who first noticed that Duo no longer seemed angry. The three felt a small amount of guilt over what had happened earlier. "Everything okay, Duo?"

"Yeah. Listen guys, I'm sorry about before. I was being a brat I suppose."

Quatre spoke next. "You were, but we forgive you. You two eat?"

"We're all set." Heero replied. "And Duo really isn't that hard to please."

Three sets of eyes stared at Heero in surprise.

"You just have to know what he wants... and then give it to him."

[1] yes... stereotypical, but it has NO bearing on the plot.. hell.... there IS not plot!!!!


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