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rating: nc-17
author: jana@1X2X1.org
warnings: yaoi, lemon, pwp
spoilers: none
pairings: 1X2X1
notes: the date is 2/1....blame it on akuma ! a 1X2X1 mailing list exclusive


Solitary Mission

Heero Yuy sat in front of his laptop at the small wooden table in his hotel room.

He had been on a solo mission for the past week and he was lonely.

He hated having to leave his braided lover behind almost as much as his lover despised being deserted, though his lover was much more vocal about their separation. Heero smiled when he thought back to the night he told Duo that he would be leaving……again.


"Dammit, Heero ! Why are your solo missions always so damn long ?" Duo screamed "I swear that Dr.J does it on purpose. That evil little man never liked me !"

"Calm down, Duo. This has nothing to do with how he feels about you and you know it." Heero replied. Though he did have to admit that the creepy doctor did seem to have an aversion to Heero spending time with Duo.

"Not only that." Duo continued, "But when you are away, you don't even call, or email me or anything. ARGHHH !!! I CAN'T TAKE IT !!!" Duo threw his hands up in the air in disgust, storming out of the room.

Heero sighed.

His amethyst-eyed lover couldn't stand to be separated from him for more than a few hours, let alone a week or two. Heero did have to admit that he was, at times, insensitive to his lovers needs. Duo was merely looking for some contact while the two were parted, it wasn't an unreasonable request.

While some missions found contact impossible, there were those that allowed him to correspond with his lover, though he rarely did.

Following Duo down the hall, Heero called out to him "Duo !"

Duo stopped, his shoulders dropping, revealing he had let out a large sigh. Turning around, Duo placed his hands on his hips and looked toward him. "What is it, Heero ?"

The braided boy was obviously in no mood for the meaningless words of sympathy his lover typically offered him before he was about to take off on a mission.

Heero walked down the hallway to where his lover stood.

Duo looked utterly irresistible to Heero when he was angry. And there he stood, hands firmly on those slim hips, his full pink lips pouting.. just begging to be plundered.

Heero shook off his hentai thoughts.

Wrapping both arms around his lover, Heero kissed him deeply, pulling away soon after he felt Duo melting into the touch. "I promise I will call you this time."

Duo smiled and followed Heero as he made his way back into their room to pack.

//end flashback//

Booting his computer, Heero sat back in the armchair.

He had come up with a plan that was certain to make his koi happy.

Connecting to the net, Heero logged onto the private line that the pilots used to contact one another. Heero saw to it that it was a secured line, safe from traces and unable to be logged by any of the 5 pathetic little men that sought to rule their lives.

[] wingedangel logged on 2100

Heero laughed.

The task of assigning them each a name had been given to Duo, his lover using his warped humor in naming each of them.

Heero sat and waited.

The line was generally kept open on the computer in their room. If Duo was there, he would eventually notice that his lover had logged on.

Relaxing back into the chair, Heero closed his eyes, a soft beep waking him several minutes later.

loveU2death logged on 2121

[ wingedangel ] good evening

[ loveU2death ] hey heero. you remembered to call.

Heero could picture Duo's wide smile, knowing his eyes were sparkling as well.

[ wingedangel ] i promised. how is everything there ?

[ loveU2death ] same as usual. and you ?

[ wingedangel ] going better than expected. should be home soon.

[ loveU2death ] can't wait. miss you.

Heero knew his lover meant that sentiment more than he could express in this format.

[ wingedangel ] miss you too, koi.

[ loveU2death ] so, watcha doin' ?

Duo moved his laptop onto the bed, and placing a pillow behind him, reclined against the wall. Setting the computer on his abdomen, Duo read the screen and smiled.

[ wingedangel ] just relaxing and thinking about you... wish you were here.

[ loveU2death ] awwww.....you're making me blush.

[ wingedangel ] and you are making me hard.

Duo's eyes opened wide.

Heero smiled as he imagined his lover's reaction.

He knew for a fact that just contacting him made his lover happy, he could only imagine what effect he was having on him now.

[ loveU2death ] umm....not nice to tease me when we are so far apart, lover.

[ wingedangel ] no tease, duo. i want to play.

Heero waited for Duo to respond for only a moment before continuing.

[ wingedangel ] play with me, koi ?

Duo had certainly heard of this type of thing, though he had never thought of trying it. He was quite surprised that Heero apparently had.

[ loveU2death ] uh huh

Heero grinned.

He wasn't 100% sure how to proceed, so he went with his instincts.

[ wingedangel ] what are you wearing ?

[ loveU2death ] black jeans

[ wingedangel ] that's it ?

[ loveU2death ] yeah.....it's warm in here.

'And it's about to get a whole lot warmer, Duo.'

[ wingedangel ] seems i am at a disadvantage. i'm fully dressed.

[ loveU2death ] going to do something about that ?

[ wingedangel ] yes, i'm taking off my shirt now.

[ wingedangel ] my nipples are hard picturing you with only your jeans on.

[ wingedangel ] let your hair down, duo ?

Heero waited patiently while his lover released his hair from its constraints.

[ loveU2death ] hair unbound, heero...... just the way you like it.

[ wingedangel ] i wish i could touch it, touch you. knowing how incredibly enticing you look is making me even harder. are you hard as well ?

[ loveU2death ] mmm...... extremely hard, heero.

Heero moaned and slid his hand over the growing bulge between his legs, his one fingertip tracing the outline of his swollen head.

[ wingedangel ] will you touch yourself for me , duo ?

[ loveU2death ] i already am.

[ wingedangel ] mm....duo. me too. feels so good.........would feel better if it was you touching me.

[ loveU2death ] nn..i want to touch you heero.

[ wingedangel ] take off your jeans and go sit on the bed, duo.

Duo stood and unfastened his jeans, groaning lowly as his he released his erection.

He slid the stiff denim fabric down his legs and crawled back up onto the bed.

[ loveU2death ] i was already on our bed, lover..... but now i'm naked....i wish you were here with me.

Heero imagined the scene back in their bedroom. He conjured up a very vivid image of his beautiful long haired lover naked and aroused on the bed they shared.

Unfastening the button and sliding down the zipper on his own jeans, Heero lifted himself up off the chair, pushing the fabric down, letting it settle around his ankles. He looked down to find the tip of his cock wet with desire for his lover.

He imagined Duo's similarly, wishing he could lick it's glistening head.

Closing his eyes briefly, Heero could almost taste his lover.

[ wingedangel ] i took the liberty of removing my pants. my cock is dripping.

[ loveU2death ] nnn....heero, i'm wet for you too.

[ wingedangel ] i'm running my finger through it, it's warm and slick...and it tastes delicious.

Duo moaned, his cock twitching as he imagined what Heero was doing and knowing what Heero would want him to do next.

[ loveU2death ] you are delicious, lover. shall i taste myself for you ?

[ wingedangel ] yes, duo, please....

[ loveU2death ] nnn....the tip is so sensitive to touch. i'm sucking my pre-cum off my finger.......and all i can think about is your hot mouth on my cock.

Heero's entire body shivered as Duo described his actions. Licking his lips, Heero reached down to take his arousal into his hand.

[ wingedangel ] get the lube, duo.

Duo rose from the bed and retrieved the white tube. He was relatively certain what his lover had planned, the idea causing him to tremble fiercely as he sat back down before the computer.

[ loveU2death ] i'm ready, koi. tell me what you want me to do.

[ wingedangel ] mmmm..i like the sound of that.

[ loveU2death ] anything for you lover....

[ wingedangel ] anything ?

[ loveU2death ] yes heero....anything.

[ wingedangel ] kneel in the center of the bed and rest back on your feet, duo.

Heero paused, allowing Duo to move into the position he had asked him to.

[ wingedangel ] now spread your legs for me.

Heero again gave Duo time to comply, his hand gently fondling his balls as he waited, groaning as he pictured the upcoming activities.

[ loveU2death ] i'm ready, lover. i lubed my fingers too. that is what you wanted.......isn't it ?

[ wingedangel ] nnn....yes....that's exactly what i wanted.

[ wingedangel ] now reach down and slide one finger inside.......nice and slow.

Rubbing the palm of his hand over the slippery head of his erection, Heero began lightly stroking himself.

[ loveU2death ] mmm....feels so good. are you touching yourself, heero ?

[ wingedangel ] yes, just lightly.

[ wingedangel ] keep going, duo, finger yourself more roughly. add a second finger when you are ready.

[ loveU2death ] k

Heero smiled.

Duo's one letter response let him know that his lover was very lost in the pleasure he was directed to give himself.

Heero pictured Duo's thin fingers moving in and out of his entrance, his lover moaning loudly as he impaled himself.

Wrapping his fist more tightly around his stiffness, Heero began stroking his thick length more firmly.

[ wingedangel ] oh go, duo. i wish i was inside of you.

[ wingedangel ] as hard as i touch myself it's never the same.....not even close.

Heero knew that Duo's response would be slow in coming. He was after all typing with only one hand, the other was buried deep inside the warmth of his body where Heero's hardness longed to be.

[ loveU2death ] three fingers now. want you in me.

[ wingedangel ] ugh.....duo, i'm going to come soon. do it harder.....and faster.

Heero stroked up and down his length more rapidly, his other hand leaving the keyboard to rub his hardened sac. He closed his eyes for a minute, picturing Duo's writhing body on their bed, his hand slamming repeatedly into his tight opening, sweet moans flowing from his pouty lips.

[ loveU2death ] ugh..me too, heero. can't type....both hands busy....

[ wingedangel ] let's go, duo.... come with me !

Taking his hands from the keyboard, Heero thoroughly wet his fingers wih his mouth and reclined back into the chair. Thrusting his hips wildly upward into the tunnel of his one hand, Heero slid several fingers of the other into his opening. "Ughhh….yes" he cried out, "Nn…..Duo !"

Duo spread his legs still further apart and drove his fingers deeper into himself, his body lurching forward to stimulate his prostate. "Oh God, Heero….here we go." Taking his erection firmly in his grip, Duo stroked it roughly, plunging his fingers into his opening at the same fevered pace.

Heero's own touch and the vision of what Duo was doing dancing behind his half-lidded eyes, driving him quickly to climax. "Nnnn…..DUO !!!" His cock throbbed in his hand as he covered himself with streams of hot seed, his body convulsing as continued the frantic rhythm, head thrown back as he stroked his length, burying his fingers further within himself.

Screaming his lovers name in ecstasy when orgasm hit, Duo's body began to shudder as he started his violent release. His slim hips gyrated around his deeply buried fingers and he continued pumping his rigid flesh, gasping as each shot of milky fluid left him.

Releasing his dwindling arousal from his hand and removing his fingers from his entrance, Heero made his way into the bathroom, washing up briefly before returning to sit naked in the chair before his laptop.

Collapsing back down onto the mattress, Duo slid his slick fingers from his channel. Cleaning himself off, Duo happily flopped back onto the bed.

[ wingedangel ] duo ?

[ loveU2death ] were you expecting someone else ?

Heero smiled.

He could almost hear his lover's chuckle over the distance.

[ wingedangel ] certainly hope not.

[ loveU2death ] that was umm...very enjoyable, koi.

[ wingedangel ] mmmm...was wonderful, duo. we should try it again sometime.

[ loveU2death ] definitely... but i want the real thing. when are you coming home ?

[ wingedangel ] day after tomorrow.

[ loveU2death ] can't wait. sleepy now...

[ wingedangel ] same here. ai shiteru, duo.

[ loveU2death ] love you too, heero. sleep well, lover.

[ wingedangel ] better if you were here.

[ loveU2death ] me too. soon.

[ wingedangel ] goodnight, duo.

[ loveU2death ] :*

[ wingedangel ] what is that ?

[ loveU2death ] it's a kiss.

[ wingedangel ] :*

[ loveU2death ] goodnight, heero.

++++ two days later ++++

Duo sat on the window seat in their bedroom, his gaze far off as he awaited his lover's return. It was long past the time he had expected him home and Duo yawned. "Where are you, Heero ?"

Duo must have fallen asleep, because when he woke, he was in bed surrounded by the strong arms of his cobalt-eyed lover.

Smiling, Duo wrapped his arms tightly around Heero and kissed the tip of his nose. "Morning, koi."

Heero smiled. He loved waking up to his lovers sparking eyes and beaming smile. "Morning, lover. You fell asleep by the window waiting for me."

Duo propped himself up on one elbow, looking down at Heero. "Yup. Couldn't wait for you to get home."

Kissing Heero briefly, Duo crawled over him and raced across the room, jumping back down onto the bed. "Gotcha somethin' ", he grinned, handing the brightly wrapped package to Heero.

Heero sat up, looking down at the gift and then back up at Duo.

"Go ahead, open it."

Heero removed the blue bow, watching Duo's expression as he tore the paper off.

Looking back down at the box in his hand, Heero smiled.

In his hands were two small pc cameras.

"Like em ?" Duo asked. "Next time we can watch too." he grinned, winking at his smiling lover.

"We can watch right now." Heero growled, pushing Duo back down onto the bed.

Pulling his beautiful lover to lie on top of him, Duo purred "I thought you'd never ask."

owari...or not...

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