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monday: kink night

by steelsong

Heero grinned down at Duo.

"Now you wait there and I'll be right back."

"Oh yeah, like I'm going anywhere... not."

Duo looked up at Heero and stuck out his tongue. Heero laughed and quickly headed for the bathroom. Once there he gathered up towels and all the other things he was going to need for the evening's escapades. He stood in the doorway, arms fully laden, gazing at Duo.

Duo was a study in sensuality. He was nude, reclining on a huge pile of pillows with his back to the ornate brass headboard. His arms outspread in graceful, relaxed curves. His wrists were caught with black silken cords, wrapped over and over then affixed to the rails of the headboard. His legs were free with one knee bent upward. Soft light played hide and seek games with the curves and planes of his body, highlighting creamy skin and shadowing nature's gifts.

"You look incredible."

Duo turned his head at the low sound of Heero's voice and smiled. "Thank you Heero."

Heero moved quickly toward the bed, setting down the tray and lifting one towel. He turned to Duo and leaned forward.

"Lift your hips lover."

Duo lifted his hips and Heero spread the towel out on the bed. Duo lowered his behind to rest on the thick terry cloth. His hips wiggled from side to side in appreciation of the soft texture under him. He grinned up at Heero.

"I am so glad we invested in nice towels."

Heero grinned in return and dipped a wash cloth into a basin of hot water, soaking it then wringing it out. He turned and moved to sit on the bed next to Duo.

"You're sure you're ok with this love?"

Duo smiled. "Of course, I trust you."

Heero smiled and gently pulled Duo's legs apart to lay the warm wet cloth over his partially erect cock. Duo shivered at the heat, his nipples pebbling hard. Heero ran the cloth over Duo's pubic bone, wetting the skin and the light wisps of hair that formed a small nest around the base of his shaft. Duo shifted and moaned softly, growing harder with the attention.

Heero dropped the cloth in the basin and picked up a short silver-handled brush and dipped it in the water. He reached for a silver cup and slipped the brush in to stir it round, creating a froth foam that bubbled up around the edges of the cup. Heero lifted the brush and turned to Duo and with a slow sensual smile began to paint the foam over the short curls of hair, lifting Duo's now fully erect shaft to fit the bristles underneath and cover the hair there with foam. Duo's moan grew louder at the slight abrasiveness of the bristles and touch of Heero's hand on his most sensitive flesh.

Heero turned again and dropped the brush into the cup. He then reached for what appeared to be a long sliver of aged ivory. Squeezing with his fingertips he unfolded a shining silver length of blade. Heero shifted, pulling Duo's legs apart with his free hand and settling himself between them. Duo eyed the blade then kept his gaze resolutely on Heero as the catchlight flickered from the blade and danced in prismatic reflections on the walls.

Heero caught Duo's eyes for a moment and smiled then bent his head to the task. He laid the sharp edge of the straight razor against Duo's skin and slowly scraped away the hair/foam mixture. Heero then wiped the blade and returned it for another pass. Duo grew tense with the effort of holding still at the feel of the razor's edge against his skin. He gripped the bars of the headboard tightly, the muscles of his arms bunching and his abdomen pulling in and tightening. Heero paused for a moment to look up and saw Duo's head fall back on a low moan. The eroticism of the moment was heightened by the look of total sensual abandon on Duo's face. Heero bent once more to his task, moving a bit more swiftly though no less carefully to finish what he started.

Heero cleaned the blade one last time then carefully folded it and set it aside. He wrung out the cloth and set to wiping the last stray bits of foam and hair from Duo's skin. Heero retrieved a small bottle of oil that had been warming in the water and flipped open the cap. Heero poured some oil in his palm and the air was filled with peach infusion, the scent real enough to call to mind a summer day and all the ripeness associated with it.

Heero turned back to Duo, settling himself between Duo's legs again. He placed his warm oil slick hands on Duo's freshly shaven skin and proceeded to gently massage. Duo moaned loudly at the feel of Heero's hands on his now very sensitive skin. It was as if by removing that little bit of hair Heero had somehow brought the nerves closer to the surface. Finally freed of the blade Duo began to writhe under Heero's touch, his hips lifting as his legs fell naturally further apart.

Heero watched his lover shift and move while enjoying the feel of the damp smooth skin under his hands. Unable to resist, Heero leaned forward to take a small lick at the tip of Duo's cock, lapping up clear beads of essence. It was ambrosia, tasting of Duo and the ripe flesh of a peach. Heero's mouth opened wider to run the smooth inner lining of his lips over the head of Duo's shaft. Duo gasped, his back arching as his arms began to pull fitfully at the silk cords.

Duo's body fought the bonds even as it revelled in the exquisite helplessness of them. Heero continued his onslaught, sucking just hard enough to bring Duo higher, to bring him closer but never enough send him over. Duo was nigh on ready to shriek with the frustration.

"God DAMN Heero... christ... you're killing me... bastard... ahhhhhhHHH .. "

Heero slowly lifted his head, his mouth sliding away from Duo's angry red cock. Duo moaned at the loss of contact and cracked his eyes open to look at Heero. Heero's mouth was wet and swollen by the activity but what had Duo tensing further was the look in Heero's eyes. The gleam was unholy and promising and it had Duo swallowing hard.

Heero sat up and shimmied back on the bed. He settled back, resting on his knees, his behind touching his heels. Heero shifted his knees wide apart and looked at Duo as his oilslick hand moved to touch his cock. Duo watched as Heero extended one fingertip to swipe up the moisture there and lift it to his mouth. Heero's tongue slipped out to lick his own essence from his finger and Duo moaned as another wave of heat shimmered through his restrained body.

Heero's hand closed around his shaft and squeezed. His back arched and his breath hissed outward in pleasure. In painfully slow movements his hand began to slide along the length of his shaft, stopping occasionally to run the flat of his thumb over the flared head. His free hand came up to grasp firmly at his sac, pulling at it and rolling the soft globes till the skin around them tightened upward.

Duo watched in fascination. He was becoming convinced that if he looked up torture in the dictionary one of the definitions would be being Heero Yuy's lover. The imagination of the man was phenomenal, he was constantly coming up with new ways to send them both into orgasmic meltdown. It was torturous, almost painful in its ability to arouse and hold that arousal as tight and as stretched as possible for as long as possible. To build a height of carnal tension that left them both screaming and mindless, collapsed in whimpering puddles of sweat soaked flesh. It was addicting. Duo loved it. He wanted more.

The cadence of Heero's breathing changed, signalling his climb to the heights. Duo pulled at the cords holding him to the headboard and began yelling at Heero.

"Don't you DARE. Don't you dare come without me. Don't you dare leave me like this... god damnit... bastard... jesus... "

Duo's voice fell on a painful whimper, his hips lifting as his body attempted vainly to find some relief. He wouldn't... he wouldn't... he wouldn't leave him like this... would he? Duo could never be entirely sure what Heero would do and that uncertainty was part of the attraction. A small part of Duo's mind snorted, and people thought *he* was unpredictable. They didn't have a clue. In the art of unusual fucking Heero Yuy had no equal.

Duo's semi-coherent internal musings were interrupted by the feel of Heero's body over his. He looked up to see Heero straddling his hips. He felt Heero's hands reach back to push his legs straight and flat on the bed, it was impossible for him to leave them still and they rubbed in jerky twitches against the sheets. Heero shifted and reached beneath for Duo's heavy swollen cock, positioning it just so. Heero teased himself a little, rubbing the very tip against the sensitive puckered skin of his entrance. Duo's body jerked and he moaned as it sought its own way inward into Heero.

Heero kept his grip tight on Duo's shaft then began to lower himself. It was excruciating. They both tensed and gasped as the blunt head of Duo's cock began to open Heero. Heero moved slowly in infinitesmal increments so as to feel the maximum amount of stretch for the maximum amount of time.

Duo was going not-so-quietly insane. He moaned and yelled and cursed all the while giving himself over to the stunning heat and tightness of Heero's body. Duo strained and shifted, wanting it over and wanting it to never end. Suddenly he was fully seated, buried, embedded, immersed and surrounded by shivering heat and mind numbing pressure. He flexed to push upward further when Heero's nimble legs moved. Heero twisted his legs and snaked his feet around to rest the tops of his feet flat on the tops of Duo's thighs, effectively holding Duo's lower body down.

Duo moaned and struggled, once again surprised by Heero's actions. He attempted to thrust upward but found his movements hampered by the steady downward push of Heero's feet. Yet another frustration to add to the ever growing pile. Heero steadied his weight on his knees and began to rock slowly, the powerful cabled muscles of his quads bunching to keep him steady and upright. Heero flexed and twitched, each small movement pushing them both further onward.

Heero lifted slighly and dropped down, glorying in the feel of Duo inside him and the harsh sounds of Duo's breathing. Heero arched his back gracefully, slowly leaning back to rest his hands flat on the bed next to Duo's knees in some sort of carnal yoga. Heero braced himself and began rocking in earnest, the rounded curves of his buttocks connecting in soft thuds against Duo's sac.

Duo couldn't quite believe what he was seeing. Or feeling. He pulled harder at the bonds and struggled against Heero's hold, all the while his voice lifted in continual praising damnation. Heero pushed and rocked and panted and moaned. The bed shifted slightly beneath them as Heero's thrusts became more powerful. They strained together, racing onward and upward, the end inevitable but to be avoided for as long as possible. Somehow Heero found an added burst of strength and flexibility. He reached one hand behind himself and between Duo's legs as his other hand found his own raging cock. He swiftly pushed a single still oily digit into Duo as he squeezed himself hard and they both held a breath for a brief second, their completion dependant on the coiled muscle strength of Heero's quads. Heero flexed his screaming thighs and dropped down hard even as he pushed his finger into Duo further and squeezed himself again.

That was it. Duo screamed and Heero's voice rose and followed. Their bodies lifted and jumped as they exploded in unison. Each shuddering jerk hitting some spot on both of them that cause another shock of current to their already overloaded systems. The spasms continued in an eternity of aftershocks before Heero painfully lifted himself only to fall forward in a boneless heap, half on Duo and half on the bed. He lifted a limp hand to pull at the slipknots holding the silk cords and released Duo's arms. Duo's arms fell weakly from the headboard and settled naturally around Heero's shoulders.

"Holy fuck."

Heero chuckled softly. "Somehow I don't think holy is the correct adjective here Duo."

Duo snickered. "Probably not but it was certainly heavenly."

Heero grinned. "I will concede that point."

Heero shifted and winced as his thighs let him know exactly what they thought of his actions.

"You're gonna be sore tomorrow Heero."

"I'm sore now."

Duo grinned and shifted, gathering Heero in his arms while still holding his rapidly reawakening cock inside Heero's body. He wiggled and twisted and somehow managed to get to the edge of the bed. He planted his feet firmly on the floor and lifted them both to totter on unsteady legs toward the bathroom. They laughed at the dipping sway of Duo's gait and barely made it to the tub without falling to the floor in fits of giggles. Duo braced his back against the wall and flipped on the taps, indulging in some serious necking while the tub filled. Duo carefully stepped into the tub and lowered them both into the steaming water, their sighs melding at the soothing warmth of the water. Duo grinned and reached under the water to grasp at Heero's shaft.

"Now then... what would make you feel better?"


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