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warning: kinda lemony (not lemon, mind ya), kinda squicky, kinda angsty, mostly sappy.

notea: Duo having a really long soliloquy in this fic, might be boring, gomen =( Hehe, this is the third fic I've ever written ^_^;; and it's my first 3rd person one, so you're gonna get confused sometimes 'cause I mess up my pronouns once in awhile

sunday: day of rest

loving sunday
by mai sieu phong

He stuck his head into the room searching curiously, his tail-of-a-braid dangling and swinging in the movement. The house had been incredibly quiet when Duo had gotten home. Quiet like it was missing the constant sound of a keyboard. Peeking into their bedroom, he finally found the holder of his heart, wishes, and dreams. Heero laid still on their bed resting; nothing but the ticking of clocks, chirping cicadas, and his slow rhythmic breathing filled the room. Seeing Heero so calm, still, and peaceful, Duo took his time to admire his beautiful lover who had such a wonderfully, sculpted face; pretty, long, dark eyelashes; that slope of his sharp nose; pearly pink lips; high and slightly rosy cheekbones- too feminine for a perfect soldier, but added to his astounding beauty.

The braided pilot grinned wolfishly as his eyes traveled down his partner's body. He had a perfect body. Heero was sleeping topless, revealing his solid, sculpted, tan upper body. Firm abdomen, chest… and those arms! Strong enough to bend steel! Duo chuckled silently as his eyes traveled further down to the spandex that never hid anything. His lover was such a tease, even when he was doing it unconsciously.

Muscular, but thin and smooth, thighs and legs. (1) And Heero had hips so perfect that Duo wanted to sigh. He wanted run his hands all over his lover's body to feel the softness, smoothness of the skin, hardness of the dense muscles, and trace a finger along each and every single battle scar. He admired every defined muscle in Heero's body, picturing how they flexed underneath with every movement his lover made. Just watching him move was a truly sexy sight that showed his strength, fluidity, and beauty. And the longer he stood there, the more he lost his self-control.

Using his stealthy skills, he crept over to Heero's side, quickly divesting himself of his shirt and pants. But the perfect soldier was a light sleeper, even after the war, and his eyes snapped open at the slightest sound the floorboards made under Duo's feet. As soon as his unusual, blue eyes settled on him, Duo smiled, knowing he was caught.

“Hey there, Sleeping Beauty. Did you sleep well?”

“Aa.” Heero replied with a slight nod and tried to sit up, but Duo placed a hand at the center of his chest and gently pushed him back down, smiling at him cheekily.

“As corny as is sounds, I wanted to be Prince Charming and wake you up the traditional fairy tale way.” Before Heero could snort, Duo had already descended and taken his lips into a fierce, passionate kiss. One that was so intense and demanding that it left him gasping heavily for air by the time Duo finally broke away. “Watching you sleep like that, wearing practically nothing, really turned me on, you know.”

Heero rolled his eyes, “You're always turned on, Duo.” His tone was scolding and Duo mocked an adorable pout.

“Can I help it if you turn me on so much? It's not my fault. Hell, it should be yours! You're a seducer. Do you know how sexy you are? You're the only one that can get me this hot, hard, and bothered so many times a day just by thinking about you and that gorgeous body of yours. I just imagine what you do to me and I get so damn horny.” He pressed his growing erection against Heero's hip for emphasis.

“Already, Duo?” Heero questioned, a bit exasperated at his lover when Duo nuzzled up against his neck and nodded enthusiastically. He gave a tired sigh, but Duo lifted his head up to kiss him on the tip of his nose and smiled smugly.

“You know I can never have enough of your ass. And I'd like some of it right about now.”

“Demo… it's Sunday.”

“It doesn't HAVE to be a rest day, you know.” He took Heero's hand and led it down to his trapped erection, violets eyes begging in desire. “Please, Heero. I need you now.” To stress his desperate urgency, he bent to kiss Heero again, rubbing his body kittenishly against his stoic lover. Duo's slick tongue ran along Heero's lower lip. That was always the sign for him to open his mouth and let Duo in to raid, search, and taste, but this time, he turned his head away.

Mistaking Heero's action for something else, Duo began a trail of short, hot, wet kisses down his throat, taking his time to nip once in awhile, knowing how much Heero usually enjoyed each and every suck and nibble.

He let his tongue trail down Heero and fastened his mouth onto his chest to lick and suck on a sweet, light, coffee colored nipple, one after another. When they had turned hard and pebble-like, Duo trailed down the strong body to the stomach, darting his tongue into Heero's cute belly button; He used his tantalizing mouth to kiss his way down the abs. And when he met the line on his spandex shorts, he tried to peel them off with his teeth- no easy task.

To his disappointment, Heero's wasn't taking a very active role in their love play and wouldn't lift his hips to help his lover pull off the shorts. Giving a low growl, Duo sat back up and frowned. “We can't enjoy this if you're going to be so stubborn, Hee-Chan.” He complained, frustrated that his ministrations couldn't draw out a single moan or gasp from Heero. He saw his wild haired lover laying there, biting his lip, and trying to keep his sounds in. Even those strong arms lay at his side limply, unresponsive to Duo's seduction when they would have usually been feverishly running everywhere on his supple body.

Heero didn't answer, but looked somewhere else, like he was deciding whether to push Duo off and leave or to just remain there. Duo observed his partner's peculiar behavior for a moment. Then his expression softened and he kissed Heero's forehead and asked, “Hey, what's wrong?” Heero bit his soft, bottom lip hesitantly and continued to stare at the imaginary spot on the wall. “Come on, tell me what's wrong, Hee-chan.” Duo tried coaxing gently, running a knuckle against Heero's cheek.

He still refused to look at Duo, and instead, looked frustrated at something else before opening his mouth to ask, “Is all we have… just sex?” His voice was quiet.

“Sex?” Duo raised a thin eyebrow. “Sure, we have sex all the time.”

“No,” Heero turned his head to look back up at Duo, hurt clearly in his eyes, “You're always after my ass.”

This time, Duo smirked. “Is this about the whole Seme-Uke thing? It's not my fault you really suck at games and always lose. Besides, yesterday was your day to be seme and you didn't do anything.” He grabbed Heero and flipped the both of them over in a quick motion so now Heero lay on top, elbows rest on either side of Duo's head. “But I don't mind being Uke though. I like having variety once in awhile. Happy now?” He wrapped his arms loosely around Heero's neck smiling sweetly up at his lover.

“I'm not talking about SEX, Duo.”

He tilted his braided head, looking at Heero curiously. “What ARE you talking about then, Heero?” The wing pilot tried to get off Duo, but his long-haired partner kept his arms around his neck and moved his legs to entangle and trap Heero's, forcing him to remain on top of his thin, lithe body.

“Duo...” He growled the name in his throat and Duo's face was serious. He tried looking away from his lover's inquiring, indigo eyes, but Duo held his chin, forcing Heero to look back.

“It seems…” Heero started, his eyes darting to the side to avoid Duo's gaze after he finished his sentence, “like you only want sex…”

“You've never complained before.” Duo pointed out, eyebrows coming together to frown. “Do I leave you unsatisfied or something?”

“-No. That's not it. The sex is ALWAYS great with you, Duo.” Even when they'd been together for more than a year, Heero still blushed in embarrassment so that the rose hue reached his elfin ears. “But that's all it seems like now. Sex. Do you…” he looked pleadingly back at Duo with his startling azure eyes. “Do you even love me?”

Duo stared at him for along time. “You think I'm staying with you to use your body?” His voice was low. Heero hung his head down in shame; unable to face Duo; his short, mussed hair brushing softly against Duo's chin and neck.

“It's just- all we ever do is fuck, on the kitchen table, car, elevator, at work, broom closet. That's all we do. And I was just- I don't know…” He stopped; flustered that he couldn't explain how he was feeling well enough and feeling incredibly vulnerable at the moment. The two said, “I love you” once in awhile, but were they just saying for the sake of saying something after sex or did they really mean it? He was confused between sex and making love.

“Heero.” Duo's tender voice surprised him and he had to look up at the deathscythe pilot hopefully. Duo tucked a strand of Heero's untamed hair behind an ear, only to have it fall back out of place. “You know I used to whore myself to survive on L2, right?” Heero nodded slowly, unsure where Duo was leading. “I had to fuck G and practically his whole crew to become the pilot for Deathscythe.” He half frowned and half shivered in disgust at the thought of G touching his lover's body in that way.

“I had to suck and fuck my way to survive. Even when I didn't want it, I forced myself to do it because it's a “survival of the fittest” kind of world.” Heero was about to say something, but Duo placed an elegant finger on his lips for silence. “But with you, Heero, I never forced myself to do anything because I WANTED to it for you.”

He stared honestly into Heero's sapphire eyes. “It's because I love you. I love everything about you, enough to give you something I always used to hate doing.” He held a lock of Heero's hair to his nose and took a deep breath. “I love how your hair smells when I hold you close and tight. I love how your strong hands chose to run gently against my skin and I'm almost trembling, knowing that they're powerful enough to break me, but you chose to caress me like I'm something precious.” He smiled when Heero's expression softened.

“I love how soft your skin is when I have to bit down, trying not to scream and disturb the neighbors or co-workers when you turn my world upside down in a mind blowing orgasm.”

“I love it when you're inside so deep that the only thing I can do is sob in bliss or when I'm buried to the hilt in you and you plead for more, because that tells me that you need me as much as I need you.” Duo chuckled when he felt his lover shiver against him when he casually trailed his fingertips along Heero's back and side. He was always sensitive just below the rib- right…..there. Heero shuddered visibly when his fingers graced that place.

“It doesn't matter if I'm on top or bottom. Having you inside me makes me feel so wonderfully complete. You make an effort to make me feel SO good and you make me feel so loved to.” Duo's insides melted with just the thought of the pleasure and emotions Heero always gave him.

“And when I'm inside, deep inside you, feeling your heat and tightness, you make me feel so wanted. Like this is going to be forever and you're not going to leave me like it were a one-night stand, leaving me alone again. You let me do it because you love me. You're the perfect soldier, but you'll let everything go and give anything to me.”

Smiling almost wickedly, he added, “And I love watching you cum. You're so absolutely, fucking sexy when you cum for me.” Heero's eyes widened at Duo's choice of crude words, but slit when he felt a hand sneakily creep under, past the spandex to cup a buttock. “How you throw your head back and your lips are open, panting my name. It drives me lusting mad-crazy. And I want and need you even more badly.”

Heero admired the glowing, glittering of Duo's eyes as he continued his confession. “It's a lot more than just sex, Heero. It tells me that you need me as desperately as I need you. When you cry my name, it tells me that you think of me and only me,” Duo's sultry lips curved into a familiar smirk. “Me and not some blonde woman who I will refrain from naming.” Heero scrunched his nose cutely, knowing exactly whom he was talking about.

“It makes me feel like I'm worth more than some cheap 50-cent whore. And it surprises me, sometimes, that you've chosen me, even if I'm tainted. Why? Why? When you could have had someone who was more gentle and understanding? Or strong and pure? When you could have chosen someone who could have give you the world?”

It was then that Heero realized that he wasn't the only one who needed to be reassured. “You ARE my world…” Heero murmured, his nose, nudging at Duo's chin in a snuggle. He sighed as he felt Heero move a hand to cradle the back of his neck and twirl a finger around loose curls of his hair that were to short to fit in his braid. An affectionate Heero was rare, especially when he was spouting a sappy line. That made Duo tingle inside; it made him feel incredibly special.

“When I lay there, in post orgasmic bliss, my chest heaving for air and you collapse beside me, I keep thinking how lucky I am that you've chosen to share these incredible experiences with me. I can't believe this wonderful, beautiful, perfect person had chosen ME of all people.” He stared straight into Heero's eyes, hands cupping that shapely face. “It's so much more than just sex.” He cocked his head playfully. “Now, do I need to go through the rest of my list of '101 reasons why I love Heero Yuy'?” Duo was graced with one of Heero's precious, sweet, “only for him” smiles.

Slowly, Heero shook his head, still in Duo's hand. “Iie. I think I get it by now. Gomen, for doubting, Duo… I love you to.”

Duo gave the head one, firm, short shake for emphasis. “I love you and don't ever doubt it again.” He pulled Heero lower so their lips could meet into a slow, warm, gentle kiss.

It was tender and nothing desperate and despairing; their lips pressed and moved against each other slowly so they could memorize the texture, softness and taste. Their tongues touched and it was a slow caress, a soft lick, stroke, like a slow dance and they had all the time in the world to soak every sensation in. They took their time to feel the heavy breathes and the warm, moist mouth. When stopping for air, they joined again before they had even parted for more than a second. And they re-explored each other's mouths for the longest time until both of them finally, slowly broke away with a content sigh.

~I love you~

Sex? That can wait until tomorrow or another day. Today was just a loving Sunday.


Lady Tora and me have turned into Switzerland. *hands her a package of marshmallows so we can roast in her hideout eat it with chocolate (s'mores) and hot cocoa* I'm still staying neutral so there wasn't really a uke or seme in this fic. Ah… there wasn't really a lemon at all in this fic anyhow ^_^ could get a 50 cent whore. ^_^]

And this fic's for Jana's color theory thing if she'll take it. This for her since I've been bothering her constantly to write faster and sending me a bunch of teasers. =P And a big ol thanks when I've been stupid and nearly gave myself evil, bad auras over depressing angsty fics and she cheers me up with sappy 1x2x1 snippets. *hugs* Gracias, chica! could get a 50 cent whore. ^_^]

(1) Eh, I don't really like hairy guys. Some is ok I guess… just as long as it doesn't make me think of a grizzly bear ^_~ and I know a lot of guy friends that do shave their legs…. And I like it!! so smooth and shiny ^_^ Heh, and I was… uh... ogling over this one guy in my weight training but he's got a really nice body (not to fat and not to scrawny; I dun like em steroid buff) and I was just “looking” at his arms and abs when he lifted some weights. T'was a nice day ^___^ (Yes! I'm a hentai! But I'm not gonna do anything to him, he's a good friend of mine… jeez. I feel kinda bad now.) So, yea, I was just using him to help describe Heero. Did it work? could get a 50 cent whore. ^_^]

[Hehe, the 50-cent whore is based on a conversation I had with my friend (not that he's a 50-cent whore ^_~) but I had extra change and I didn't want to hold it around since it'd fall out of my pocket anyway, so I gave it to him and he was being a sarcastic smart ass and bowed down to me thanking me 'cause now he could get a 50 cent whore. ^_^]


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