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notes: the ficlet continues. if you haven't read 'is this tuesday ?' this might not make complete sense, but its still a lemon *g*

tuesday: duo seme duo's choice of position

color me blue
by jana

"Duo....Is today Tuesday ?"

Smiling into Heero's neck, Duo replied, his words muffled beyond comprehension as he continued sucking the soft flesh at the top his lovers shoulder.

Feeling himself being lifted up and carried across the room, Heero grinned........Tuesday it was, not that that was a bad thing.

Seating Heero on the edge of the smooth wooden surface, Duo released him to stand between his legs, "Mmmm....been thinking about this all morning.", he murmured, staring down at him.

"Taking me on the kitchen table ? the shock on Heero's face causing his lover to grin.

Duo reached forward, Heero raising his arms to allow his shirt to be removed. "Uh huh. Not planning on resisting, are you ?"

Heero moaned as Duo's tongue made it's way across his upper chest, his tongue flicking out to harden and tease each bronze nipple. Duo looked up at the lust in his lovers eyes, "Didn't think so.", he smiled, continuing his assault.

Heero reclined back onto the table at Duo's insistence, his tongue applying more pressure as it trailed down Heero's body, enjoying each sweet moan his lover offered.

Heero wriggled beneath him as Duo's tongue found it's way into his navel, the suggestive movements mimicking his lovers intent. Continuing to run his wet tongue around its outer rim, Duo hungrily dipped it into the small recess, letting out his own moans, his body growing more impatient.

Unfastening Heero's jeans, Duo pulled them down and off before looking back up at Heero. "Hold that pose." he smirked.

Making his way across the room to its exit, Duo took one more look back at the scene inside their kitchen, growling at the vision.

Returning several minutes later with lube in hand, Duo paused at the entrance to the kitchen. "Where the hell did he go ?"

Duo continued through the house in search of his lover "Heero ?" he called, softly at first, then more loudly. "HEERO !!"

"I'm right here, no need to scream." came his reply.

Duo turned to find Heero standing behind him. "Where did you run off to ?"

"Locked the doors and turned on the answering machine. Don't want to be disturbed, do you ?" He smiled, grinning as Duo stared open mouthed at him. Heero was naked save for a short white t-shirt, leaving every delightful inch of his very aroused lower body exposed to Duo's hungry eyes.

"Get your ass back in the kitchen." Duo chuckled, shaking his head from side to side.

Heero raised one eyebrow as he addressed his lover. "Just my ass ?"

"It's the only part I'm interested in at the moment." Duo smirked.

Taking Heero by the hand, Duo pulled him back into the kitchen.

"Now where were we ? Oh, yeah....shirt off, on the table, koi."

"Still with the table, huh ?" he smiled, slipping his shirt off and stepping up onto his toes to sit on its edge.

"Yup, but since you tried to run off on me......the plans have changed slightly." Duo snickered.

"I did *not* try to run off." Heero replied, almost laughing.

"Maybe not, but now I've had more time to think about this. Lay back, Heero." he demanded.

Placing his palms on Heero's chest, Duo pushed him back down onto the table. With both hands he lifted Heero's feet up to lie flat on the table, slowly sliding them further apart until he was satisfied with the view he had. "Mmmmm....target confirmed.", he moaned. Leaning forward, Duo ran his tongue once around his lover's entrance, smiling as Heero pushed against it, asking for more.

Reaching into his pocket Duo produced a well-used white tube and looked up at Heero. "Not this time, koi.", Duo warned, his tongue flicking quickly across his opening.

Taking Heero's hand in his, Duo coated his fingers with lube, rubbing it in to warm the cool gel. "Ready yourself for me.", Duo whispered, bringing Heero's hand down to touch his own entrance.

Duo stepped back and watched as Heero spread his legs further apart and slid one finger inside of himself, slowly working it in and out, his hips rising to meet the gentle thrusts. Heero kept his eyes on his lover, knowing how much this was turning him on, enjoying the growing lust in his amethyst eyes.

"Nnn.......that's it, Heero. Nice and slow." Duo moaned. "Now add a second.", shivering as Heero responded. Duo's hand moved down to touch his own arousal, his palm stroking its length through his thick jeans.

With two digits now buried inside, Heero began fingering himself more roughly, shifting his hips to allow his fingers to stroke his prostate.

Unfastening his jeans, Duo slid them down his legs and stepped out of them, never taking his eyes off of Heero. "Harder now." pleased as he watched his lover comply, his own arousal becoming further engorged. Heero's eyes were shut tight with pleasure as he pushed his slender fingers further inside.

Heero moaned loudly "Mmm.....Duo...please", his back arching off the table "I'm ready.", a third finger joining the others as he quickened the pace.

Bending forward, Duo brought his mouth down and licked the inside of Heero's open thigh. "Ready for what, Heero ?" Duo asked, his voice almost a whisper as he looked up at Heero. "Ready to come ?"

"Nnn....no. Ready for you." Heero groaned, gasping as Duo's hand surrounded his, driving his fingers deeper inside. "Mmm.......yes, you certainly are ready, lover." he whispered, removing the digits.

Taking Heero's hands in his, Duo pulled him to the edge of the table. "Stand up and turn around."

Duo took the lube from the table and coated his arousal, hissing as he worked the gel over his length, clearly enjoying it as he stroked himself up and down more roughly as he watched Heero move into position.

Turning to face the table, Heero laid his hands on it and bent forward, his ass high in the air. "Like this ?" he asked, turning to look back at his lover.

"Mmmm...exactly like that." Duo moaned and stepped forward, teasing Heero's entrance with the tip of his cock.

"Ready ?" he asked, smiling as Heero nodded, his hips shifting back to take more of Duo's thickness in. "Nnn……yes…Do it, Duo !"

Steadying Heero's hips with both hands, Duo thrust forward, immediately burying himself to the hilt. "Mmmm....Perfect." Duo hissed, pulling back before driving himself back into Heero's warmth. "Dammit, Heero.....you are *so* tight." he growled.

"Nnn....harder, Duo !!!" Heero groaned, pushing himself back to drive Duo's cock further inside. "Ugggh...Yesss... MORE !!" Heero cried, steadying himself as Duo began ramming more forcibly into him, each powerful thrust driving him deeper inside. Heero reached down to take his own arousal into his hand and formed a tight fist around it before sliding it up and down roughly.

"Let's go, Heero !!" Duo cried, each time he rammed himself into Heero's tight velvety interior more glorious than the last.

Pumping his arousal with the speed of Duo's thrusts, Heero's body began to shudder violently as he released, his muscles clamping down on Duo's cock, setting him off. "FUCK !!!! Don't stop, Heero !!"

Heero had no intention of stopping, his hips moving back to keep Duo buried deep within him, reveling in the warmth as he began filling him, groaning as each shot of liquid heat coated his channel.

Duo's body shuddered behind him, his hands tightly gripping the tender flesh at his hips as he violently climaxed, his incoherent moans making Heero smile.

"Jeezus, Heero......" Duo groaned, collapsing onto him.

"Something wrong, Duo ?" he asked grinning. Slowly bringing himself to a standing position, he allowed Duo's softening member to slide from within him and turned to face his lover.

Long strands of Duo's chestnut hair were glued to his face with the sweat of his exertion and Heero brushed them away, admiring his lovers beauty.

Duo leaned forward, gently kissing his blue-eyed lover "Mmmm....not a damn thing wrong, Heero. Love you."

Heero smiled. He could tell that Duo was tired, his amethyst eyes were covered with a fine haze of lingering lust and exhaustion.. "Love you too. Go rest ?"

Duo smiled and nodded, slipping his jeans back on.

Heero dressed and lifted Duo into his arms.

Snuggling into the soft skin of Heero's neck, Duo closed his eyes and took a deep breath, inhaling the intoxicating scent of his lover as he carried him off to their bed.


Laying Duo down in the center of the king sized bed, Heero lifted his legs, covering him with the light blanket.

"Sleep well, koi." he whispered, kissing Duo's forehead gently.

Heero returned to the kitchen, his stomach growling, Duo's desire to fuck him senseless on the table delaying their midday meal. He grinned as he thought about it. 'Well worth it.'

Heero looked around the room and smiled, cleaning up the remnants of their activities before proceeding to make lunch.

Checking the fridge for leftovers, Heero found some linguine from last night's dinner and put it into the microwave. There was enough left for the two of them and Heero set up a tray, intending to serve his lover lunch in bed.


Heero finished his meal and waited an hour before re-heating Duo's lunch and heading upstairs.

Putting the tray down on the floor, Heero sat down on the edge of the bed and took a moment to watch his lover sleep. Duo looked like an absolute angel when he slept, his features were so peaceful and soft. Heero grinned. 'Angel, indeed...more like the devil himself.', he smiled, his palm caressing the side of Duo's face. "Duo...time to get up."

Duo moaned and his eyelashes fluttered, his lids rising slowly, smiling as he looked up at Heero.

"Made you lunch." Heero told him, bending down to retrieve the tray.

"Mmmm....gonna feed me too ?" he asked, peering up at Heero.

"Wasn't planning on it.", Heero replied, laughing lowly as Duo pouted up at him. "Want me to ?"

Duo nodded.

Heero wound several strands of pasta around the fork as he watched Duo place his pillow behind his back and sit up. "To what do I owe this gesture, Heero ?" he smiled, accepting the offered food.

Heero watched intently as Duo's mouth closed tightly around the fork, his tongue coming out to lick the white sauce from his lips.

"Heero ?" Duo asked, reaching for his hand.

"Hmmm ?" Heero replied, his eyes still locked on his lover's sensuous mouth.

"You okay ?"

Heero smiled, looking down at the plate as prepared to continue feeding his lover. "Fine, Duo. How's the pasta ?"

Heero placed the fork near Duo's mouth, this time pulling it back slightly as Duo's mouth reached for it, watching his open mouth attempting to take the fork inside.

"You're really making me work for this aren't you, Heero ?" Duo smiled, reaching for the glass of water on the tray.

Heero remained silent as Duo drank, waiting till he returned the glass to the tray before speaking. "I'm getting horny watching you eat."

Duo's eyes opened wide with shock before smiling at his lover. "Can't get enough of me, eh, Heero ?" Duo winked, taking the plate of pasta from Heero's hands. Setting it down on the nightstand, Duo pulled Heero down onto the bed, quickly pinning his lover beneath him.

"Never enough, Duo, but this time..." Heero started, flipping them both over, "I'll be doing the taking." he growled, grinning down at a very shocked Duo.

Duo smiled "Ummm......Heero ? Have you forgotten that it's Tuesday ?"

Heero looked confused for a moment, then he remembered Duo's schedule. "Counts for seconds too ?"

Duo ground his hips upward, Heero moaning as their arousals met. "Yup....all day. Still want more, lover ?" Duo asked, his hips moving in small circles over Heero's erection.

Heero closed his eyes as Duo continued teasing him, both of his lover's hands grasping firmly at his bottom, pulling their bodies closer. "Huh, Heero....I can't hear you."

Duo laughed as Heero looked over at the clock. "Seven more hours, lover. Think you can hold out that long ?" he purred. Duo strained his neck upward off the bed to draw a wet line down Heero's extended neck, Heero's low moan giving him his needed reply.

"Didn't think so." Duo whispered seductively in his ear before rolling them over.

Capturing Heero's mouth, Duo pressed his tongue against Heero's lips, sliding it inside as he opened his mouth, drawing Duo's tongue into it. "Mmmm……." Duo moaned, the vibration further arousing them both.

Duo abandoned his lover's mouth and slid himself down the length of Heero's body, pausing to let his teeth rake over the hardened flesh still trapped in Heero's jeans. Duo stood and looked down at Heero. "Strip."

Heero brought himself to his knees and slowly removed his t-shirt, his lusty stare fixed on Duo, and tossed the fabric at him. "More ?" he asked, his hands slowly moving over his upper body.

"All of it." Duo ordered.

His eyes still on Duo's, Heero's fingers continued to move down his chest, toying with the button of his jeans for a moment before sliding it through the slit. Tugging on the one side of the jeans, Heero allowed the zipper to open slowly, inch by inch revealing to Duo his body's desire for him.

Sliding his thumbs into the waistband, Heero held the fabric and slowly wriggled himself out of them, the two lovers moaning softly as his arousal sprang free.

Finally growing impatient, Duo pushed him back down onto the bed and quickly removed his jeans. Duo poised himself over Heero's erect member and flashing Heero a wide grin, swallowed him whole.

Heero let himself fully enjoy the heat of Duo's mouth while it lasted, knowing this was merely a tease. He knew exactly what his lover wanted, arching his back as the first of Duo's fingers entered him. Quickly adding a second, Duo slid his mouth up and off of Heero's stiffness, shifting his weight so that he has a perfect view of his lovers face as he prepared him to be taken.

"Beautiful, Heero." he moaned. Duo's eyes wandered down the length of his lover's body before settling on the view in between Heero's spread limbs, his fingers buried deep within him.

"Mmmm….enough." Duo groaned. Sliding his fingers from Heero's entrance, Duo climbed over Heero and lay down on the bed beside him. "Ride me.", he whispered, gently guiding Heero into position over him.

Covering Duo's erection with lube, Heero closed his eyes and kneeling over Duo, lowered himself onto rock hard member, looking up at Duo once he had taken him fully inside. "Mmmmm….ready ?"

Duo growled his response and snapped his hips upward, driving himself further into Heero's heat.

That was Heero's cue.

Rising back up to his knees, Heero slowly lowered himself back down, moaning as Duo's hardness filled him again. Increasing the pace of his movements with each downward thrust, Heero reached forward to take his arousal in his hand, his other reaching to wrap Duo's hand around it as well. "Please touch me." Heero moaned.

Duo took control of stroking Heero's cock, recalling that their earlier escapade found Heero holding his own.…literally.

Sliding his hand up and down his thick shaft, Duo thrust upward as Heero drove himself downward "That's it, Heero..harder !!!!" Duo cried. Rocking himself up into Heero's powerful rhythm, Duo tightened his grip on Heero's shaft moving his fist rapidly up and down its length. Screaming Duo's name, Heero arched back, grinding his hips into Duo's as he climaxed, taking his lover over the edge with him.

Washing Duo's chest with his seed, Heero continued impaling himself, moaning as Duo's cock twitched within his tight passage, the heat of his lovers passion coating his insides.

Slowing his movements, Heero looked up at his half lidded and lusty eyed lover.

Yes, Duo would sleep well tonight, but Heero was in no rush to sleep.

He had plans to make.........

Tomorrow was Wednesday.


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