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these two very cool gundam wing music videos were made by  [ makiko igami ]  and i have her express permission to achive them here   *huggles makiko*   both files are .wmv format and i have zipped them so they are easier and faster to download.   please email her to let her know that you enjoyed her efforts and visit makiko at her website [ it's between angels and devils ] too! ^_^

and now, on to the videos!!

  karma killer

music by: robbie williams
subtitled: 'head first: the fall(s) of heero yuy' by the author. focuses mainly on heero and well.. his falls ^_~

click [ here ] to download zipped file ( 19.4mb )


music by: robbie williams
heero and duo's relationship is the focus of this slower, more haunting video

click [ here ] to download zipped file ( 20.9mb )

please note that due to the huge size of these files, i may or may not be able to offer them for download at all times, depending on the amount of bandwidth they use. if and when that becomes an issue, i will allow access to them for the first few days of every month. if you find they are suddenly gone, that would be the reason. i will try to note that occurance here, but it may be a day or two before i get to it.

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